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Very nice trail. It is not clearly marked, but if you follow this map it is super easy.

3 days ago

This is a great short hike. Go early and you will have complete solitude. There is a good amount of parking at the trailhead and restrooms. There is no cell service at all. Lots of shade. The trail is near the road at the start but after a while the road noise fades.

Nice trail but very difficult. I spent around two hours to achieve mountain top, took rest several times in the between. Please be prepared we'll and bring enough water to enjoy this trip.

Scenic hike that is very pretty with surroundings that constantly change keeping the hike interesting. Mixture of inclines and declines.

4 days ago

awesome trail! Now one of my favorites.

5 days ago

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19 days ago

Take extra water, we went from the summit of Kings Mountain over to Elk Mountain and back to Wilson river trail via elk creek and it was 6 hours and 12+ miles of difficult hiking with no water other than what you bring. The Ford on Elk is a beautiful spot, perfect for a night to rest. A warning though, You have to use ropes(already rigged and in position) to traverse the saddle between Kings and Eagle mountain so an upper body workout is in your future if you attempt

The view at the top is just amazing I could stay and stare at it all day!! And that's that we went on a cloudy day!! Totally worth the hard work to get there!! It's for sure steep! So be careful!! Going down is not easy either, lots of loose gravel. Poles are a good idea!! Find some long and thick tree branches and those work just as well!! Will definitely be doing this trail again!!! Have fun and enjoy the view!!