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always a good challenge! I've done this one on a hott summer day and had an amazing view with a reward of jumping in the river at the bottom. I've also gone up in the snow and had it was just as great of a time. If you want a challenge and to escape the busy gorge try this one out.

Very swampy in two locations. (Well, I guess it was February) Not quite "pull your boots off" muskeg, but it can get grippy. Other places it is very "bushy" around the calves, sort of like an over-grown single-track bike trail. Not too bad, though, and is not too steep... Gets you around ok, esp if you are older...

Is quite short and might rate a 4 or 5 usually. It is now signed for counter-clockwise only and is single-track. We walked it March 18, 2017 because there is no way a bike could even access this up the approach due to winter blow down. And the trail had two location where full trees had fallen, not just across the trail, but directly down line on the trail. I was able to clear one that had spattered into three separate logs, but a latter one just after the trail max elevation was a full, green top that obscured the decent and took us 10 minute to rediscover the trail. At this date, there were still a few snow patches left.


We did the 8.1 mile loop 3/16/2017. The trail is in horrible shape. There were so many time it was nearly impossible to keep going. The amount of fallen limbs and trees is enormous. Lots of snow and very wet with puddle that were impossible to avoid. It should be closed until it can be cleaned up and maintained. We were the only ones on it hiking.

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25 days ago

Had a great time and did a little shooting.

It was an amazing hike with the snow up top. Definitely recommend traction gear to make it easier on the icy snowy parts. Seriously, totally worth the hard work to get up to the top.

Not difficult so 3 stars but as moderate I'd give it a 4. Very close to us so a fast hike.

1 month ago

The view from the top is spectacular. The trail itself is nice, but there wasn't anything special to remember (just one distant waterfall.) There was a picnic table after about 1.5 or 2 miles, so that was nice.
Many people here say it is very difficult, but in my opinion it was pretty moderate, not too hard, and I'm not thr person who hikes on a regular basis.
I'd recommend going there just to see the amazing view.

Extremely steep and definitely difficult! The views through the forest were generally unremarkable, until you made it closer to the top. Some scrambling in a few of the more rocky areas, and there were quite a few spots that looked like they were straight up! The summit is completely worth it though, unparalleled views that were a little dizzying when we first made it up. The winds did not let up and only got worse at the top, so I would recommend doing this in the warmer months or bundling up and being careful at the top! Overall amazing views and 100% would go again. Still feeling the burn in my legs two days later!!

1 month ago

Must be a hunting area or something nearby. Lots of gunshots. Otherwise, typical woodland trail.

beautiful scenery with an easy hike

mountain biking
4 months ago

this was my favorite local go to biking trail! I would take the gravel road to the story burn day use area. you're essentially at the top. I've done it as a loop but usually as an out and back. from the top day use area you can access the trail to the right (looking at the wooden Map sign). this takes you down a great and smooth downhill ride with beautiful scenery!! only issue is I've done it as quick as 15 minutes once I got comfortable with the trail (totally worth it though!) at the bottom trail continues straight but I would go right over the bridge and this soon ends in gales Greek campground. if you enjoy pain you can go up the summit trail from the campground or shuttle/hitch or what I did most, hike/bike back the way I came....the other option from the top is to go left (looking at the wooden sign) this side is fun as well but eventually drops in to some grown in wet area before opening up in to a forested area that then leads to university falls. the exploration aspect of this side of the trail was fun but the biking was not quite as smooth and fast....