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Great hike!

I would like to stay at this campground some time!

This is a wonderful hike!

9 days ago

My favorite waterfall in Oregon. it's truly magical. The only downfall is the hike being so short.

Pretty busy

16 days ago

This segment of the Middle Fork Willamette Trail, which starts at the Sand Prairie Campground and continues over 30 miles to Timpanogas Lake, follows along the Middle Fork Willamette River in an area called "Big Swamp". This part of the trail is relatively flat and features old growth forest.

Beautiful day hike!

Loved it but not as easy as it’s cited. The down can be tricky when wet and the back up is tough going unless you’re in good shape. Wanted to take my mom but there’s no way she could have done it so for that reason I wouldn’t call it an “easy” hike.

20 days ago

Omg! So utterly beautiful! Worth every step through the muddy trail!

Easy trail. Beautiful falls!!! It started dumping snow on the way out. Roads were still ok, but would suggest a car with 4WD or chains.

Totally over crowded, ransacked and ruined by people who do not follow the golden rule of coexisting nature (leave nothing, take nothing). Water quality is abysmal, super gross. Broken glass, trash, clothes and graffiti cover the place. It's a shame, because pictures from long ago show what a beautiful haven in the forest this once was. Now...ruined. Heartbreaking.

Update 1/3- I returned on a weekday and found it much more of an oasis. The trash during the government shut down is still horrifying, but if you're able to find a quiet time to soak, it's much more enjoyable.

Epic trail. Period

Warning: Follow directions in the “getting there” description in the AllTrails app. Google maps MAY send you toward an unmaintained and unpassable road in snow season. Unfortunately, that isn’t immediately clear until you’re a couple miles up it. Turning around at most places may not be safe, either. I ended up ditching my 4x4 and hiking THAT road about 5 miles up. Another group in an Explorer made it much farther up the road to about 2 miles from the trailhead using chains but they had to turn back due to snow. Eventually, the tire tracks pretty much disappear in the snow. You can see others tried and turned back. By the time I was nearing the trailhead on foot it was about an hour or so from dark, so I turned around. Looking at Google maps, it appears that the road you DON’T want to be on (at least in a vehicle once the snow hits) is Champion Creek Road.

However, if you want to tack about 12 miles round trip to this hike, this is a fun way to access it on foot. Just leave early and take snowshoes for the last few miles in winter. You would park at the Upper Trestle Creek Falls trailhead, then hike all the way up Champion Creek Road. There is a sign at the bottom saying it is not maintained. I kind of enjoyed it even though I didn’t make it to where I was headed.

Beautiful hike! One of my favorite hikes to do!

nature trips
1 month ago

Something you dream of!

Brought tire chains in Dec this time, but never used them. Still some snow on the road. we hiked with four year olds and a dog and it was great. it is an easy trail to the falls, but difficult to climb up to the falls, which is optional. Definitely recommended. Paired with spirit falls was a 5-6 hour round trip from eugene for us.

I love this trail with little ones! the trailhead is unmarked and hard to find. It is like 0.5 mile from the bathroom intersection, stay to the right at the intersection. parking is right off the road and the trailhead is just to the right of a big tree. waterfall was flowing in Dec and the trail is wet and muddy. Definitely recommended! From Eugene, plan 5-6 hours to do both moon and spirit falls with climbing around time.

Loved the rock formation you have to walk through at the start of the hike, and then after that you just feel completely secluded in the forest. At the end of the trail it also then opens up to these beautiful falls. One of my favorites I’ve ever been on.

This one is worth the short up hill hike!! Stay on the uphill path as you follow the trail and you will be rewarded for your venture!! Trail head is behind the bathroom just past the bridge.

1 month ago

This is a very easy, beautiful hike with the opportunity to camp in a 3 walled shelter right next to a small picturesque lake

The trail is very easy, I think moderate may be a bit of a stretch. The whole family can come for sure.

