The Succor Creek Bridge in Succor Creek State Natural Area is open to pedestrians. The bridge is not open to vehicles or atvs. Succor Creek is an unstaffed, no-fee primitive camping area. There's no potable water service and the park lies on rough unpaved road.

Easy trail. No indication whatsoever but the path to follow is very clear. Trail head is just after crossing the bridge at the camp site, on the left. Once reaching the end, instead of doing a loop, I continued straight to follow the steps of a hiker who left a recording on the app 4 years ago. I reached a fence and couldn’t continue (not sure whether it was a private land or not). Instead, I followed the fence in the right (no more trail there) and reached a canyon that I couldn’t cross (too steep) to reach the road on the other side. I ended up going back to the trail thankfully without crossing any snake in the way. Note that the part of the loop going back in the initial trail of as not visible at all.

Nice trail with cool views of Succor Creek. Unfortunately, I went off trail into the narrow canyon near the trailhead and got into poison ivy. Be careful that you don't do the same!

Sunday, November 26, 2017