Two and a half miles. That's all it is from the parking lot (elev. 1,650') to the summit of Saddle Mountain (elev. 3,283'). Be prepared to marvel at the sheer volume of natural beauty packed onto the mountain, from a mature forest setting to fields of wildflowers to an open rocky summit. The view from the top of the mountain is one that cannot be described ... it must be experienced. The trip to the top isn't an everyday stroll through the woods, though. Come prepared with water and layer your clothing. The temperature is very different at the summit than in the parking lot. Wear appropriate shoes for rough terrain and be prepared for some steep grades, which make for interesting climbing. A nice walking stick and friend's hand would be helpful in many areas. As you climb, though, remember to look up and out at the landscape before you. Also look down at the wild floral show that may only exist at that elevation. Take frequent breaks and enjoy this unique landscape as well as the beauty of the forest below you. .

6 days ago

We planned to hike Saddle Mountain last weekend, but the report about knee-deep snow made us reschedule. We hiked Sunday, March 11. Arrived at trailhead around 9:00 am. Parking wasn’t an issue at that time. The first mile is snow-free, but there’s still a considerable amount of snow on the trail once you pass the first rocky lookout. The snow was slushy and very slippery in places. I was thankful to have my microspikes. Unless you are very surefooted, I felt microspikes were necessary. I saw several people take a few spills. Just read on the news this morning that the Coast Guard had to rescue someone who slipped on the snow last night. As we were coming down, a lot of people headed up did not look prepared for the snow they would encounter. Be safe out there! Overall, it was a great day though, with clear views of all the peaks. We finished just as the trail was starting to get very crowded, so if you plan to head out in the next few days, be prepared for the snow and try to arrive early.

Great hike with great views. Climbed March 4th with no special snow gear. The few feet of snow on the top third of the hike was hard and easily walked on. One of my favorite hikes during my stay in the PNW.

14 days ago

Did this hike Sunday March 4, starting 7:30am to about 11:30am with stopping and the additional viewpoint of .2 mile around .3 miles from the start of the trail. The Snow was packed and this hike was lush and really breathtaking views along the way. I highly recommend starting after sunrise because the visibility is the best early on. Around 10am the clouds came in with fog!

by far the best and most rewarding hike I've done. It's difficult at times but mostly pretty steady and the views along the way are stunning and make amazing pictures.

15 days ago

Headed up the trail at 10am today. There are lots of snow still and we actually had to turn around about mile 1.5. We weren't prepared for snow and it got above knee deep at a couple of spots. We did run into another pair coming up and they looked more prepared than us so I'm curious how it went for them and their dog. We look forward to going back when the snow and clouds clear a bit. We did encounter some major pot-holes on the road leading up to the parking lot where the trailhead was at. There are some flags to warn you but it didn't help much.

Gorgeous and easy to get to. Pretty tough at the end but totally worth it.

About 37F and driving rain when we left the car.

The middle section was more or less a stream running down and in some parts across the trail.

Once we got out of the trees we were in our own world of white, very limited visibility and howling wind blowing snow and ice pellets.

We got within a a hundred yards or so of the summit (I'm estimating) but this is one of the few hikes I've ever chickened out of completing because of weather conditions being too poor. The wind was so strong that it just didn't feel safe continuing.

The view is worth it, absolutely beautiful. Our corgi made the climb, but there are a lot of sections that use wire on the ground to keep the trail together. Took us about an hour and twenty up, fifty down. From the top we could see Mt. Ranier, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mount St. Helens and the ocean.

1 1/2 hours from Portland and completely worth the trip. Incredible views on the way up and from the top. Wire webbing helps hold the gravel in place in the steeper parts..
The trail is free of snow with a little frost next to the trail at the higher elevations. There is some runoff that runs down a couple sections.

1 month ago

Awesome hike, possibly the best one I’ve done so far. The views are phenomenal, looking forward to doing it again this summer when there’s no snow and it’s a little warmer on the peak.

1 month ago

This is an awesome, quick hike. Incredible view of the Pacific, all the way up to Astoria. Footing can be tricky near the end of the trail, and don't underestimate the conditions up top.... you might be fine hiking in a base or mid layer, but the down jacket and a shell will come in handy if you're planning on spending any time on the summit.

Hiked yesterday, beautiful 360 views. Pacific to Cascade range. Definitely worth the steep climb on a clear day.

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Hiked saddle mountain during a rainstorm. I was the only person on the trail, and began to hike around 8:30am. This was an absolutely amazing hike, however had to turn back around after I passed the tree line due to inclement weather. Winds gusted around 35mph and rain poured as I hit the beginning of the summit. I will be back again to conquer this mountain! Moderate difficulty, much harder in stormy conditions.

2 months ago

2nd time going and it's become one of my favorites!! It gets challenging at the last 1/2 mile but it's so worth the view.

2 months ago

Great hike, not too bad of a climb until the end- I was struggling for the last 3/4 mile! (too many christmas cookies....) The trail was completely clear of ice and snow. We went on a clear day and could see mountains and the ocean

Fantastic view. A steady challenge, especially this time of year. Watch out for ice and bring lots of water!

Beautiful! Pretty difficult on the upper trail, especially today (so much ice, very hard to do with our dog). We made it to the top and it was breathtaking, most likely will reserve this trip for spring/summer time for now on though. Love how vacant the trail was this time of year however.

Completed on 12/16/17 and instantly became my new favorite hike. Trail was totally do-able in the winter and the heavy fog made for some awesome photos along the way. Still an incredible view at the top even with the fog! Perfect hike with some incline and some leveling-out. Trail wasn’t too populated in the winter.

First time and it was beautiful! 360* views at the top are amazing. Well with the journey. OB#8425

Wonderful conditions today and perfect views - can this really be December?

Hiked it yesterday early and didn’t see a single person (a plus in my book). Don’t know if it’s normal, but it was extremely windy up top (almost took off my beanie) once the trees were gone so fair warning cold and windy...I was very underdressed. Physically I did not find this hike too tough, the challenging part was navigating up/down some of the steeper terrain that was rocky with metal fencing material that they use to prevent erosion and help with traction. Take it slow and you’ll be fine. Parts of the trail have water streaming down it (not deep, about the depth of shoe soles). so hopefully you don’t have holes in your shoes to let water in. Overall great hike with what I’d assume would be great views had it not been Winter. Dress properly for the cold and wind chill up top and take it slow when terrain looks sketchy and you’ll be in for a treat.

One of my favorite hikes of all time! It could be considered difficult if you were to judge the trail from the beginning part and the end of the trail. Super steep at the start and end -with the middle, and majority of the hike being moderate. Very slippery in the winter, but as long as you have decent shoes and sure footing you will be fine. I hiked in vans and I only fell once at the top.

Big fan! Have done it several times and have never seen it clear

4 months ago

One of the best trails I've been on. I hiked it solo, but I would recommend any new hikers to go with a buddy. It gets pretty aggressive towards the end so be careful with your footing!

Made it halfway - got a bit dicey for me with the rocks at the upper trail. Still beautiful and plan to do the whole thing sometime in the future!

5 months ago

It felt mystical standing at the top with clouds swirling all around me. There were enough breaks to see the grand views. It was cold but felt great. Hiked on 10/11 and clocked 4.75 on my GPS.

Today was an amazing day for this hike! Clear sky’s and great views.

on Saddle Mountain Trail

5 months ago

It was cloudy but still beautiful! Would like to go back on a clear day.

5 months ago

I've hiked this trail 3 times now and every single time it's been too cloudy at the top to see anything.

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