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The trail up to mirror lake is pretty easy going with plenty of switchbacks that the steep sections so great for families with kids! The lake itself is picturesque and makes the perfect place to stop for a snack or to just enjoy the scenery. After the lake it get a bit harder and most people don't seem to bring younger children any further but dogs still seem to do fine. The last leg past the sharp turn up tot he top is also fairly flat. Lots of people stop at the lake (which still makes for a good hike!) but the peak of Tom Dick and Harry offers one of the best and unobstructed views of Mt. Hood. Looking down on the small Mirror Lake you can really appreciate how fast you gained elevation! The peak itself is mostly rocks, with lots of flat rocks that are great for sitting and enjoying the view. It is also a great spot for some mountain top yoga! I personally prefer this trail during the summer, but it is stunning in the winter if you can access the trail head still!

Beautiful trail, not too hard. A little bit more snow than was expecting, which made it a little challenging in places. once at the top (breathing taking views)it was well worth trekking through the snow!!!

One of my favorite trails, second only to Salmon River Trail which is only a short hike away.

Expect to see a lush old-growth forest with massive Douglas-firs (living, snags, and fallen), big leaf maples, black cottonwoods, western redcedars, reaching rhododendrons, and lots and lots of moss.

It's an all-season hike for those who enjoy winter weather, and I can't overstate how beautiful it is when covered with snow.

Since Old Salmon River Trail is a short trail, and if you enjoy longer hikes, I recommend coupling it with Salmon River Trail.

Parked at the third trailhead to make for a faster hike-- beautiful and a few sketchy spots with the snow. Road started to get a bit harder to pass as you approached the regular Salmon River trail.

Big trees and fall colors make this worthwhile but it's a really short trail. Will need to pair it with something else next time.

Easy hike and absolutely stunning views. I made it about 2/3 of the way and had to turn around due to a rushing river and a large, afraid dog. Will definitely go back when there's less snowmelt. Heard it's a fun place for a shallow dip in the water.

2 months ago

Nice hike a great elevation to get your heart rate up. bring water or a filter. you need it! I started from Lost Lake. Nice views from top. Berries YUM!

Until Mirror Lake there is not much snow on the trail, but after that, there is so much snow on the trail, but it is still amazing and so much fun.

My husband and I moved to Oregon from Chicago back in March 2016. We are not avid hikers by any means and the Mirror Lake Loop was recommended to us by a co-worker. Once we completed that we continued on to the Tom Dick and Harry Mountain Trail and I am so happy we did! The surprise factor of the view gave me goosebumps! We went in July and it was a totally clear day. Some portions of the trail were a little freaky (again not an experienced hiker) with some rocky edges and narrow paths, but TOTALLY worth it. Definitely want to venture out more often!!

Very accessible hike. We went in late November. Lots of snow, but no need for snowshoes. Incredibly beautiful.

4 months ago

Easy and enjoyable :) a bit slippery now that it's almost December, and definitely some big chunks of snow/ice falling out of the trees that I had to watch out for.

The first 3.3 miles are hell definitely worth it though

4 months ago