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15 hours ago

Take the full hike. It is well worth it. Beautiful sights to behold and music for the ears to hear of water. Many roots and stones so caution must be used. I hope to do it again some day.

Have done this multiple times,

7 days ago

I love this place! Three falls! Great decline, incline so relaxing!

10 days ago

Beautiful hike!

Great hike. Very clean trail with many places to rest if needed.

Hiked on 9/9/17 with my dogs. The gate was closed, but it was possible to park along the road and walk in to the trail.

This hike is definitely not "easy", I would rate it as "moderate" ( Even William Sullivan...Oregon hiking guru rates this hike as moderate...). I hike often and found it to be steep and definitely broke a sweat! There is not a view at the top. That being said, it was just me and my dogs on the trail the entire time. the solitude was nice, with the exception that you could hear traffic and families hanging out at the river nearby at times.

The Armantrout loop is much more gradual incline than the old growth ridge summit trail. So depending on if you like a steep climb or descent, take that into consideration. Either trail could easily be made into an out and back hike rather than a loop if you prefer one option over the other.

Watch for downed trees and crumbling sections of trail. It's not bad, but it can catch you off guard if you aren't paying attention. there is a river access trail too (unfortunately people have not been kind to nature on these sections...lots of trash strewn about).

Overall a good hike. I probably won't be back but it's a good workout if your in the area. The old growth forest is beautiful.

17 days ago

Like other people mentioned, the trail map shown is the road up to the trails. The nice things were that there were lots of different trail options of varying lengths and they were mostly well marked. We did about 9 miles and the things I did not like were that the trails started near the top and I don't like starting my long hikes going down. It makes the end a little rough. Also, a bunch of the trails are super overgrown and not well maintained. It also was a lot of the same thing. The forest was pretty, but it was a lot of the same things. Overall it was a fine hike, but not one that I feel the need to go back and do again. The last thing is when I'm hiking that close to the coast, I want to actually be able to see the coast at some point and I wasn't able to because the trees were too thick.

19 days ago

Camped in the nearby developed campsite. Hiked out to the beach twice. Was incredibly peaceful. Encountered almost no people. Watched an amazing sunset in a hidden beach. Nothing like this in the city!