Easy trail with a great payoff! On a clear day, the views of Helens are amazing.

Love this place! Nice easy walk that is usually lightly traveled in the “off” months. Great beach at the end for the dogs to play on!

Family friendly, trails are clear, not too busy (we went on Labor Day). Kids will bring swimsuits for the beach area by the lighthouse next time. Didn't know about having a parking permit, hope I didn't get a ticket. I'll probably go back soon with a small group of friends for a nice trail run, great distance!

This is an easy hike except where the trail is overgrown and pushing through the thicket is necessary. Which is fun in its own right. No water covering the trail anymore. Just watch out for blackberry branches that can jump out and scratch you.

Great trail, with a great finish at the lighthouse.just make sure to bring your allergy medicine

Trail still flooded about 1 mile in. The water has gone down from about 3 weeks ago.

Nice hike but currently has several sections of trail underwater. Hikers can make it through, but you have to be willing to wade thru up to 1 1/2' of water. Will post pics.

It is completely flooded over about 1 mile in.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

This trail is not accessible year round. It is only accessible until October

Nice walk with the dog!

An easy flat hike, especially for kids. Great beach cove to picnic and wade in the river at the lighthouse. Make sure to get a parking permit at the store at the bottom of the bridge. You will get a ticket!

Awesome trail

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Superb - bring a camera. Trail well marked - not to be confused with Warrior Lighthouse Hike.

way toooo many skeeters yikes!!! but good other then that

Gorgeous day with cool breezes along the Columbia. saw bald eagles, kingfisher, deer and a half dozen osprey nests with chicks.

Make sure you pack mosquito repellant. A lot of people on the trail. it's worth it for the end view.

Monday, June 27, 2016

relaxed hike, pretty place to be when the sun sets.

It's long and hot but a beautiful beach at the end and beach walk in the beginning . Lots of birds we even saw seals in the water

Monday, June 06, 2016

Another beautiful easy loop out at Sauvies Island. Lots of cows but also lots of ticks dog lovers. But I saw eagles, herons, frogs, pheasants, bunnies amazing 31st walk

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Oak Island trail feels way more remote than it actually is, which is a good thing.

Located towards the middle of Sauvie Island, the loop trail offers fine view of nearby hills and the ever-calm Sturgeon Lake.

The trailhead is easy enough to get to, though there is little signage until you arrive. Note that a $7 parking permit is required, which can be purchased at the store near when you first cross on to Sauvie.

While the area is beautiful and the nature has that wild feel, the trail itself is not maintained well. It is essentially a vehicle track overgrown with grass and weeds. The grassland to the immediate west of the trail was being used as a grazing ground for local cows.

At one point, the trail continues past a barbed-wire fence. To continue you must pass through the nearby gate. Easy enough, but without any signage whatsoever, those who aren't feeling adventurous may be pressured to turn back.

That would be a shame, however, because the best part of the loop is immediately after said gate. The trail continues into a quaint ash tree forest. Past this are gorgeous clearings framed by wild thickets of underbrush and trees. This combined with the nearby Sturgeon Lake creates some refreshing and varied scenery as you're trudging through the primitive trail southward.

Close to the end the even more primitive Sauvie Island trail begins. Due to the overgrown nature of the environs, I'd recommend against trying to find it unless the weather is agreeable (it was pretty rainy during my trek).

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