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This was an incredibly beautiful hike! There wasn’t one person on this trail. This is probably due to the fact that the path was on a logging road. However, don’t let this deter you from checking it out. My recommendation is park before you enter the logging road giving you another mile and assisting in the safety of your vehicle as there is no parking lot. Bring a fully charged phone so you can stay on the recorded trail. Lots of trees, great views, and waterways along your path. If you’re looking for isolation, and a 30 minute drive for a hike outside of Corvallis, this is your spot!

4 days ago

Loved this hike and the bridge is spectacular. Not difficult to get to the falls.

6 days ago

Did the hike from the Hebo Lake CG. The trailhead is a little tricky to find... you have to continue past the fee area, just past the "Camp Host" sign (but before the "Exit" signs) on the right there's a meadow and a hiker's kiosk, where you can park. The trail is a narrow path to the left of the meadow, heading into the woods. This version is maybe 7-8 miles roundtrip, 1300-1500 ft gain?

Trail is in great shape and heads through some very pleasant forest, full of life, and it even has little wooden signs with nature facts. There's some flat sections and random steep parts, but overall it's a steady moderate grade headed up the mountain. You have to cross 2 roads and there is an unsigned junction, but it's pretty easy - just keep heading straight and you're fine. Near the top there's a downed tree but you can easily detour around it using the road.

I read there's supposed to be a lot of wildflowers at the summit meadows, but that's not the case yet (some nice patches of lilies at least). Still probably several weeks to go. A good number of (early) spring flowers on the way up though! The coast was fogged over and it was smoggy towards Portland, so didn't actually see much - definitely save this for a clear day.

great hike
well worth the drive and some good hill work to get back up

Beautiful trail and a pretty easy hike! The waterfall was stunning. It was late by the time we got there, so we only hiked in to the first falls. We climbed over the big boulders and were able to get right by the waterfall.
I️ drove up in a Honda Civic and would NOT recommend doing the same! Came home with a flat tire. The drive up is very bumpy and long. I think it’s worth it though if you have a Jeep or something that can handle a gravel road that’s not maintained very well.

Great hike! Well maintained. Plenty of parking when we were there and clean rests stop.

Beautiful trail! Waterfall after waterfall.

Loved this hike. Trails were clean and wide and it was lovely scenery.

Trail was excellent. Three beautiful waterfalls are definitely worth it. The directions that are on this app make you take this extremely overgrown road that scratched up my car so much. Don’t use that road if you care about your vehicle.

Easy hike, beautiful trail. It was a tad muddy in spots but not bad. We arrived this morning with only one car parked next to us and left with about 15. So it does get busy on the nice sunny days.

Easy hike and beautiful! bring some goldfish crackers and feed the chipmunks near the falls! some take it right from your hand!

Beautiful forest hike ending in a glorious bridge, waterfall, and swimming hole if so inclined. We hiked down to the fork in the road by the river where “North Loop” is clearly labeled and, having read previous reviews thought “let’s take that one so we get a little more exercise in,” but it looped us back to the beginning of the trail where it had first forked off to make the north loop. The beginning fork is unmarked so we had missed it and ended up walking six miles total round trip (because we weren’t going to miss the bridge and waterfall). So if you want a longer hike (but aren’t in the mood for six miles), take a right up the hill at the first fork which will take you over the hill before meeting up at the river with the main trail. Real pretty trail as well and adds a bit more to the walk.

Amazing hike! Super easy and a lot of fun. We went on a Monday afternoon and had pretty much the entire trail to ourselves. Absolutely loved the suspension bridge and the waterfall is just gorgeous. I highly recommend this hike!

Gorgeous gorgeous hike!!! You follow a ton of rapids and “mini” waterfalls

Coming from Eugene, the directions in the Falcon guide were fine. But lucky we didn't tried to follow Google Maps which had the preferred route follow Whitaker Creek to section of road that doesn't exist!! Beware.

on Marys Peak Trail

29 days ago

A little defeating. The parking lot removes a bit from the accomplishment of finishing. Overall tho - the hike through the forest is just as amazing at the top. Amazing trees. Awesome workout too! It's a steady incine the entire way to the top.

I followed the route on the map exactly. As you head south, you leave the pavement and follow a sandy road all the way to the beach. You walk the beach north until you reach a location where a gravel road goes all the way back to the paved road just north of the starting point. No overgrown trail...No shipwreck. Still a beautiful hike with much of it along the secluded beach.

Beautiful hidden hike. Took longer than I thought to get to the trailhead but was totally worth it! Good hike if you’re headed to the beach

This trail is another awesome hidden gem. The trail itself is fairly easy to moderate at points, as it had some downed trees and bush across the path. I hiked the weekend of the windstorm in April 2018. The suspension bridge was great, I was expecting more movement, but it only had slight bobbing with only me on it. Very sturdy and well built, with a perfect view of the gorge and falls below. Keep going down the trail after crossing, as it switches back down towards the falls for a front row view. Very powerful, and pools were filled and raging at this time of year. Hike back is all up hill, but not bad at all. I had the place to myself early, but passed many people coming down on my way back up.

Love love love this place!

1 month ago

Great hike. Easy. Dog friendly.

1 month ago

I hiked this with my chihuahua. She loved it, however, I had to pick her up on the catwalks. I’ve never seen so many waterfalls on one hike. I hiked this the day after Christmas and was the only car/person there. I found good sized piles of white fur on the trail. Have no idea what it was from, it was very coarse/thick...

1 month ago

Had to cut trees on road and hike 1.4 miles to trail head. The hike was amazing. The Trillium was in full bloom. Falls were amazing. An incredible date hike!

Easy out and back trail. Was surprisingly busy for a middle of the week... was spring break for some, just not Oregon. Good views. Well maintained.

Nice hike. Kids liked the falls. Good workout. Really far out while driving. You think maybe you've missed it. Keep going. Worth the drive.

Easy hike. Definitely worth seeing the bridge and falls. Plan to do again soon.

1 month ago

This trail is off the beaten path on the way to the Oregon coast, just off hwy 126 before Mapleton. With that said it still gets busy. I arrived at 9am and had the place to myself, but as I was leaving the small parking lot was filling fast. The trail is family friendly and fairly easy as you meander through older growth and ferns on a dry path. Along the way you find catwalks anchored directly into the rocks along the banks, with the river flowing just below as you walk.
With a few falls along the way and a great payoff falls at the end, this trail is worth a stop on your way to the coast.

SUPER easy hike! Got there faster than I was expecting and even got to stand at the base of the falls! Definitely one I’ll be revisiting soon!

Beautiful hike and stunning waterfall.

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