on Tunnel Ridge Trail

2 months ago

This is a great short hike!! I would definitely have a forestry map before heading to the trailheads. I lost service for hours. There are different ways to get to this location but the best and least confusing direction is through Jacksonville, then down the 238. Pay attention to the signs because there are a few different ways to get to the tunnel trailhead. We first started on Little Applegate TH which is a 5 mile hike to the tunnel and loaded with ticks and bugs. After a mile we turned back to the car and drove another 1.8 miles to the "Tunnel Ridge TH". Enter the Tunnel Ridge TH location and hike about a mile to the top. It's mostly up hill but we managed fine with a 3yr, 5yr, 6yr, and 11yr old. Once you reach the top, take the trail to the left (Bear Gulch Trail). It will show an additional 3 miles but after just a few feet the Tunnel will be on your right.