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Been here many times. This was the most water I've ever seen here. Beautiful!!! We crossed lots of little waterfalls. It was not a good trail for the physically compromised though. One of my favorite hikes.

Are Jeffery Pine Loop and Little Falls Trail combined in your mileage tabulation? I either lost Jeffery trail or they are combined. Confusing.

10 days ago

Not a bad little trail.

This is not a good trail for running, as there is quite a lot of exposed rock with significant uneven surfaces in parts. I tried running this trail, but ended up spraining my ankle on one of the more challenging parts of the trail. And on the way out, I came across an older hiker who had sprained his knee quite badly. There is lots of exposed rock on the trail, with precarious footing and slippery surfaces in some spots--in March, at least. This might not be a problem later in the year, when it is warmer.

When coming to the "falls" I actually ended up walking past the "falls" because they really are just a few white water rapids. I was expecting falls of some sort, and hiked past the rapids until I started losing the trail, and subsequently looked at my GPS and saw that I had hiked beyond the 2.0 mile distance of the hike. I suppose the "falls" are better in the late summer or fall, with lower flows down the Rogue.

Otherwise, a good 4 mile out and back with some nice views of the river!

Very nice hike and great scenery

lookout is great!

Amazing views from the summit

My favorite hike I have to say is down to Rainie Falls. I go annually twice a year. It is beautiful hike and it always clears my mind. Its my sanctuary!

Went after a heavy rainfall in December and the falls were a raging, thunderous torrent. Very impressive.

such a beautiful place

3 months ago

Well-maintained trail.

Beautiful hike! I really loved it. I am not a regular hiker and didn't have any problems doing it. I have smaller kids and wouldn't take them on it.

great views! use a truck to get up there. mid way the road has a spot that is slick and there is a drop off.

4 months ago

Beautiful hike! It's definitely a rapids, not quite a falls, but the small falls all along the way!

I definitely think the South Side was better just looking at the other side of the river; my dad definitely struggled a bit on the rocky terrain but nothing he couldn't handle, he just took it slow. We saw a group of about 75 8 year-old's on the trail! Lots of people rafting as well and beautiful fall colors.

4 months ago

park is closed and appears that the trails are no longer maintained. the big pine is still standing but is dead. It is Beautiful.

Fun trail but be careful it forks of at very beginning of trail and only a tiny handmade sign pointing the right way.