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on Toketee Falls

1 day ago

Made it down to the bottom! Almost chickened out. Drove down from Seattle for an Oregon waterfall road trip. So, it would have been sad if I chickened out and didn’t go down. I’m glad I did go down. I’m not sure if I’ll do it again tho! Lololol!

Note: we went Friday July 13, 2018. The hole in the gate was fixed and extra bars to reinforced it. We had to climb over the rails and then climbed down from that.

What a gem! Coming down the trail was a bit tricky and slippery due to loose dirt/rock, but overall a great time. One of the foot bridges are broken, but easily passable. We took a left at the at the path intersection and found the lower falls.

Is the water shallow enough to walk up under the falling water? How deep is it? The first time I went I had socks, cotton clothing, wallet, etc. This time I'm going prepared to swim! This is so pretty, I'm bringing several friends this Saturday.

great hike. not bad at all if in halfway decent shape. tons of mosquitos so wear strong stuff
blast through the woods to ridgeline and then it gets rocky. there is a meandering trail that can be easy to lose in the shale. don't trust footing it will betray you. give person in front space.
final scramble is cake. pilot rock is more technical, no rope in needed.

Has a cool vibe and would recommend if you are able to make the trip. It seems there can be some sketchy people in the area, but everything was fine for us. :)

3 days ago

Very beautiful and worth the hike. The water falls into a gorgeous deep blue pool. There are a few opportunities to get off the trail and go down to the water. If you are able, I would highly recommend taking advantage of those areas as the views and experience is almost surreal.

3 days ago

Hike is appropriately listed as moderate, but it seems easy because the scenery is so beautiful it keeps your attention. Felt as if we were walking through a fairy tale book.

4 days ago

Moderate hike from the hemlock side. Nice lakes Mosquitos weren’t too bad, but there was definitely an over abundance of them. The worst part was seeing all the toilet paper and poop holes people have left behind. If you’re going to dig a hole to use at least fill it in and pack out your toilet paper. Just behind every downed tree in the burned out section someone used the area as a toilet.

7 days ago

Short, but beautiful hike. The falls are gorgeous. While the hike is short, the falls are pretty enough to spend a while taking in the view. Bring a book and a picnic, and hang out for a while. Dip your toes in the cool water.

8 days ago

Great hike along the river! We covered nearly 15 miles and enjoyed the waterfall at the halfway point. Escaped without a single mosquito bite! Easy to refresh with a dip in the river at almost any point. Looking forward to camping there next time!

We managed to go about 15 miles, water is super clear, plenty of good swimming stops along the way. There are a hang full of roots and rocks in the path, so watch your toes. bug level was very low. 7/8/2018

Really beautiful! Easy for kids. A lot of stairs!

Didn’t summit but hiked in 4 miles to the ridge overlooking the avalanche valley and peak and camped overnight . Incredible view.

11 days ago

This place is super crowded and the bursting water pipe thing in the parking lot is a little off putting. They also could benefit from another restroom. Aside from that there isn't anything to complain about! A short, scenic and easy walk to the falls. There were some stairs but nothing too crazy, The treehouse like lookout was pretty cool, but the view from up there was kind of underwhelming so I climbed down to the bottom, MUCH BETTER! and not as crowded. (CLIMBING DOWN TO THE FALLS IS NOT A TRAIL! AT LEAST A CLASS 3, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK) The color of the water is so blue and beautiful, The columnar jointing is awesome as well! Nice, well defined columns. This place is beautiful for sure...

One of my favorites

Beautiful little loop

Water is clear and beautiful and the waterfalls are awesome!

Glorious all the way in with a spectacular finish at the falls. Loved every step of the way!

Absolutely love this trail. I take anyone that comes and visits me from out of town to this spot. By far one of my top 5 favs so far on the north umpqua.

14 days ago

Visited this waterfall today (along with Toketee, Whitehorse, and Clearwater.) This was my 3rd visit to this waterfall in less than a year (September and October of 2017.) Mist feels great on a warm summer day. Beautiful views along the trail.

14 days ago

Did this hike late this afternoon, my 3rd visit to these falls within the past year (September and October in 2017.) I made my way down to the base all three times. But you have to be very careful, it is quite steep from the viewpoint platform down to the river. In fact, a woman fell 100' here last week and had to go to the hospital. It was on the news: http://ktvl.com/news/local/medford-woman-rescued-after-falling-near-toketee-falls

mosquitos are really bad right now so bring lots of repellant. Beautiful waterfall!

The trail is 1.6 miles from the sign that says lemolo no1 warm springs falls trail. Entrance is on the left between two trees. If you get to the open area with the Warm Spring sign you have gone too far.

on Mount June Trail

16 days ago

Great view!! 15 mile drive up windy road. Short and steep hike.

Just a short 1 mile round trip to a cascading waterfall. Lots of moss and rocks makes this waterfall very pretty. There is a picnic bench at the beginning of the trail as well as at the base of the falls.

Nice short hike to beautiful falls. Would be a lovely place for a picnic with young kids. Easy to get to,

17 days ago

Nice trail, very easy slopes up and down but not too much. Beautiful scenery the whole trip. Falls were amazing. Picnic table at trail head and at the falls. Very short climb to second waterfall tier. If you feel adventurous after that you can keep climbing to the top but you might do some rock climbing so come prepared. Wounderful place!!! We love it!

Amazing hike just went end of june great hike made it up in an impala, but would suggest a 4x4 due to pit holes!

23 days ago

Easy hike with an incredible pay off!

23 days ago

This was an easy hike, but there are a lot of roots and rocks. Several stairs up and down. The falls are cool, but it would be nice to be able to get closer to the bottom without having to go off trail and rock climbing. If I were 30 years younger I would!

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