One of Oregon's secret hideaways is located just east of Tygh Valley along Highway 216. The White River plunges 90' over a basalt shelf. The park offers excellent viewpoints of the White River falls. A rugged quarter-mile trail takes hikers down deep within the canyon to the historic hydroelectric power plant at the base of the raw, churning power of the falls. The power plant supplied electricity to Wasco and Sherman Counties from 1910 until the completion of The Dalles Dam in 1960. The park is a popular picnicking, hiking and fishing retreat for visitors to the Deschutes River corridor. Opening early each spring when the desert flowers are in bloom and closing after the leaves turn in the fall, this park offers all of the intrigue of history since time began. The chasm of the falls tells a geological story of violence and power; the old grist pond tells the story of people learning to use that power. The hydroelectric plant at the bottom tells the story of human ingenuity and persistence as we turned the Pacific Northwest's abundant natural energy into electricity.

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Great and easy short hike in the middle of the Oregonian desert. 2 hours drive from Portland. Definitely worth it.

Multiple water falls to see. Trail gets difficult at the end and just stops, but over all, beautiful location to walk.

great falls, very beautiful. Very cool old building, neat to see. We had tons of bug spray on & still eaten alive, & saw a rattle snake.

Should have read the previous review... the mosquitos were horrendous!! The Falls are gorgeous, but we didn't stay too long because the ground was burning the pads of my dogs feet, even in the dirt areas. Will be back in the fall!

***warning*** bring bug repellent there are thirsty blood sucking mosquitoes out there and they are vicious! Overall is a beautiful hike.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016