Loved it

nature trips
2 months ago

Fun walk for when you need to get out into some fresh air, yet not looking to climb a mountain.
Definitely family friendly.

Went out there to get off the pavement and get a trail run in. Sign right when I got out of the car read, "no running on trails." Bummer! Guess they don't want fast moving people to spook the wildlife. This is not a place for trail running!

nature trips
7 months ago

nice walk near the river

8 months ago

Very easy nice stroll

The forest parts are beautiful, the rest is kinda boring. Decent walk for the family

Not bad trail. It's much more of a spectator's hike. I'm a hobby photographer so I enjoyed walking it slowly looking for some neat photo opportunities. There are a lot of birds including bald eagles, some nutria and other small animals like rabbits. It's enjoyable if you're not looking for any challenge at all.

11 months ago