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3 months ago

Lots of uphill

4 months ago

Cool hike, very pretty lakes at the top. Lots of little side trails to explore around on as well.

on Twin Lakes Trail

4 months ago

It's about 8 miles round trip...and half the adventure is just getting there on those rough gravel roads! Really fun hike! Beautiful meadows and wild flowers near the end, which makes it all worthwhile!

Easy hike, poorly signed. Trailhead wasn't easy to find, but the sights were pleasant. Fairly busy area. Also, the entry is easier from the Elkhorn Crest Trailhead than from the Anthony Lake shoreline.

Love the scenery here!

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5 months ago

Steep climb, but the lakeside view is worth it.

very beautiful

6 months ago


6 months ago

Climb up is a little steep but so worth it! Bring bug spray cause there are a lot! Once you're there WOW! So Beautiful, peaceful, with many more trails to do. We walked around the lake, found waterfalls and experienced many more views. Will definitely do again!

This hike was amazing! The whole hike is beautiful. You come to a stream that's gorgeous and then some clearings that are amazing. The trail itself makes many unnecessary twist and turns and towards the end my boyfriend and I start to veer from the trail and just follow the creek but the lake is gorgeous and it was a fun hike.

Great quick hike! Beautiful small lake and falls!

It's an easy hike

8 months ago

I love this trail! Be sure to bring lots of water and snacks. It's a tough hike.

10 months ago

Went in late September 2016, it was great!. However, it was snowing at the submit and rained a lot on the way up and down. Wasn't prepared for wet weather either. Switch backs are a bit rough at first, and didnt realize how much elevation you gain either. Overall though, i'd do it again. It was fun, scenery is great.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

We just did the first part up to Black Lake. It was absolutely beautiful and very easy except for one steep part

Monday, November 07, 2016

Nice Sunday hike, did it 1st weekend in November with a little snow on the ground. Forest trail along a creek leads to nice lakes and mountains. Enjoyed it very much

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Yes, more like 4 miles in and 8 round trip. Climbing the whole time, but has some pretty good switchback trails. With some rest stops, it's doable. The lake is a gorgeous gift at the end and you won't want to leave. Beautiful valleys and views of the mountains that you'll want a camera for. Trail head start is clearly marked with a parking area. Water available all over along the trail so if you have a filtration system bring it to alleviate the load. Not well travelled, you may encounter one person, if that especially if you go on a week day. So worth it!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

We backpacked this trail during the first week of June 2016. The high lakes basin of the Eagle Cap Wilderness was still snowed in but this trail was open. The first couple of miles were brushy but then it opened out into rock fields, Old Growth forest and meadows. There was a forest fire in the first two miles which is partly why its brushy. We only saw two other parties, from a distance, for the three days we were there. A friendly doe followed us for a bit. The wildflowers were fantastic!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

This was a great hike. Long uphill to the lake and a few tough stretches but not too bad. The lake itself was beautiful and we saw a lot of goats. As the summer months go on this would be an awesome place to camp.

Friday, June 10, 2016

This is a pretty long climb. Trail is easy the walk is not. Beautiful area and will hike this trail again. Just know the climb is over 2300 ft in elevation. Easy trail moderate to hard climb.

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