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Husband and I stumbled upon this trail and it was fantastic can’t wait to go again!

13 days ago

This is nice, but not what I was expecting. You hike to a rapid in the river, not “falls”. Lots of rocks with no trail at times. Still better than being indoors. Hiked this in December.

Passed this one many times on the way to Oregon Trail 1106 and 1107. Was on the way there again today and decided to stop and do this one instead. Nice hike with a little up and down but pretty simple. The dogs enjoyed it with no one else around. A lot of deer and elk sign. I thought I heard an elk bugle but I don't know if it'e the right time of the year for them to be doing that or not...

20 days ago

Nice little walk along the river...but I would NOT recommend going out of your way to see.

Very hot in August! Great for biking!

So beautiful! The weather today was perfect for this hike and the views were breathtaking. Pretty easy hike with a few inclines but nothing to difficult. Narrow trails which makes passing people with a dog a little difficult but it wasn’t too busy early in the morning so it was fine. Beautiful hike, I’d definitely recommend it.

1 month ago

This trail was gorgeous! the views of the river were great and we even saw a river otter!

however, from the trail head to the falls and back was 4.9 miles and not kid friendly.

great hike with awesome views! Just lots of rocks and steep drop offs..leave the kids behind for this one!

Definitely the busiest of the Ashland Watershed trails that I've hiked, and by busy I mean the most people I've ever run into is probably 10. I have to agree with Deborah Dols in that heading out on Lamb Mine is awesome and beautiful and pretty untrafficked. Check it out!

Amazing hike today. Rained making it a little slick in spots but still beautiful. Recommend this hike.

2 months ago

I love this trail. It's beautiful, just the right amount of different exertions and it's out where there is no cell service. there's little swimming holes along the way and fishing spots as well. I love being able to get out and away from the craziness of town. there's a second trail opposite side of the river that's a bit easier, more for taking the kiddos on. it's a beautiful hike all year long.

Favorite hike so far in proximity to Medford. Beautiful views and no road noise so you can enjoy the nature in its entirety. Lots of little waterfalls on the way. And views of the river bending back and forth with trees in the background. Mostly shaded if coming from the south trailhead. It is pretty rocky and narrow like everyone else said. Kinda scary since I’m afraid of heights and the rocks are mostly damp, although not super slick. I’m surprised little kids go on this hike.

2 months ago

Great trail. Just a bit muddy in the winter months but very beautiful.

Beautiful! all the way!

took my two year old. it was a fun hike but definitely not more than 2 miles.

I would do this hike again but with no kids. The pictures didn’t do justice on how close you come to the edge of a drop off. We didn’t finish the hike due to how dangerous it became for the kids. ( we brought 5 kids under the age of 6. ) let’s just say I was completely uptight and uneasy the whole time. However if you are going with a young teen or adult it’s perfect. Very beautiful


Went in January 2017. Don't think it sees much action, but its a nice quiet looped trail for the dog and I.

It was an awesome adventure. the snow made driving to the lake a challenge. I drove my all wheel drive Subaru, and 3 of my friends through 8 miles of untracked snow. we had to stop 1 mile before the lake the snow had gotten to deep, and the slope of the road kept pulling my car to the edge. after a fairly easy mile hike, we got to the lake where we were greeted by amazing views of the mountains above and the snow covered trees. however that was not the highlight of the trip. the lake was frozen! the trail to the lookout had to deep of snow for us, and we did not bring any snow shoes. So instead we walked across the frozen lake and watched the sunset over the cloudy snow covered peaks. --overall extremely beautiful, and fun hike. HOWEVER I would not go alone. be safe and be smart.

Awesome day for this beautiful hike. Not a lot of traffic. Would love to do again and take the PCT to Mt Ashland.

Mostly Shaded all year round. Some people are expecting the word Falls to live up to its name. There is no Water fall at the end if this hike. it is more like a Gorge, especially when water levels are high. It is neat to watch rafters navigate through as well as Large Salmon Jumping. Young kids should be watched closely on some sections where the trail narrows and edge is steep. This is a great day hike.

4 months ago

This is definitely a moderate trail. Lots of rock formations to go over and through. Some water to walk through at times, but easy enough to get through. Beautiful views and the waterfall was breathtaking! Worth the strenuous hike at times.

Such an interesting landscape. Short hike, but lots to look at and listen to. Took a few tries to find it, now can't stay away.

Beautiful day to be outside! The trail is well maintained and absolutely gorgeous!

Great trail!

Beautiful fall views.

6 months ago

Nice river trail, fairly rugged and rocky trail surface
Cool view of Grave creek/Rogue confluence from the bridge at trailhead

6 months ago

Beautiful hike. Opposite of most because to get to the falls you are climbing down and to get back to the trail head you climb up. It is steep, I found myself struggling a bit at the end as I was climbing uphill. The views were definitely worth it though! Great waterfall and if you are feeling more adventurous you can wander to the second or even third tier of the falls. Its a difficult climb to get to the very top, so if it is rainy/wet or you are just not super confident I would stick with the first or second tier. I did this hike with friends and our combined 3 dogs (2 shiatsu's and a Siberian husky) and they all handled it like a champ.

on Elk Creek Falls Trail

6 months ago

Short and sweet hike! This was one of our stops along the way to the hanging rock hike. The forest is beautiful and you get to the waterfall in no time on this one. It's quite easy to go off the beaten path at the end to explore the waterfall closer too.

6 months ago

Beautiful day and beautiful trail. Lots of hikers out with dogs. The falls are beautiful but you need to stand in the right spot to see the salmon.

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