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Located only minutes from downtown Portland is Oregon's only state park within a major metropolitan area. Every day, visitors come to hike or stroll the nature trails through the verdant ravine between Boones Ferry Road and Terwilliger Boulevard in southwest Portland. Cyclists of all ages bike along the paved trail on the park's eastern edge, stopping along the way to admire a trillium. Some people visit Tryon Creek just to sit in the Glenn L. Jackson shelter and listen to the chatter of the jays and squirrels. Others, especially people with mobility-related disabilities, come to enjoy the peaceful setting of the fully-accessible Trillium Trail. Tryon Creek is one of the only streams in the metro area with a run of steelhead trout. The Friends of Tryon Creek State Park operate a nature store, summer youth day camps, school tours, guided nature walks and special events. They can be reached at (503) 636-4398. There's so much to see and enjoy at the 645-acre park, one visit isn't enough!

Was a great hike with a bit of a challenge I'm not a normal hiker but I would salmon shape. Had to avoid horse poop on some of the trails that was about the only downside

Great park with which to escape the city. As a trail run this loop is a favorite of mine for variety and challenge, offering switchbacks, both steep and gentle inclines, flat stretches, foot bridges, and safe footing. Tryon offers consistent shade in summer, with refreshing creek bottoms to visit, and a rain forest feel in the winter. Great place for birding and wildlife viewing too. Owls are very active here in fall and winter. Trimllium blooms from white to dark purple, and shades in between here. Friends of Tryon have been pulling ivy too. Wonderful place to take kids to explore nature and your neighbors. I have seen people walking exotic pets from mini-horses, pot bellied pods, and a caracal! This loop is a perfect after work run or weekend saunter and the Boones Ferry Access lots are not often full.

Lots of fun options to make your own route. 7 miles today.

This tends to be my go to Sunday trail with my dogs. However the other dog owners on this trail are no as easy going as say, Wildwood dog hikers so the hyper sensitivity can be annoying. Its fairly well travels and yes you can get turned around pretty easy without this app.

Quiet little hike. After 9 am, it gets busy.

Easy hike, well maintained and even if you get lost it’s easy to end up at the parking lot! Lots of nice bridges and creeks. Perfect quick little 2 mile hike

Good trail nice views. Depending upon which trail you take, it’s relatively flat. High bridge and beaver bridge trails have some steep slopes.
Nice walking trails. Good parking.

Hiked 12/10/17. This is a Oregon State Park and is located in the Portland area. It is very popular year-round and there are many trails that make up the circulation network within the park boundaries. These provide a multitude of traveling options based on hiking time allotted. There are at least 5 different entry points around the exterior trail loop making it easy to enter the park from the area closest to your departure point.

Beautiful little loop. Very quiet on a damp November Sunday.

Good for kids!

Wonderful fall day, we spent 10/29 here from 9-11am for a work training. Parking was free but full by 8:45am. Something to consider when heading out.

Beautiful, easy hike with different trail options. Some of the inclines can be sketchy if the ground is really muddy. I was glad I brought my trekking pole for stability.

I am grossly out of shape & I chose the Obie Bridge trail which has several inclines. I only made it to the bridge then turned around & went back. So sad. I very much enjoyed myself though. Good way to set goals & get in shape!!!! There are many trails to choose from. I might actually ask someone next time which trail is better for a fat out of shape middle aged woman who is just starting on her long road to health. lol

Beautiful walk through the woods. Saw, and heard, many woodpeckers! We also saw a huge limb break off and fall. The noise was booming and it echoed down the canyon!

This is a fun trail. I even heard and saw two woodpeckers!

Hit up the trail today and had a great time. We worked the large loop with no issues. Not from the area but can see why people from here love it.

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