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2 days ago

Great trail. We are mid level hikers and took us about 4 hours with a break for lunch at the top. Beautiful views although we could see smoke (but not smokey during hike). I would recommend good boots and a walking stick as it is quite steep and necessary especially going down! Highly recommend. Be prepared to sweat !

Bucklin' Down 2017 completed the loop on 9 Sept. We loved it, despite one of our party dealing with feet and knee pain. Fun and challenging ascents were steep and slick with loose rock, and we were glad for our trekking poles. Incredible views of the surrounding valleys, mountains and hills. Tremendous variation along the trail too...from arid rock to lush, damp forest to gurgling streams. Had a few dispersed camping locations just off trail. Bring plenty of water.

Trail was not open for camping or hiking as of September 8, 2017..... gates closed and signs posted. Only posting as a head up for other hikers headed there as it's a bit of a drive - the area is beautiful as I'm sure the trail and falls are when open.

10 days ago

12 days ago

Great trail. Very steep most of the way. Shaded narrow dirt trail with lots of roots and rocks near the top. Some sections are looser and more gravel covered which cased me to loose my footing a few times but no harm done. Poles or a walking stick are super helpful. Going down is a slow process. Did it in 4 hours out and back and I am by no means an avid hiker. Bring lots of water!

16 days ago

Great hike. Easy to follow trail. It is a good workout. Take plenty of water!! The view at the top is Awesome. Beautiful :)

This is a very challenging hike. Did it on 09-02-17. It was hot. Went clockwise instead of counterclockwise, ascending King's Mountain to Elk Mountain.

It was beautiful!! Trail got confusing for a for a bit, but still great. Perfect with kids. The fall was gorgeous. The pools beneath were a kind of gross.

16 days ago

17 days ago

18 days ago