This is a short, relaxing, very dog friendly hike. There are a couple great views of the delta but it gets pretty muddy and there isn't a section where you can actually walk along the river(s). There are also a lot of off leash dogs.

Great place to take my dog to hike :) Lots if friendly people too! Would recommend

Such a wide open space for dogs to be off leash and explore. A place that, no matter how many parking spots are filled, it's easy to separate from the crowd once you get going. It's mainly flat hikes, but beautiful none the less. It has river access if your fury buddy wants to swim too. In the Fall/Winter it gets muddy, but no one should complain.

lost my virginity in this area,.someone help me find it.

meh. kind of an evergreen waterfall guy.

Love this place. Beautiful area with open fields, zig zagging foot paths. Basically, it's the place dogs dream about.

One of the favorite in-town hikes for myself and the pups... miles of intertwined trails on 1400 acres with access to both the Sandy and Columbia Rivers. Trails are signed, but with no directions back to parking lot - keep tracking back towards the freeway (south - and west if you're out on the east end) and you'll get there. Find the Boundary Trail). Dogs off leash in majority of park (watch the signage - Rangers do ticket if you don't snap the leash back on when on the Boundary Trail). Friendly park - most humans are good about knowing if their dogs are appropriate off-leash, have only had one difficulty in 50+ trips (which was actually with one of three leashed dogs that the handler didn't have handled). Very busy park all seasons, so if you're looking for solitude, you will find it only in moments - parking lot always full in summer and you may need to park outside gate on the access road. Bring a container in blackberry season!

Really liked this place. Dogs are allowed off leash and there's a nice sandy area near the water with plenty of room to play/picnic with the family and pets. This is also a good place for some trail running. Only problem is there's a ton of trails to take with only a couple of posted trail direction signs, so make sure you know what direction you're going in.

Bad place to hike! Maybe ok to take your dog out for a stroll but that's it. Signing is really bad so it's very easy to get lost. I wandered for about 30 minutes, no clue as to where I was going. Finally saw someone but she was lost as well. Eventually made it back to the parking lot.

A little hike in to the water (gravel path most the time). I liked that there was space on the beach to let my dog play off leash on the beach. Everyone is so nice.

3 months ago

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