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Very nice up and down trail. i was confused at the trailhead on which way to hit the waterfall. should have gone right instead of left. No falls this way. Went over halfway with some great elevation but no views that we found.

Not a looper but a nice easy trail with a creek view. Less than a hr

A great trail! Well groomed, mostly well marked and it was just us two and 2 mountain bikers on the trail (huge bonus!) Loads of flowers (bunch berries and wind flowers were my favourites!) We did take the written description of the trail with us, and even though the written description seemed a bit daunting (seemed like loads of directions) - they were spot on. Highly recommend the trail!

Beautiful trail, the second half of the loop you have to come back on the road. Super dusty from people driving so we just went back the way we came in. Beautiful waterfall and not a lot of people. Ohv trails are separate so you so t have to dodge those.

I took my husband and my 10 year old, they both had a blast.

This trail is a really fun one! We saw lots of families and people on bikes as well as lots of pretty butterflies and birds.

Not too challenging and close to a great rock quarry shooting range means 2 activities for the price of one! Although the ATV’s and meth-y white trash take away from it all.

25 days ago

Nice trail, visitor center was fun to visit on the way back (opens at 10). Started at 7am and had the trail to ourselves! Nice river/beautiful forest. No fees for parking or visitor center. Trail mostly dry no mud, but smaller crossings with some water

good,short hike off the rest stop.

I’m a pretty out of practice hiker. I haven’t been on a real hike in about a year, so I was slow going but I loved this hike! The gun shots and ATVs didn’t bother me at all because it was so pretty. It’s not an easy hike like some people said unless you’re hiking regularly. I would say moderate is accurate. And especially having the trail almost totally to ourselves I would say it’s well worth it! And the falls were pretty.

Absolutely beautiful forest trail!

1 month ago

this hike was beautiful.
went on a monday and it was completely silent around us. its a great trail, does cross over atv trails but that is no biggie. the dogs loved this trail also.

2 months ago

Great trail to walk with the dogs , it was just too short for our liking ! But everything was beautiful !

Beautiful trail! And it was nice to see al the new growth being planted!

It was a nice trail. I like the variety of the up and down. Not to many markings as to where you are or where you are going, but if you follow the trail you will be fine. A few waterfalls along the way as well.

The hike was decent through forests and clear cuts. Views were nice at the top and the falls we're great. Groups of ATV riders were considerate. The reason for the 3 star rating was due to the constant gunfire noise throughout the entire hike.

Nice trail 45 min from Portland. We got an early start on a Saturday and while there were a lot of motorcycles and shooters in the area, we had the hiking trails to ourselves.

This is a great loop for runners looking for something more challenging than Forest Park. Mostly runnable with some challenging power hikes. The loop distance makes keeping supplies in your car and running multi-loops an option for long-mileage days.

I only saw two other hikers, but it was a Monday morning. There were a few muddy obstacles but were easily overcome with proper waking sticks. I would like to try this hike again mid summer. There were a few patches of snow , mostly off the sides of the trail. The trail did cross the motorized roads a few times and could hear the atv as well. It took me about 4 hours with plenty of stops between. The falls were well worth the trip!

Went on NYE - gates are closed. We parked at them and walked through. Water was really high so we couldn’t get to the falls but we trotted around on the trails for about a mile and they are well maintained and pretty. I’m sure during the summer it’s super busy as this is a campground.

Incredible winter hike

Wonderful hike. Can be done in about 4 hours if you don’t stop and rest too much. Creeks and foot bridges. Two waterfalls on the loop.
Gunshots are in the distance as well as dirt bikes and ATVs but they add to the idea you’re in the middle of no where back country and only those that want to be out there are.
Not too muddy but don’t recommend right after a huge rain spell. A lot of the trail is the runoff line for when it does rain hard. Some of the mud was deceivingly deeper than expected.
All around gorgeous!!

Great trail - will always be a favorite of mine! Nice and short, my mapping is a little extended due to helping someone down the mtn. Really important to wear proper hiking shoes.. very muddy and slick!

4 months ago

Trail is in great condition. It was super cloudy when I went so not many views, but a hike for the rain since there is so much cover.

Though the sound of ATVs and gunshots at points takes away some of the peace, have to say we all thoroughly enjoyed this hike! Easy grade in a lovely forest- we didn’t pass a single other hiker or group, only one small group of mountain bikers in the beginning. All ATVs and vehicles were very respectful when we had to cross the road several times to return to the loop. Seems like it would be a nice trail run.

5 months ago

Enjoyed the trail in December. Nice way to warm up from a cool car ride.

Really nothing to write home about to be honest. You walk through forest as well as old logging areas, cross a few bridges and then of course get to see University Falls. The falls were nice, raging from recent rains but nothing spectacular. Sounds of gunshots and atvs really put a damper on this hike.

Terrain was easy, I would guess my kids could do this with minimal complaining. It really is an easy hike but with that comes boredom.

6 months ago

It was a great hike, although it was a bit muddy and wet. Probably not best for little kids when it is that wet and muddy. The hike was a nice mix of up and down (moderate) and the waterfall kind of surprises you in the middle of the trail. We didn't see anyone else there. Great hike.

6 months ago

Easy hike for little beginners. Took my son (3 yrs old) on his first official hike here. It was very fun watching him explore and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.

But those gunshots. Those damn gunshots. I get it. Folks want to shoot their guns and there may be some isolated places to do so, but so close to a public hiking trail?

It's too bad too. Because this is one of these easy hikes to just blow off steam from being on the highway. But not with the gunshots.

Nice medium length hike - great views of steams and river as you go along. It’s not the most solitary hike, with ORVs and nearby shooting range. University Falls is highlight of hike.

Trail was not open for camping or hiking as of September 8, 2017..... gates closed and signs posted. Only posting as a head up for other hikers headed there as it's a bit of a drive - the area is beautiful as I'm sure the trail and falls are when open.

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