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Amazing and tough incline on the way up, and steep on the way down.

Wasn't very impressed with the view, however I still appreciated the HARD Climb!

Amazing hike!

Perfect hike for our 7 and 9 year old. Got almost to the end before whines of "I'm tiiirrrreeed" begun.

This is such an amazing hike! Don't let the first bit of the hike fool you, it's a brutal uphill hike. It's beautiful the whole way and the trails are very well maintained. Once you get up to the view point you might as well break out the Kleenex; it's something to cry over. On the way down its a bit tricky- the steepness of the mountain is quickly put into perspective. I slid on my butt down part of the trail because I just knew I was going to fall anyway. Find a walking stick on your way up or bring one!

One of my favorite hikes. The view from above the clouds is incredible. I like to hit the trail early in the morning. It is very quiet and peaceful. For beginners this can be a tough trail, hard on the legs and feet. I live nearby and have made this hike many times. I prefer the long way to the summit and then I turn around and make it an out and back.

9 days ago

If you are looking for a quiet trail then this is not for you! This is a popular off roading site with lots of gun fire mixed in. If you have a dog that is scared of fireworks then I strongly suggest you pick another trail. The site is sometimes closed to OHV due to fire conditions and you can check here before going.


I took the 11 miles hike starting at University fall and headed clock wise. The trails are fairly well indicated but do cross over the OHV trails at many points, in some cases a 6 way intersection. The were a series of bridges and hugged the creeks for portions of the hike that really made the hike special. Some of the fire buffer zones were logged which added some nice blooming groves to the hike. There was moderate elevations on the hike and had a nice over view of the mountains about half way through. There were several nice rest stops along the way with crudely made benches and nice rocked areas along the creek. I enjoyed the hike and under certain conditions can be a very nice hike. Thus the 4 stars

Please be aware there is no cell service so upload your maps before going. The start of the major trail heads has well indicated maps of the entire area.

14 days ago

Trialhead marker was taped off and said the trail was temporarily closed due to logging. Didn't say when it would open again.

I was looking for a mid-length hike to go on to warm up before going on a multi-day later this week. This was it.

The trail was well maintained with the worst being some sections that had become narrow due to the foliage. One nice thing (if you have a water filtration/purification system) is that about 1/4 of the trail is along a stream.

For the most part it's a beautiful hike. I could have done without going through the clear-cut sections of the forest, heating gun shots (but he a shooting range in the OHV area???) and the intermittent noise from the nearby OHVs (at one point I smelt the exhaust from one as it passed by on a neighboring trail).

One thing to note: I have service through Sprint and I did not have coverage while on the trail. Download your maps before you leave or bring a map and a compass.

on Wilson Falls Trail

15 days ago

Temperature when my wife and I started the ascent of the steep trail (1.4m) was 61F, in the way back, 84F (10am-pm), not a good time of the year to do this hike. My wife abandoned after a 3rd of the trail. I kept climbing with my dog (very bad idea). Beautiful sights, but not quiet as Saddle Mountain (astonishing views). Very difficult hiking down. They should set up a slide! Maybe my expectations were too high.

This was a good hike, with lots of hilly area to get to the falls! The falls are very pretty and are worth the hike, despite the hike being long! Overall good hike.

We hiked this with two 7 year olds and a toddler. They managed fine, but the overgrowth made some parts of the trail tiresome to navigate. Needed a machete with me! The creek is nice and fun for the kids to explore. Seems like a firing range might be in the vicinity. Less than idyllic with gunfire in the distance.

would give it full five if not for some danger factor in rope repelling and unstable footing in descent.

26 days ago