A great small interpretive and visitor's center. I've been coming here for years. the staff and volunteers and are easily accessible on the trails. There is a shorter year round path and longer summer/early fall only extended trail. No inclines so this path is great for people with disabilities and young children. I've even seen parents pushing strollers on this trail. Lots of birds and other wildlife and river views in some parts.

various easy trails depending on time of year. lots of wild life to be seen.

It was nice. Super super easy. Couple good stops to watch the river. Bathroom just a little shy of half way. Good city hike. It’s paved almost the whole way.

Good day for a walk on easy trails.

on Tualatin River Trail

3 months ago

Beautiful and easy family trail.

4 months ago

Beautiful. Lots of nature sounds, mostly cool, easy but not too easy. Wish it got closer to the river. Wish I’d known it was mostly up on the way back. Next time we’ll park at Cook Park and start and end there.

Great for young kids. A very nice interpretive center.

5 months ago

Love this trail!

you cannot run here. I decided to pick up my walking for a few steps and an old man yelled at me.

7 months ago

Easy walk.

I love this place easy place to burn some calories

Easy quick hike , close to the city of sherwood.

Not very pretty and no dogs allowed, also no running.

I always forget to put the tracker on..... this was a cute and easy flat hike aside from the hill when you first start. Only a few open fields that were super sunny. I like the off trail path for our kid because you could see the water and stay in the shade.
there was a surprise park about a mile or so in w a playground and open bathrooms. 4 stars for not having soap in the bathrooms but other than that it was great. Next time i want to try alone so i can do the whole loop and leave a better comment

on Tualatin River Trail

8 months ago

nice easy trail

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Loved it

Fun walk for when you need to get out into some fresh air, yet not looking to climb a mountain.
Definitely family friendly.

Went out there to get off the pavement and get a trail run in. Sign right when I got out of the car read, "no running on trails." Bummer! Guess they don't want fast moving people to spook the wildlife. This is not a place for trail running!

nature trips
Friday, July 29, 2016

nice walk near the river

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