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Lovely running loop

I finally finished this trail and didn’t like it. It took me two hours to complete it both ways and the end of the trail is just what it looks like a parking lot. You cannot go further that point because it is only for bikers. I’ll try not to take Cay Walk next time.

we hiked this Trail on Monday November 12th Veterans Day Holiday. it was a moderate Trail. it is a little bit Rocky in spots being dry out we didn't have any problem with slipping. it was a perfect time of the year to go no poison oak no bugs and a smaller amount of people hiking. would recommend is Trail to everybody

very nice trail, meets up with catwalk and a couple others


1 month ago

First of all, Jeffrey Pine loop is only a little over a mile loop. 3.7 miles includes joining the Little Falls loop and walking it to the falls. Rocky, but very pretty. Beautiful wildflowers in the spring and nice colors in Fall. Would not advise this 3.7 mile stretch for small children. Parts of this trail are very narrow and require some careful planning. The actual 1 mile loop in the beginning is suitable for families with children.

Very intimate, only ones on the lake. Beautiful blue skies ❤️

great hike but far from medium with all the rocks on the trail makes it a lot more difficult. but it is so cool out there can only imagine how pretty it was before the forest service burned it up..

Description is misleading as there is no loop unless you return by the road the trail intersects with. Strictly forest trail, I spotted only one vista. There is a web of trails weaving across the ridges and slopes with names related to Alice in Wonderland, which added whimsy for an otherwise dull hike. Toothpick trail is short and you can connect to any of the other trails to extend your hike. Just keep track of where you are because it’s a maze up there! Most fascinating to me were the dozens of mountain bike trails criss-crossing everywhere. Sadly, the plastic tape strung between trees and many signs advertising bike routes and warnings for bikes took away from my enjoyment of the hike. The mountain bikers that passed us were very polite and conscientious.

I love this trail! Just beautiful, with lots of variability in things to see. I would say it is an easy trail. There is a pretty water feature and it is a self guided nature trail too for those who want to learn. The drive to the trail is lovely, but I imagine it would be a bit scary if another car came along in the opposite direction. Good parking area. And it is a loop trail, which makes it even better!

2 months ago

With Keith, teena and James follow trails... Keith go bathroom have pee outside for hiking lol... Look start small pay attention.... Pay attention intersection trail look.. I my phone pockets... Stop walk in My phone camera pictures... Thank you James and teena

long hike up a mountain to see a tree. Not worth it we were very disappointed the sign says 1.4 miles but was much longer..will not do it again.

This was a very nice hike, will definitely do it again! For future hikes here I’ll make sure to bring bug spray. The gnats were HORRIBLE! I’m sure the beginning of Fall when the leaves start changing colors it would be gorgeous. Agree on there not really being “waterfalls”, and more like rapids. It’s a pretty designated trail, however, about two-thirds of the trail is made up of rock. Probably wouldn’t recommend hiking it when it’s raining, would be very slippery. There is poison oak everywhere, so for the ones that aren’t sure what it looks like, I would look it up beforehand. Also, there is absolutely no cellphone service, so I downloaded the trail beforehand, but like I said before it’s a very established trail. It’s shaded mostly throughout so that’s a plus! I consider it a dog-friendly trail if they’re trained well enough to not pull you while walking. Wouldn’t bring little children, unless they’re used to hiking because the trail in narrower and steep.

Trail is closed due to recent Taylor creek fire. Trailhead unreachable. No word on when it will reopen.

3 months ago

Loved this hike! Great view the entire time! Busier in the afternoon. The falls are actually rapids but still very beautiful.

Great mtn biking trail, but beware of dogs not on leashes who cause hiker/biker conflicts. I’ve ridden this trail for decades and the riders I know are courteous to other users.

Great trail for a solid hike with the dogs! Few good swimming holes about 2 miles in!

I really liked it. We didn’t have enough time to finish it, but I’m definitely going back soon. It is really obvious that this trail is heavily used it by bikers, but we didn’t go during peak hours (6:00 pm) so we didn’t find anyone else beside us. There’s not enough space for parking and the road is really narrow (small enough for just one car) so if you miss the parking spot, it could be tricky to turn around.

I wouldn’t call this easy but it’s a nice hike and beautiful water falls.

It's not Moderately difficult. I would say it's easy. The approach driving to the trail head can be breathtaking when the grove of (birch?) trees leaves are all golden yellow.

Good little walk to do, as long as you there to do other trails. Wouldn't go just for this.

I'm not in great shape. But, I wouldn't call this "easy". Beautiful hike tho!

So, I drove 4 hours to see this majestic little piece of paridise to find....HOMELESS CAMPS! I counted 6 within a half mile from the parking area. The parking area is right on the main road, which is convenient, if you want your car broke into. There was trash everywhere, and people racing up and down the road. This is sickening.

Went on hike to b Big Tree. Good hike beautiful forest. about 2.5 miles.

4 months ago

was any amazing hike. hiked this trail all the time as a kid. took my 5 year old son and he had a blast! only down side is we heard cars were getting broke into and gas tanks getting siphoned, luckily none of the cars parked were messed up however we chose to have someone drop us off and take the car with them. other than that this is a perfect hike for families, just watch the narrow spots!

nature trips
5 months ago

Lovely hike through the 2002 Biscuit Fire burn area. Surreal white tree trunks. Some unusual wildflowers but not the Kalmiopsis, drat.

I love this hike. Two trails to pick from. The one on the parking lot side is great in the spring time full of flowers, but in summer the one on the other side of the road is best it is mostly in the shade.

Fun trail to run with some decent climbing and roller coaster twisty turny switch backs. We went on a Tuesday morning and had no trouble with the trail being crowded but I could see it being an issue with lots of bikes on the weekend. Great trail for off peak hours.

Intended on hiking this early today, when parking I saw two cars with windows smashed in, decided against it just as a heads up to everyone. I was very excited to do the hike but didn’t want to deal with that.

nature trips
5 months ago

Went in early October, beautiful scenery with mossy trees and trickling mini waterfalls. Lots of poison oak popping up so just and avoid it. Trail pretty narrow the whole way with steep drop offs to river so had to hold the 2 year old almost the entire trail. 8 year old loved it though and had no problems.

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