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I’m not gonna lie; the trip out is pretty exhausting- 5 miles of constant uphill, a lot of it quite steep. The hike back downhill was no picnic either- make sure you leave yourself enough daylight! The trail is beautiful and very isolated and quiet, and the views of Mt Hood as you climb up are amazing.

This was my first snowshoeing trip ever, and my first time on this trail. The hardest part for me was the added mile from parking to trail head especially on our way back. The trail itself is moderately challenging lots of climbing with a couple areas that are flat. The summit was steep and a little scary on the way down as there was ice and just a very light layer of snow. Unfortunately it was cloudy and windy at the top and we didn’t experience the beautiful views we were hoping for. Next time I’ll do this one on a clear day. Hiked 1/20/2018

Pack the jetboil and sunrise hike!!! Dope!

I love this trail - all seasons.
The trail today was mostly snow free up to Mirror Lake, but after that it gets snowy (with the exception of a couple patches). It is definitely doable without snowshoes or microspikes, but I was grateful for my microspikes. Gets a little confusing up top to follow the trail, but just keep an eye on boot prints.

Beautiful day! Be prepared to walk from the SkiBowl parking lot which adds another mile each way. Not much snow to Mirror Lake today, but all snow past the lake to the top of Tom, Dick, and Harry trail. Clamp-ons would be handy, but totally doable with hiking boots. Be prepared for 2' snow at the top.

The hike itself is five stars but a star was deducted because you can’t park at the entrance to the hike right now. It’s a little bogus to have to walk nearly a mile on highway 26 when there isn’t snow in the forecast and plenty of space to park. That’s literally the only option unless you want to disregard 14 giant “your car will be towed” and “no parking “ signs.
This weekend, snowshoes weren’t necessary, the trail was fairly packed all the way up but spikes may have made it a little easier. No view today, we were stuck in a cloud but since lots of tourists were scared of the no parking signs, we had the mtn all to ourselves. Will go back in the spring when parking at Ski Bowl doesn’t add an annoying mile and a half of highway shoulder hiking.

It started snowing today, so I was happy to have snowshoes beyond Mirror Lake. I was the first to the top today, so the trail had been covered by last night’s snowfall. If this happens to you, just remember to take a sharp left at the cairn. Enjoy!

Gorgeous mossy trees with an easy trail along the river.

1 month ago

Great hike, beautiful views. Take micro spikes or crampons if you have them. Some areas were slippery along the ledges with the snow and ice.

Beautiful views of the lake. Great for snow shoeing in the winter

Gorgeous old growth trees dripping with green moss and the river is so green! Amazing beauty. I give 5 stars to the first couple miles that is closer to Welches. The section that is past Green Canyon trail doesn’t have as much old growth but does have picnic tables scattered near the campground. It’s also super confusing that 2 trails have such similar names! Old Salmon River trail is #724 and the Salmon River trail is #724A. At one point they are literally right across the road from each other. Confusing when you are trying to rendezvous with someone.

Great easy hike! Beautiful this time of year.

beautiful. went with spikes and had zero issues today. trail had ice/snow mix on trail. it's a moderate hike for a moderate hiker.

What an awesome way to begin the year!! Definitely an ass kicker but the gorgeous view at the top was so worth it! Got to see Mt St. Helens, Rainier, Hood, Butte & Zigzag. Most people were in spikes or snow shoes due to the snow levels already up there.

What a great hike! We got lucky and had a view of all the peaks from the top, St. Helens, Rainer, Butte, & Zig Zag! Nice moderate hike but definitely bring your snow shoes or ice spikes this time of year. We’ll be headed back in the summer to do it again!!

1 month ago

Flat and easy, but feels really remote. Salmon River was raging today! 12/30/17. A few parts had some small flooding, but it’s passable if you don’t mind getting wet. Old growth forest with an ethereal feel; lots of moss. Only a few other hikers/runners out there today.

Hiked 12/12/17-12/13/17 to view the Geminid Meteor Shower. It was a snowy trail most of the way after the lake. Between 6-12”. Trail was totally packed down snowshoe width. In these conditions I prefer using the micro spikes. You could tell it hasn’t snowed up there in a while. It was a great solo experience. Having had to park at Ski Bowl West was the only issue. I’m still unclear why the trailhead lot is closed on what seems one of the easiest most accessed trails on the mountain. But whatever.

Amazing hike! Beginning of the trail head was disappointing. Garbage cans over filled and scattered on the ground. Port a potty over flowing with trash and feces.

Perfect day today!

Don’t leave your valuables visible in your car. I came back from this beautiful hike to a smashed window and a cleared out car.

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