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Easy walk. Great escape from the urban environment and so accessible!

Amazing trail.. neatly maintained path.. great for kids and elders too.. full of greens and birds.. loved this trail.. would definitely visit next time for running..

Great for walking in wet times of the year's due to many paved paths. Would be good for those using wheels, whether bikes to wheelchairs and more. There are also many gravel and raised plank paths. The area is well maintained. I gave it a 4 because although it is a very pleasant walk in the woods, the scenery is just woods. There are many hiking trails in Oregon with amazing views.

Very easy light walk, but very beautiful , feels like a jungle

As far as mellow, fairly flat trails go, this one is great! it's like a little piece of the woods inside the city. I'd highly recommend it for an easy stroll, or just needing a minute to take back into the Earth.

Great trail! Saw lots of wildlife but the best was the owl. Loved it!

You can't bring dogs, kinda lame man. The pups like to come with us.

This is close to the house. I love putting my headphones on and enjoy the dirt trails.

I have been visiting this nature park since 2002. There are wetlands, woods and paths that are great if you are looking to get your daily or weekly walking done. Today I walked 7000+ steps. The trails are well marked with signage at trail junctions. The office staff are great people who are very knowledgeable. It's a great place to bring groups of kids to walk in nature. They have lots of kid friendly activities during the summer. You might even see deer newts and other wildlife.

Great park for evening stroll..shade throughout the trail

Nice place for evening walk

loved this trail when I lived in that part of town, esp during the summer was always so much cooler in there. one time I took my children and we found a baby mole.

The trail was well marked. Some paved some gravel, lots of bridges and well shaded. The trail is very easy, a great walk to do with a friend!

This is an absolutely beautiful place to run with lots of wildlife & adventures to be had right in the heart of suburbia.

I used to bike through here on my way to work. Not the entire trail, but a portion of it. It was definitely my favourite part of my commute. Just be careful in the winter, the bridges can easily get icy.

I've walked through this park a couple of times as well. It's a wonderful little trail that can get you reenergized without having to leave town. It's surprisingly peacefully for being surrounded by a bustle of activity.

I recommend it for people how might not have the transportation ability to get out in the woods or people who just want a nice afternoon/evening stroll.

Hiked with Dad. Some of the trails on the map are no longer trails. We hiked what was valid. Awesome hike!!!!! Easy but beautiful nature.

Beautiful walk through the woods on the west side of Beaverton. So peaceful. What a great place to take your family for a nature walk. We'll definitely walk these trails again.

Not really a hike as this is mostly flat concrete. Nice place to walk in a forest without driving too far away from the city. Good place to see and watch flowers, lakes and rivers. Forest park is much better though.

Had an amazing day hiking here today. Bathrooms are very clean. Parking is convenient and safe. Trails were clearly indicated along the way. There were many "rest areas" with clean benches, great opportunities to stop, enjoy the silence, listen to the birds, and take in the views. Trails are easy, and not heavily trafficked. A couple said they saw snakes. We saw tree frogs and lots of birds, wood peckers and chipmunks. Highly recommend this for a quick getaway, a power walk, a leisurely stroll or even for kids!

Nice park veriy well signposted
Nice landscape
Too much traffic noise

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