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This corridor is a 12 mile, forested linear park with a rugged, steep coastline interrupted by small sand beaches. This park was named in honor of Samuel H. Boardman, the first Oregon Parks superintendent. He and others of his generation felt this shining green emerald coastline should be saved for the public. What gems they gave us: admire the 300-year old sitka spruce trees, gaze at the amazing Arch Rock and Natural Bridges, and walk the 27 miles of Oregon Coast Trail that weave through giant forests. Seaside prairies, spectacular vistas, secluded cove beaches, rugged cliffs and forested sea stacks come one after the other at this park. Visit old mining sites. Stand and ponder the old shell middens and wonder what it was like to live in a native American village by the Pacific Ocean.

I tried to follow the red trail that is provided, and I got lost on the way back. I could have just done it wrong, but the trail isn't well marked. That being said, its an amazing trail. One of the more natural ones I've been on. It's pretty narrow, so I'd recommend wearing pants and closed toe shoes to protect your legs. I wore shorts and Chacos and was fine, but it could make it more enjoyable for those who like more protection. I also recommend venturing out on rocks. It's gorgeous and the rock is sturdy. Take side trails and really explore the area. It's GORGEOUS!

Best time to go is at low tide. I have been there at low and high tide. Both worth seeing. Low is the best experience to go exploring all the nooks and crannies mother nature has created for us to take care of and enjoy. Secret Beach has stolen my heart.

Beautiful it's just so much to take in... it's immense!

Loved this hike! We hiked on a weekday and had the beach to ourselves for an hour. Be sure to go at low tide for the best experience. Steep going back up the trail but worth it! Probably the most beautiful spot I've seen on the Oregon coast, and that's saying A LOT! We also had a cute sea lion swim up and check us out as we were standing on the cliffs above. Such a great experience! Do not miss this if you are on the Southern coast!

Mellow hike with a big payoff!

Beautiful mossy forrest with peekaboo coast look out points. Has a hard time finding the path for the second loop bc my battery died and trails were well marked. Quick on the way back too.

nice ride!!!

Super chill and fun!!

This often bypassed gem is one of Southern Oregon's finest state parks, esp. the cove. South of the cove, you can beat back the bushes (unless they've been cut) and find headlands where you can sit and have lunch or just enjoy the spectacular view. I've hiked this park many times of 40 years.

2 months ago

This hike made me want to go bake to previous 4 stars and demote them to 3s, it was that much better! It's a short loop but has lots of opportunity to veer off side paths and additional viewpoints as well as good spots to play in the sand with kids for a while. I would definitely come back to this trail and allow more time and bring lunch to hang a while.

3 months ago

Easy hike with a breathtaking view.

F'n majestic!

6 months ago

Very unexpected find.....a beach that starts in the woods and yes, small shells in the forest. Just a few. Interesting little easy hike. I've done it several time but the last time was in August.