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Jeanna and I went for a leisurely hike. Verfy flat 4 miles RT.

Park at the dam then walk down the closed road, you'll see the trail and the sign on the left. We ended up on a goat trail then doubled back to find the real trail.

Did a quick 4.6 mi version of this trail. Overall, it was pretty easy but riddled with mosquitoes. They are very attracted to me so I had to reapply every mile or so. If you go the full trail expect your feet to get wet at the creek crossing. Would absolutely do this trail again.

Word of advice: don’t park at the “trailhead “ parking area. I did and after hiking a little more than a mile all I got to was back to the dam at Four Mile Lake! Instead, start your hike at the dam and it will save you time. I didn’t have time to continue on to the lakes so stopped at the dam where I saw many osprey and a juvenile bald eagle flying around the lake.

Nice easy trail. Beautiful day

Easy hike on a well marked trail except the trail head. Park by lake on the loop close to trail head shown on map. Walk a short distance down the road that is gated where dam is on your left. Just past the dam the trail head starts and is marked there with a small sign. Hike is past a few small lakes little elevation gain.

Wanted to shake out all of my gear so I took the trail to Badger Lake from the 4 Mile Lake trailhead and stopped for the night. No bugs other than the usual yellow jackets and dragonflies. I think I saw one mosquito the whole time, yay! I unfortunately packed out a lot of other peoples garbage, but that's the breaks sometimes. It got a little chilly that night, but not too bad. All of my gear worked so I was pleased about that. I had some sputtering from my canister stove because of the cold morning, but once it got going no worries. I had a great time and really enjoy the great wilderness we have in this area.

Good hike. Trail is rocky in spots but other than that ok. Trapper Lake is very pretty!!

Amazing trail w/ amazing views. Beware of mosquitos! The trail is really diverse with a lot of changes throughout from crossing creeks, meadows, & lakes. I advise long pants as the trail is slightly overgrown. There were a few downed trees along the way, but nothing hard to get over or around. The end of the trail results in crossing paths with Sky Lakes Trail & Trapper Lake.

Wed Jun 20 2018

Trail is overgrown but still nice. Very easy to find trail head.

Mon Jul 04 2016

Pretty easy hike to Badger Lake. Not a ton to see and the skeeters were thick but it was peaceful and quiet. Exactly what we were looking for. Going to do the hike through to Long Lake later this summer.

Our hike today took us from Four Mile Lake, past Woodpecker Lake and Badger lake, past Horse Creek Meadows, and to Long Lake. The weather was cloudy and partially raining. The view of Mount McLoughlin was covered by clouds. I'll be coming back when the weather is better. A good test of my layering and waterproof poncho. All lakes are quite low.

horseback riding
Thu Aug 20 2015

We horseback ride up this trail every year. It is a great trail with beautiful views of Mt. McLoughlin. The trail passes several lakes before Badger Lake, then on past Badger Lake is Long Lake, then you connect with the PCT. If you take the PCT to the left you can make a loop around 4 Mile Lake. Long hike, about 5-hour horseback ride. NOTE! This year the trail had not been cleared of several large logs so was not passable by horse to the PCT.

Attempted to drive tothe trailhead today, April 19, but portions of the road are still covered in snow. A jeep or gi-normous 4 wheel drive truck might make it through but not my sad little element. So, I'll try again next month

Hiking to Badger Lake is fairly easy as there are no tough climbs. The views of Mt. McLoughlin as you travel along Fourmile Lake are stunning. Once you get to Badger Lake follow the trail to the North Side of the Lake and then continue around the Lake toward the west. You'll come across a well established camping spot. The lake looks fairly shallow and would probably be a great place to take an afternoon swim in the summer.

4 months ago

Thu May 31 2018

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