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2 days ago

I would rate this as hard but I was not dying at the top. It is a steady incline though with some spots being more steep than others. There are lots of trails at this one spot. King Mnt is said to be 2.5 miles up but my phone app said it was longer. There is also Elk Mnt that is 3.8 miles (we did not go there). Nice views at the top

UP. Trekking poles help.

My wife and I did this trail and loved it. It is demanding but it’s well worth it! We did this hike a week ago and it was just starting to snow.

2-3 inches of snow at the top, just fyi.

8 days ago

Did this 11/27/17. It was raining all day pretty hard. Was soaked through by 9:30 and I started at 8. Was a great hike and very challenging but fun. Unfortunately being so wet made it a bit miserable and missed the summit views on account of being in the middle of a rain cloud lol. Caught a few views at half elevation. Would love to do again on a clear day. Took Kings Mt trail over to Elks Mt and back on the Wilson river trail to Kings parking lot. Going up the rope was fun and the scramble to summit King from the rope side is crazy! Thought I'd lost the trail until I peeked my head over the last rock and saw the summit sign. That was a relief lol! Even had to go back for my dog and help him over a few ledges. Fun!

Really nothing to write home about to be honest. You walk through forest as well as old logging areas, cross a few bridges and then of course get to see University Falls. The falls were nice, raging from recent rains but nothing spectacular. Sounds of gunshots and atvs really put a damper on this hike.

Terrain was easy, I would guess my kids could do this with minimal complaining. It really is an easy hike but with that comes boredom.

Great hike! It’s all uphill, but the view is worth it.

It was a great hike, although it was a bit muddy and wet. Probably not best for little kids when it is that wet and muddy. The hike was a nice mix of up and down (moderate) and the waterfall kind of surprises you in the middle of the trail. We didn't see anyone else there. Great hike.

Easy hike for little beginners. Took my son (3 yrs old) on his first official hike here. It was very fun watching him explore and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.

But those gunshots. Those damn gunshots. I get it. Folks want to shoot their guns and there may be some isolated places to do so, but so close to a public hiking trail?

It's too bad too. Because this is one of these easy hikes to just blow off steam from being on the highway. But not with the gunshots.

Amazing place

23 days ago

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25 days ago

As others mentioned this is a very steep out and back which is runnable but requires scrambling on occasion, not only because of some scattered rock features, but also the steep grade. The majority of the hike is deep in woods and you don't get the view to the end but the view was worth it.