Great not as well know waterfall trail feat. two falls. The hike is fairly easy, moderate rating I believe is due to the uphill section for the first two miles to the Upper falls. Another reason, and I'm surprised not more people mention. The trail around behind the falls, from below facing it, looks as if the trail has been washed out. I weighed risking it, as I am 260+ lbs. and was hiking alone. I decided to forge on and was glad I did. Around the bend just before going behind it does get very hairy, especially with how wet and muddy it was at this point and time. I took it slow and was careful with my footing. To those who question if it's passible; it is, just watch your step, it's well worth it. Going behind is what makes this into an approx. 5 mi. loop and gets you back to your car, shortly after meeting up with Bryce creek trail. Don't forget to checkout the lower falls just before the end.
Great hike! Worth the drive and not too busy early morn. in later April.