7 days ago

Pros: good for dogs, wide trail, nice to have in populated area.
Cons: covered with tree breakage, minimal view at top and not 'scenic' in the woods.

Nice walk in the woods. It was worth the small off trail hike for a view.

I had no idea this was here, and it’s now going to become a regular part of my at home hiking rotation. It was dark and stormy today and the woods were foggy, so basically this was creepy as heck. It’s the steepest 300 feet I’ve ever hiked, and I definitely felt the constant elevation change. I’d recommend decent shoes because of the soft and needly/rooty/muddy trail. There’s no great view, but there’s constantly something to look at. There were loads of colorful mushrooms, and if you’re going to stumble upon Sasquatch in Lincoln City, it’ll probably be on this trail. There’s also several different little connecting trails so you can make this as long or short as you want. Critters spotted on the trail: banana slugs and a beetle. Also lots of bird chatter. And 2 teenage boys who were out for a stroll.

2 months ago

Spyglass is fairly ho-hum considering that the beach with all its wonders is so close by. However, it is a nice walk through a shaded forest space with fairly steep incline. I would rate it higher except its undergrowth isn't very attractive (or existent). It looks like all the vegetation and low branches were removed, leaving an appearance of recent logging activity instead of natural surroundings. There is one small section along the upper ridge that looks untouched by man, with lush greenery - the best part. It's a good place for locals to get some exercise if walking in the beach sand doesn't sound appealing. There are other similar open spaces like Agnes Creek, The Knoll, Friends of Wildwoods, Spring Lake, Regetta, and Cutler Wetlands.

4 months ago