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Went hiking on a Sunday so it was pretty busy. Had to wait a few times for passing people or hurry past some people waiting. Everyone was nice so all was good. Beautiful hike and scenery. Waterfalls around every corner. Just long enough to feel like you had a good workout but not overwhelming.

Great trail and great waterfall!

2 days ago

Easy hike with a wonderful suspension bridge at the end giving you a great view of the falls.

4 days ago

The trail shown here is just the road to the trails, FYI. Drive up 3 miles and go to the Dry Lake Trailhead for lotsa trails and fun. Pretty meadows overlooking the ocean and varied terrain that was fun for sure. Will go back to do some of the other stuff for sure

Fabulous place...a bit hard to get to, but worth it.

Easy hike to do on the way to the coast, suspension bridge is the definite highlight. Just unfortunate it's soo busy. Likely won't ever do on a weekend again.

Not much to see until the suspension bridge and the Drift Creek Falls. Very easy trail to navigate. Also this trail gets heavy use, so if you're looking for solitude, this isn't the place to go. The view of the falls from the suspension bridge is spectacular.

Great hike, some spots had puddles that crossed the entire trail so make sure to wear shoes you are ok getting muddy.

The trails were easy to navigate. A little muddy this time of year but such a peaceful experience. The waterfall was roaring and was quite the beautiful view. Definitely will be doing this trail again.

Great trail. Very high traffic but it is long enough to where there are pretty good sized gaps between groups. Great for a solo hike as well. A few spots of mud and the trail gets a bit slick at the bottom.