The trail is nice and easy, it doesn’t offer much in views but you are in the shade for most of the hike. Signs are a bit confusing but all in all nice family hike safe for all levels.

Lots of flowers, beautiful bridges and benches to sit on. Pretty easy. Lots of trails that spin off though. I liked all the signs with historical information.

Nice easy trails in the woodland. Entry points and nearby trails are heavily trafficked, but once you get a mile in it thins out to moderate. Diverse ecology, lots of wildflowers and historical points of interest, but a fair amount of road noise and sightings of nearby homes. For a trail system close to a town it’s very nice, but it is not secluded.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. During the great “quarantine of 2020” we were able to get out on a new trail suggested by a local friend... (we needed an excuse to to to the new Chik-Filet in Medford). We had planned to let our two year old twin girls wander the trails as much as possible... but when we got out on the trail we noticed we couldn’t look more than 10 feet in any direction with out seeing poison oak along the trail. We put the girls in hiking pack child carriers and did the hike because we were already there. I enjoyed the history lessons posted through out and liked the wide trails which allowed for adequate social distancing. If we had known about the poison oak we would have picked a different hike. Too risky for kids who don’t know better. It has its appeal for runners and hikers alike and if you are ok with poison oak then it’s a good easy- moderate hike.

Easy trail for a quick hike. Lots of pretty wildflowers. No good views though.

Great loop trail for young children. Conditions are great (mid-April).

Just a nice mellow trail to go on and bird watch or take some pictures. Gets me out of the house during these wild and crazy times.

Great trail for kids. Muddy in some spots.

2 months ago

Love this trail FYI the flat portion of the trail can get slick faster than the rest of the trail after light rain—I’d recommend trail shoes as I was sliding a bit in my running shoes.

This trail was a real treat - a great combination of trail types - wide and smooth, narrow and winding, wooded, open - and came with the unexpected added value of historical markers throughout showing the fascinating history of mining in those very hills. I highly recommend tacking on the short French Gulch Trail, which winds through one of the man-made gulches and has an old water cannon and wooden sluice on display. The only challenge is the great number of intersecting trails that can easily get you off your chosen path. But there is great cellular coverage so we were able to stay on track with pinpoint accuracy using the Google map live tracking. And being right in Jacksonville made it easy to combine the hike with a little bit of shopping, wine tasting and dining.

Itwas muddy naturally because it had been raining. Ifollowed your directions to get there and it landed me in a parking area a half a mile away from the actual gravel parking area. So continue up the hill and it's on the left side and watch out for it because you can miss it. It has a well marked trail and was connected to many other trails so I will be coming back to visit those ones also.

private property
6 months ago

This is a great trail for seeing a lot of the historic mining sites. It’s also great for fall colors. The southernmost portion of the trail, called the Frenchman Mine Loop, has you walk through a little neighborhood, which is a little weird. But still gorgeous. Also, heads up—there’s a section of the trail between the Fir St parking lot and the California St parking lot that goes straight downhill (or up depending on which way you’re coming from). It is extremely steep and even going down is a strain on the knees. AllTrails map directs you to go this way, but if you look closely at the map, there is another portion of the trail that runs parallel to this section that has a switchback so it’s not as steep. I’d use that, unless you like feeling like you’re about to start rolling downhill at any second.

Lots of poison oak so if you have little kids that like to bounce around the trail edges like a pinball machine then be careful! Other than that it’s beautiful!

nice place to walk. hard to walk my toddler though, I was constantly worried he would walk too close to the edges. there's so much poison oak too.

first 2 miles all uphill

Really wonderful trail to hike on, with alternating altitudes and vistas. Not a lot of wildlife seen, not even birds, but the flora makes up for it. Many stands of peeling madrones, ponderosa pine and manzanita clumps all around. Watch out for the abundant poison oak, which in this midsummer hike had turned a brilliant beautiful red. I wish the fire further north hadn’t ruined our views with its smoke, but the screening it provided cooled us off considerably. A few local folks around, but generally untrammeled. This day we were rewarded at the end of the trail with a lovely symphony, courtesy of the Britt orchestra.

10 months ago

Nice wide trails. Although there was enormous amounts of poison oak in the underbrush, the plants were easy to avoid.. All trails in these woodlands seem to intercept. Very beautiful hike.

Great hike. 100% recommend any of the trails in the woodlands

Hiked these trails by myself on July 10th 2019. Very easy to navigate, family friendly, Dog friendly and very beautiful! I hike these trails on days that I don’t have time to go on longer hikes and it’s still a great workout! Multiple different trails to explore and you can choose how long to stay out, that’s one of my favorite things about this spot. You could stay out and explore the woodlands all day if you wanted too. Most of the trails are moderate-easy. I only saw a couple of flowers, mostly trees and bushes and fantastic veiws at the panorama point!

This is one of the trails I would hike while I was younger as I grew up in the area. Great views and dogs allowed on leash.

Great day for a hike. This app helped a great deal to stay on the loop. Signage is not that great. Enjoy!

Beautiful trails and great to run!

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