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15 hours ago

Directions to this trail are pretty spot on. There is a tiny "parking spot" that might fit 2-3 cars across the narrow road from the trailhead. It is almost exactly right after the bridge at Champion creek, a bit up the road from Lund Park. Starting on the upper falls trail is longer and steeper but you can't hate a hike that makes you sweat! Plus, going this way first gives you a great first view of the upper falls, which were totally worth the work out (the "moderate" rating is up for debate). The trial leading behind the falls looked like it wasn't passable but it was easy and really great. I can see if you do this hike in wetter weather, it would be extremely dangerous.
Then it is a shorter downhill hike to the junction with the Brice Creek trail. That junction is a sharp left turn, it will take you to a bridge, the left turn to take the .25 detour to the lower falls is right before the footbridge. At the time I write this, some of the signs have been left leaning against trees, not in their usual spots. Anyway, the short hike up to the lower falls is worth it! If you've ever tried to go to Oneonta Gorge and had to deal with tons of people, this is like a mini version of that with less people. So cool!

Great hike, skinny, steep and rough trail, hard to pass other people that's how skinny, but worth the drive. During the date hiked LOTS of mosquitoes, bring bug spray.

2 days ago

Variety of wildflowers blooming: trillium, wood violet, flowering red current, oxalis. Lovely old growth forest and great view of Cascades on a clear day!

4 days ago

Beautiful trail!! Lots of things to do! Only hiked about half! I'm going back soon to the the whole trail!

Visited late May, still had some snow in places. Wonderful view of falls and basalt columns. Great add on to any trip you are already making,

6 days ago

Hiked in about 7 miles starting around 4pm, set up camp and stayed the night. Woke up early the next morning and Were one of the first to reach the summit. Would love to do this hike again, the views from up too were amazing!

8 days ago

9 days ago

This was a fun, easy, & beautiful hike! It was a bit muddy the day we went (5/17) but doable! The waterfall is breathtaking with so much to take in! Definitely recommended.