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i have been going here for decades and i am so disappointed its packed people parked along the road tubs nasty and packed thank you social media... i most likely only be going in the dead of winter now

Completed 9-9-18

I loved this trail! It was pretty easy hike and the waterfall at the end was spectacular! We had the trail to ourselves.

Highly trafficked place, many varieties of people... I went twice at night and once in the day. Seeing it in the light was so disgusting that I will never go back (and I am not a germaphobe). It is a beautiful place but it is ruined by the amount of people that flock to it. Road to hot springs is very pot holy, high clearance vehicle recommended but not needed.

great falls. easy beautiful hike!

Enjoying the walk along the river with my dogs.

We did this segment on our second day of backpacking and I would rate it as difficult. It was almost all uphill the first 6 miles, many narrow spots, many washed out spots, at some points you have water from the falls rushing down the path at you so it is very slippery, we had to crawl over 5 long jams that crossed the path, some on inclines where it was treacherous. While there are many falls to see, only the two at the end are close up; you only see lomolo from the top and there is another across the river. Bring lots of water as access to the river is not great for most of the way. The forest service map is incorrect on landmarks as we never saw the ones it listed and saw many that weren't on the map. The trail also splits at one point and that is not on the map (take the lower trail).
Regardless of all the unexpected obstacles this was easily the most beautiful portion of the hike with many different landscape and scenery changes. It also ends at the hot springs so you can give your feet a good soak :)

I would rate this trail as easy. It was so beautiful, but a little confusing. we started at the hot springs trailhead. Go over the bridge and turn right, the path will "y" when you see the sign that says "hot springs" and points to the right. it's hard to see that there is a y there as you're coming up an incline and there is no sign saying anything goes to the right. About half way in you'll be dumped onto a road, again with no signage. Go left over the overpass and a trail will open up to your right. About 100 feet in on the trail you will finally see a sign saying tokatee lake is 2 miles.

We started at Kelsay Valley Trailhead and were surprised that there was no river view for the whole hike. It is a nice, albeit muggy, hike, but there is a road positioned between you and the river the whole time. Only a few glimpses of the lake unless you get off the trail at the damn.

Trail unsustainable, crowded parking lot. Not sure where the day use fees go. Graffiti everywhere, used tampon sitting in the middle of the hot spring. All in all nature ruined by humans.

Nice hike - lots of different scenery. Late Aug found lots of bear scat and no mosquitos. Not much water along the trail - mostly near the Soda Spring trailhead.

Trail is not marked except for a small sign on a tree. It's easy to go the wrong way when trying to hike down to the parking lot. Clothing is optional there so beware if you don't want to see naked people.
There are at least 9 pools each ranging from very hot to luke warm. One pool is near the river. The 4th pool up is my favorite. It has a great view of the gorge and river.
The incline on the hike is 1,000 ft long. There are rocky areas. There is hand rail on the area that has difficult footing.
I highly recommend seeing Tokepee Falls just 3 miles from the hot springs.

Trail was intense but awesome all at the same time. Many steep hills to climb and just some downhills. Very narrow and tricky in spots. Did not see a single person on my backpacking trip. I enjoyed the solitude immensely. Passed by many waterfalls and beautiful views. I loved that it follows the river basically the whole time.

Hiked from Lemolo Falls Trailhead to Umpqua Hot Springs. Total distance - 17.5 miles. I personally would rate Dread and Terror Segment as difficult and not intermediate. It is the hardest hike that I have been on thus far. I would hike it again for sure.

3 months ago

My wife and our 5 kids, ages 16-2 1/2 to Yakso Falls in August 2018. As others have said, it is a long drive, but I think it was worth it as there is a campground with a day use area and another set of falls right next door. The hike was easy for everyone including our 2 year old daughter. The falls were not gushing, but still had plenty of water coming down and the pool at the bottom was crystal clear. Two of us jumped in and swam in the pool, which was freezing cold! Overall, a very nice hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end. 4 Stars only because the drive up the gravel road is on the long side.

One of my favorites. Gorgeous view

Beautiful scenery and a decent trail. For mountain biking this trail Should be rated difficult Saw three other cyclists and we all had wrecked off the trail.

Love this hike. Short enough you can enjoy other hikes in the area.

Has a cool vibe and would recommend if you are able to make the trip. It seems there can be some sketchy people in the area, but everything was fine for us. :)

I thought this trail was beautiful. You can see the river almost the whole time and you get a lot of variety with up-hills and down-hills. The rhododendrons were blooming when I ran it last. It is very overgrown, however, and I found a tick on me afterwards, so spray yourself before you go. There was LOTS of poison oak, too.

I started at the Toketee Lake trailhead and trail-ran up to the hot springs and back. It was really beautiful. There was one section close to the hot springs trail junction where there was a big landslide and a fallen tree. Had to scramble uphill around the tree trunk and scramble back down on loose rock. It was definitely do-able, though, just use caution.

The comments below are not correct. The MOTT segment of the North Umpqua Trail is NOT closed. The NUT is broken up into segments, the Tioga and Marsters segments are still closed due to fire damage, per US Forest service as of 5/29/18.
I just hiked the MOTT segment May 28, 2018. It’s in great shape. In my opinion it’s the easiest of the segments, it’s nearly flat the entire time. Minimal elevation change.

An amazing 8.7 miles round trip trial to the hot springs from a parking lot near Toketee fall, with 1,676 elevation gain. It's trail for those who want to experience what Oregon Trail is all about via "sole" :)

6 months ago

This section is closed right now due to extensive fire damage. I haven't walked the entire trail, but it is nice. Very flat and smooth. Unfortunately, the fire did heavily affect this segment. The trail head if moving upstream to downstream is on 4770, which is also the road you take up to Twin Lakes

trail running
6 months ago

My favorite section so far. So the trail head sign here says the trail is "5 Miles" however, I GPS it at 4.6 Miles. I walked/jogged this section up to the next trail head and back down to the Mott Bridge, GPS said 9.3 Miles total, I think the distance measurement in the description is based around "Out and Back", when this trail is actually a point to point, with the Mott Section downstream and the Calf section up stream. Great tree cover, good views, nice trail condition.

6 months ago

I've been working my way through each segment of the North Umpqua Trail, I haven't done them all yet, but this is by far my least favorite. It's a cliff trail with most of the trail being loose rock. Coming up from the panther section down stream, shortly after the first bridge around a quarter mile in, the trail has slide out. It can still be traversed, but in general the trail is not well maintained. Sections are very overgrown, making ticks extremely easy to pick up. I found them to very prevalent on this section. There isn't much for tree cover, the river is mostly not accessible as you are anywhere from 20-200 feet above it, and the main view is the highway.

I looove this place. Please pack out what you pack in.

Teensy short trail to the springs. 5-stars for the tubs--their formation and location. 3-stars for the actual hike. Straight uphill though not difficult but the trail itself was not well marked and in poor shape. Yay for toilets at the trailhead..! Thanks Oregon

Wonderful views, lush forest walk on edge of river. Not difficult. We walked for 30 mins in and out and didn’t see anyone. Recommend!

5 starts for hot spring... 3 stars for the hike, trail is in rough shape

8 months ago

I like to sit down and hang out after I’ve reached the waterfall. Today that was impossible. It was so cold I had to go back about 1/4 of a mile and sit and read. It was a nice easy hike and I would like to try it again when it’s warmer outside.

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