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1 day ago

Loved this trinity of waterfalls

Went in February/March Great section for trail running, fairly flat and right next to the river!

4 days ago

6 days ago

Good, easy hike. Beautiful falls! Beware of the mosquitos along the trail though. They were pretty bad!

7 days ago

This is an amazing segment. I can't put into words the fun you'll have here and how much you'll be mentally tested. Still some logs fallen but they are being taken care of one by one. You won't regret this run.

Easy hike on a well groomed trail. The waterfall is beautiful and it's an incredible experience to be able to walk behind and into it.
No signs from the main paved road, the gravel road is long and there is a sign for the falls about 2 miles from it.

There are SO MANY variables here. If this was a more remote place and minus all of the vagabonds and transients hanging out around the trailhead, I would have given this place 5 stars. Before going, I had done my fair share of research but there were so many mixed reviews...almost an equal amount of good AND bad. So I decided the best way to find out was to go see for myself.

The road to get to the Umpqua Hot Springs trailhead is filled with potholes that will probably never get fixed. Drive slow and be alert. If your car doesn't handle potholes well, don't drive it through. Tons of vagabonds and transients hanging out in the area. It takes away from the ambience of the area. I felt like I was entering a trailer park.

Maybe it was just the day we were there because I didn't see anyone else mention it in their review, but there were SO MANY MOSQUITOS around. I saw a guy who had his shirt off and his back was just covered in mosquito bites. I got bit all over as well.

There were probably about 10-15 people in the hot springs when we were there. Some were clothed, some were naked. We were aware though from reading prior reviews. But the ones who were naked also looked like they hadn't showered or bathed in several days so we opted for the empty spring. It kind of defeated the purpose though because the only empty spring was the one on the bottom, where all the water from all the higher springs flow in.

The water in the springs felt dirty. Once I actually sat down and looked around, I noticed people don't always take out what they bring in. It's so unfortunate. There's so many news articles about how this place has been trashed and abused for decades. It really IS a beautiful place that could be serene, but it's in a national park, which means there's not a lot of maintenance or patrol in the area. The only time I would ever come back to this place is if it was completely empty, which is probably in the winter.

10 days ago

This hike can be both easy OR hard, friendly for both novice OR advanced hikers...depending on how far you want to go. The distance from the trailhead to the end of the trail to the viewpoint overlooking the waterfall is super easy. There are quite a number of stairs, but I saw a lot of seniors doing the hike with their canes and whatnot. Stopping at the viewpoint is no fun though. There's a hole to the right of the fence where you can crouch through and climb down a steep hill with a rope. Warning: Don't take kids, dogs, or anywhere who's scared of heights with you if you decide to go all the way down to the edge of the water. The view right at the waterfall is breathtaking and it makes the 2.5 hour drive from Eugene totally worth it!

11 days ago

12 days ago