Two and a half miles. That's all it is from the parking lot (elev. 1,650') to the summit of Saddle Mountain (elev. 3,283'). Be prepared to marvel at the sheer volume of natural beauty packed onto the mountain, from a mature forest setting to fields of wildflowers to an open rocky summit. The view from the top of the mountain is one that cannot be described ... it must be experienced. The trip to the top isn't an everyday stroll through the woods, though. Come prepared with water and layer your clothing. The temperature is very different at the summit than in the parking lot. Wear appropriate shoes for rough terrain and be prepared for some steep grades, which make for interesting climbing. A nice walking stick and friend's hand would be helpful in many areas. As you climb, though, remember to look up and out at the landscape before you. Also look down at the wild floral show that may only exist at that elevation. Take frequent breaks and enjoy this unique landscape as well as the beauty of the forest below you. .

One of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes I've ever done! Stunning views and landscape from start to finish. Didn't find it that challenging - good, moderate workout. Will definitely be returning again and again! Highly recommend to anyone who is in good shape, and wants a relatively short hike with absolutely stunning scenery and breathtaking views.

Gorgeous trail, but I wouldn't consider it a moderate trail.

absolutely exhausting, but we'll worth it!

In no way is this a moderate hike. Consider this a difficult climb.

10 days ago

Varied terrain, unexpected turns and a hard incline to the summit made for a fun hike. There was a heavy marine layer/clouds and it drizzled most of the time, therefore, no ocean or mountain views. The landscape was eerie but an awesome hike. Still beautiful!

Best hike I have took in Oregon so far. Got to the trailhead at 7am and had the hike to myself on a Sunday.

One of my favorite hikes. Leads you through a forest with ample amount of massive trees. Hike was mild until the last .25 ish miles where it led us downhill, walking on a grate due to loose rock, and then up a very, very steep hill to the summit.

Absolutely worth the huffing and puffing at the end. Could see youngs bay, the coast, the mouth of the Columbia river, and much more. Great spot! At the top there is a cute path to the right to walk down. Nice shaded area to put a hammock and relax before heading back down/up then down again.