Trail is not well maintained as it is dirty and trees and bushes are overgrown. Good shade for a sunny and hot day though. Trail is paved so it is a super easy hike.

Great for the little ones! Mostly shaded so it won't get too warm for them or annoying with sun in their eyes. Walk goes quickly with a walk-through half way through the loop so if you need to cut the walk short you can, otherwise loop around again for a peaceful pretty stroll!

This is a beautiful, EASY trail. there's nothing moderate about it. it figure 8's a few times and you can definitwly make it into a longer walk if you want.

This is labeled as moderate, but it's definitely easy. It's located off the parking lot of scappoose bay marina. As of now (early 2017) it's still a lovely paved trail, handicap accessible. Lovely river views greet you near the bottom of the trail. As far as parking goes, yes there is technically a charge because the lot is used mainly by boaters and they pay to park their trucks and trailers. near the restroom there is a guest parking spot. never seen a ticket given

The parking now costs $3.

It's a fairly modest walk but is completely wheelchair accessible with new-looking pavement (as of Jan '14) and benches along the way. It seems perfect if you want a nature walk for the elderly or someone with special needs.

It's called an interpretive walk but is pretty light on interpretation. We found a single ammo box with a laminated card inside.

Dogs are allowed on leash. Clean, plumbed bathrooms.

There is a nice six-table group picnic shelter with huge a fire pit inside. (reservations needed) I could imagine having a family reunion with some people doing water sports and the less adventurous taking the walk.

I visited this nature trail with my son during an Earth Day cleanup event sponsored by SOLVe Oregon. We had a great time clearing out the saw grass that had overgrown many of the planting beds along the trail. As a hike, I found it to be too short to properly wear out my energetic Cub Scout, but we will back for more conservation work if any is scheduled.