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Arrived around 1100 Sunday 6/17 and parked at ski-bowl and walked about .5mi to trailhead. Took our group between 1:45-2:10 to hit summit from trailhead. Down took 20min less including walk to ski-bowl. Not sure if they changed path, because two different trackers registered about 3.6mi up, so this is closer to 7mi than 6mi. Postage was pretty clear. Gorgeous terrain and mostly a bidirectional pathway. There’s a strip where it narrows after some rocks where passing has to be deliberate. There was a lot of rain the day before but you couldn’t really tell on the trail. Mirror Lake loop looks cool, I’ll have to do that next time. We were on a schedule so we went straight up the mountain. It was a moderate hike and the payout is totally worth it. On a reasonably clear day, you can easily see Mt Hood, Mt Adams, and Mt St Helens. Trailhead Ambassador said we could follow the ridge line back towards ski-bowl and either hike down or take lift. I’ll try that one date and update you all. Good path for friendly dogs; if your dog’s scared of dogs/people like mine, leave em at home. This is well trafficked. Ski-bowl Peking is free -lots of adventure things to do there too. Parks dept is in process of moving trailhead parking closer to ski-bowl -so be mindful of parking recommendations in older reviews. Saw folks of all ages; it isn’t difficult so pace yourself and you’ll hit the top!

7 days ago

Got to the trailhead by 8am. The weather was foggy and cold, the trail was we at times but a well maintained trail. Got to the summit just shy of 2 hours, the summit was covered in for but after waiting about 30 minutes, the fog gave way and we were able to see beautiful Mt. Hood.

Yes the trail goes up. My son (12) and I did this yesterday in hopes of staying at the look out for the night. My pack was to heavy in part because I packed water not sure if there was a source up there. There is and a very good source. SO NO NEED TO PACK IN WATER other than what you need on the trail. The look out was kinda like a woodshed or attic ... w everything broken and beyond worn out. It was occupied when we arrived so we eventually decided to head back down , it was fogged in at summit anyway.

Nice forest views / limited vistas / many many trees down on hunchback section, tiring and challenging climbing over the log field.

7 days ago

We hiked to the upper lake on a Thursday evening. Passed 2 groups and there was a group camped at the lower lake. There are a couple established fire-rings with nice flat cleared spots for tents on the south shore a couple more on the north east side of the upper lake. Being mid-June the forecast was for 45 overnight, no bugs, and no other campers. Our 5 kids hiked this and the youngest turns 7 tomorrow. they all carried a pack with at least their own water and sleeping bag with no trouble. However, there really isnt much for young kids on this loop unless you let them climb some of the many dead-falls. Ours like to go bouldering on rock-piles or hike out to waterfalls, neither are featured on this loop. That said, the lakes are gorgeous and crystal clear and the camping was awesome.

Hiked June 5 on a sunny day...glad we got there early...the lot was packed when we got back. Views of Hood, St Helens, Adams and Jefferson....it doesn’t get any better than this!

View is amazing and the hike is fun.

16 days ago

Was a very beautiful hike. The lakes are blue and clear. I did the loop down to Frog Lake and into a large campsite leading back to the parking area. I came early in the morning and the parking lot hardly had cars in it. It was almost comically large. However when I was leaving it was entirely full of people who looked like they were on day hikes or backpacking in.

It wasn't the most remote hike I have been on, but it was pretty.

17 days ago

Beautiful, classic hike. Make sure to bring extra layers in Spring and Fall, the wind at the top can make it chilly.

This is a great hike! The view at the top is amazing, and Mirror Lake is stunning as well!

Beautiful easy trail. Right along the river, gorgeous forest.

Great scenery at the top!

Really hard to find a better view!

Great view at the top!! On a clear day you’ll see Mt Rainer, Saint Helens, Adams, Jefferson and of course Hood.

If the lot is full you can use Ski Bowl about a half mile up the road.

Lovely hike. No more snow, trail is all clear. This is a popular hike so get there early if possible.
This hike starts at the mirror lake trailhead but if parking is full (very likely) drive a little further past milepost 52 and there is additional parking on the side of the road (on your right if going east on US 26) just before the signage to Skibowl. About a 5 minute walk back to trailhead, but better than waiting. If parking at trailhead, you’ll need a pass

On 5/27/18 no snow. It was a training hike for me. Took us 5 1/2 hrs with some breaks. Good hike with wide, shaded trail that was easy to follow. The hike is a combination of the Boulder Ridge Trail (783a) and seamlessly transitions to the Plaza Trail (783) without any marker to the top. It has long parts along or just underneath the ridge. Great views with lots of open space at the top. Was a very comfortable hike for a hiker with height issues.

Tough hike but worth it. Once at the top, I enjoyed the best views I've seen yet. I will be back again and again.

make it to the top, unreal views if you get a good day. you’re able to see five peaks! moderate up, easy down.

Nice misty day no snow beautiful forest lots of trees down for fun obstacles, will do it again!

Incredible views of Mt. Hood. I’m so glad we did this hike today (5/22/18). The sky was so clear. We did not have any issues with snow. All melted.

Awesome hike! Bit crowded and the small parking lot fills up quick on the weekends.
Mirror lake is a refreshing stop before a little incline! The view is crazy good, especially on a clear day. We saw 6 peaks!
As of Sunday 5/13/18 the last mile was still a bit slushy with snow. A little slippery at times but very do able.

This is my favorite view I’ve found around Mt Hood. Offers a beautiful lake and lush alpine forest. Then a steady climb for a great 360 degree view. Complete with five snow peak mountains. Really really nice! Snow was passable and not too slippery. Wait two weeks and it will be gone.

The hike was beautiful but we couldn't do the last mile because there was too much snow the higher up we were. We got to a narrow partof the trail that was covered in snow and had a 1,000+ foot drop off the side and it was too much for me! Will definitely come back and finish this summer!

Very nice old growth trail! Definitely what I think of when I think Pacific Northwest. However as an out of stater that just wanted to go for a walk, the Oregon State Park parking system is confusing. You drive all the way to the trailhead to find out it’s a pay area but no way to pay and little or no cell service. And I couldn’t find a day parking box or anything. I’d gladly pay to help support the parks but you are supposed to squire a Pass before arriving... Oregonians may already know this but the rest of us don’t.

Wonderful hike through an old growth forest. Bio-diversity was astounding. Adjacent to the Salmon.River so took lots of pictures

1 month ago

Great overnight journey. We did this loop counter clockwise. Didn’t find a good access point for Kinzel Lake. Trail from Kinzel Lake to Green Canyon trail was mostly still snow covered. Excited to do this again later in the season. Hunchback trail could use some maintenance; blow downs.

Snowshoes were needed for the top hour or so (but didn't need microspikes). Knee- to thigh-deep snow; definitely wish I had at least brought the gaiters. Great views and beautiful forest.

Easy, beginner hike but you’ve got to start somewhere.

2 months ago

This was a fantastic hike with our kids!!!! The river is gorgeous and the forest is so peaceful.

Great trail. We only went up to the first lookout point on the ridge looking down to the river. We’re looking forward to doing it again and going through the entire loop. VERY heavy traffic with lots of people and dogs, so don’t expect to be on your own. Overall very fun.

3 months ago

Pretty trail. A lot of people. A lot of unleashed dogs. Be prepared to do some ankle deep wading.

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