Located only minutes from downtown Portland is Oregon's only state park within a major metropolitan area. Every day, visitors come to hike or stroll the nature trails through the verdant ravine between Boones Ferry Road and Terwilliger Boulevard in southwest Portland. Cyclists of all ages bike along the paved trail on the park's eastern edge, stopping along the way to admire a trillium. Some people visit Tryon Creek just to sit in the Glenn L. Jackson shelter and listen to the chatter of the jays and squirrels. Others, especially people with mobility-related disabilities, come to enjoy the peaceful setting of the fully-accessible Trillium Trail. Tryon Creek is one of the only streams in the metro area with a run of steelhead trout. The Friends of Tryon Creek State Park operate a nature store, summer youth day camps, school tours, guided nature walks and special events. They can be reached at (503) 636-4398. There's so much to see and enjoy at the 645-acre park, one visit isn't enough!

Gets better every time.

This trail is beautiful and really fun to walk - my only complaints are that there were so many people that I had to actually stop dozens of times and move out of the way - my dog is quite large and it was kindof awkward for us when the trail was narrow. I had headphones on - but folks were running up behind me on the trail and it kept giving me a scare. Much too crowded for me! Another thing that is that it's very easy to get "off path" - there were dozens of alternate trails and I had to follow the "all trails" app the entire time to stay on track.. not very relaxing. I don't think I will be back since I prefer a trail with less traffic and less confusion.

It was a fun hike with my 4 year old but bring your mosquito repellent!!

Also, a trail runner found that his car had been broken into and his backpack stolen around 8:45 last night!