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Finding the trail is the greatest difficulty. Gorgeous lake and great trout fishing! Oregon at its finest!

5 days ago

Beautiful falls! Short but steep hike. Trail gets a bit washed out near the bottom but it's still worth it to crawl out closer to the water.

nice trail along the river, I'd recommend doing it in late spring

I loved this hike! Be prepared for hiking on lots of rocks, I recommend good sturdy, water resistant shoes with slip resistant soles and ankle support.

Beautiful hike!!

Steep, but worth it for the falls at the bottom.

Beautiful trail. We took our 4 year old and 11 year old and they both loved it. Use caution with small ones, we had to hold our 4 year olds hand because the drop-off was pretty steep. So many waterfalls along the way. A great early spring hike. Watch out for the poison oak, lots of it!

on Rainie Falls Trail

1 month ago

Says it's at a rating of easy kid friendly I was packing my 22 month old in a pack it was a little sketchy in places very wet muddy but a beautiful hike on a Sunday in first part of April the water flow was very impressive beautiful hike

Beautiful setting extremely easy hike

Sadly we got about 10 minutes into this trail and found it impassable due to over growth and fallen branches and we had to turn back. Could be because it's just after a rough winter. We saw some old growth trees on the drive in, but nothing really old in the short part of the hike we did do. Could be better trees further in if the path gets cleared.

I had a lovely time on this trail! Late March hike, lots of water, the waterfalls were flowing. Definitely got slippery a couple times and you need waterproof shoes for trekking in the puddles. There were many times where you must climb over rocks and have good balance, so just note that when deciding if this is right for you. River was flowing strong and the pretty green moss everywhere was so vibrant. Definitely recommend. Moderate difficulty. Enjoy!