I had to put my truck in 4-low to get up the last stretch of the road because of the snow. If your car can’t handle the snow, I would recommend finding a place that you can safely turn around, and hike up to the trail head. The trail is pretty short anyway

This hike was beautiful. You could see glimpses of different mountains through the trees after you work your way up in elevation. I basically had the trail to myself, too.

2 months ago

Did this short lovely hike today with my dog and 2 year old. My 2 year old needed help in spots because it was steep and muddy therefore slippery in spots but enjoyable still. He loved splashing in the water by the falls.

2 months ago

Easy hike with some beautiful views

i have been going here for decades and i am so disappointed its packed people parked along the road tubs nasty and packed thank you social media... i most likely only be going in the dead of winter now

2 months ago

We did this hike 11/12/18 If you are coming from the south, (Cottage Grove side) Rd. 1751 is closed due to a landslide about 2 miles before the trailhead, you can park at the road closure and hike the road up to the trailhead. This turns the hike into an almost 7 1/2 miler. If you want to stay with just hiking the Mt. June trail itself, I would come in from the north side.

We headed out early today to hike the “Trifecta!”
And we were not disappointed!!
We read a lot of the reviews for all of the Falls!
Very EASY to get to if you use Google Directions!
We also left the navigation on. All trails are one after the other! And there is a sign that states the mileage to Moon and Pinard after Spirit...Granted there is not a “distinctive sign” for Spirit Falls but if you track to mileage the trail sign is easy to spot! We hiked Spirit Falls first. Then drove to Moon Falls (big sign when you arrive) and the drove up to Pinard! (Good signage for this trail too) Falls were beautiful!!
Doing all three trails was a nice workout and peaceful hike! This is the perfect time of year to hike these trails when it’s dry!
We headed back home going towards Cottage Grove instead of taking the 5847 back to Hwy 58. Much nicer route home as we live in Eugene.
Awesome day!

It was so cool. There was a great place to swim!

I have gone here a ton and there is always something new to explore. Hundreds of roads and mines to look around. If you want to really see some cool stuff, contact the miners museum in Cottage Grove to get a tour.

Video showing history and views of Bohemia:

trail running
2 months ago

Late October (35f) might not be the optimal time for visiting this trail. There were lots of tall, dead plants that were frozen in the meadows. (We are probably days away from snow at this trail.) The views would probably be fantastic, with wild flowers blooming in June or July.
The trail itself was not in bad shape, with no downed trees across the trail, but many gigantic old growth trees shading the path. There are several meadows, but the trail is predominantly shaded with trees and mixed light.
My friend and I added on a connector trail that was an extra mile and a half, taking us to the top of “flat rock “. (The view from there was spectacular! We could see diamond peak, Bailey, the tip of Thielsen, and maybe mt McLoughlin(?).
There was plenty of climbing in the first couple of miles and then downhill to finish. Going counterclockwise, we also added in the “snowbird trail”, which is a connecting 0HV Trail. Be sure to take a photo of the map in the parking lot, or bring a map if you decide to use this trail, as it can be confusing which direction is shortest, when you are returning.
We saw no other hikers.
Be aware, that the bathrooms were locked up for the winter already. There is fishing in the lake, and a campground which was closed for the season. I do believe you can hike into the snowbird shelter for camping if you desire. The view from there is of a meadow, with trees behind it.

2 months ago

This was our first summit and it did not disappoint. Weather was foggy and misty. Lower section of the trail through the forest is gradual. When the trail meets with the PCT is when the steep grade starts. It only gets worse from there. The main trail is to the left on the mountain but is hard to find at times. Very rocky, do not trust your footing. Many loose boulders and slabs. You feel this one in your glutes the next day!

We did the pinnacle, on a very windy, foggy day with no experience. It wasn't all that bad. Took us a bit to scramble up- maybe 15 minutes. Hung out at the top for a bit and came back down. Came back down SO fast (not even 5 minutes). Including *many breaks* we did this hike in a little less than 8 hours.

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