Two and a half miles. That's all it is from the parking lot (elev. 1,650') to the summit of Saddle Mountain (elev. 3,283'). Be prepared to marvel at the sheer volume of natural beauty packed onto the mountain, from a mature forest setting to fields of wildflowers to an open rocky summit. The view from the top of the mountain is one that cannot be described ... it must be experienced. The trip to the top isn't an everyday stroll through the woods, though. Come prepared with water and layer your clothing. The temperature is very different at the summit than in the parking lot. Wear appropriate shoes for rough terrain and be prepared for some steep grades, which make for interesting climbing. A nice walking stick and friend's hand would be helpful in many areas. As you climb, though, remember to look up and out at the landscape before you. Also look down at the wild floral show that may only exist at that elevation. Take frequent breaks and enjoy this unique landscape as well as the beauty of the forest below you. .

Awesome hike! Pretty steep at some points, but stunning views. Tons of bugs at the very top, but there are places near the top to enjoy the views that are much less buggy. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, very little shade the second half of the hike.

This was an easy hike... but SUPER gnarly at the end! The views the entire time were absolutely stunning with lots of great spots to take breaks and get some good photos and views, and even though the parking lot was full (arrived around 1pm) the trail wasn’t as crowded as you’d assume. Mostly direct sun exposure and very difficult and tiring at times, so 100% bring a LOT of water, sunscreen, and good hiking shoes and poles or walking sticks if you have them. The rocks toward the peak are VERY slippery and it’s easy to fall or lose your footing, but it’s doable (two of my friends were in converse and made it out alright!). Last mile is the hardest, but just take your time and push through it and the views are absolutely worth it! Took my group about 2.5 hours to get up (LOTS of breaks and photo ops), and just under an hour to get back down. 7/12/18

Not a very difficult hike, but the grade gets pretty steep toward the top. This wouldn’t be possible to hike for the average person without special gear if it weren’t for the fencing and wires they have near the top to help keep your footing. There are plenty of awesome views all throughout the hike.

My favorite hike near the Oregon coast. Lots of elevation gain and absolutely breathtaking views of 3 snow capped peaks (Hood, St. Helens, Adams) Astoria, and the mighty Columbia River dumping into the great Pacific Ocean.

Pretty fun hike. It’s short and steep at the summit. The reward for reaching the top is pretty cool ... if the clouds lift.

7/5/18 My favorite hikes are the ones with views for the majority of the hike, not just the top. This is that hike! Views all around! Steady climb and then big climb for the last .5 mile or so. The steep parts have metal fencing on the rocks so if you are wearing proper hiking shoes it grips perfectly making the decent easy peasy. I noticed some people with poles kept getting them stuck in the fencing. Bring lots of water, light jacket for the top and an open heart to take in all the magnificent beauty!

This is a fun hike. Yes, it does get steep in certain areas. But you're climbing a mountain. The trail can be narrow but not overgrown. This was the summer so it was pretty dry. If it was spring I could see it being wet and muddy. All that being said, there's great viewpoints, it is dog friendly and the views at the summit are great. You can see the coast and inland. The trail is 65% shaded. Lastly, the wire. Yes bits are poking out and it could be a problem for your dog. But it helps tremendously with footing and our dog, and multiple other dogs made it just fine.

My son (8.5yr) and I climbed it (6/30/2018). Great views until the final summit. It was clouded in, but a great hike. He enjoyed it and was his first Mt. to summit. We made it to the top in 2.25hr and 1.5hr back to the bottom. The trail was a bit slick due to recent mist. Parking lot was almost full by 10am but that is due to weather. Get their earlier if you don't want to walk up the road to the trailhead. Bring a wind jacket as it can get windy near the top. Plenty of flowers this time of year.

Beautiful trail with wildflowers, gorgeous rock formations, and breathtaking views. Lush, green trails were icing on the cake.

Well worth the effort! My 16 year old daughter and I made it up in 2 hours, down in one hour, with plenty of stops on way up. Amazing view! Rocks are bit slippery on way down, be careful.

great hike, no water source, exposed to sun about 1/2, parking lot full by 9am

22 days ago

This is my favorite hike in Oregon. Gorgeous scenery the whole way and quite a work out once you get towards the top. I highly recommend checking the weather forecast and going during a clear day so you can experience the stunning view fully.

Fantastic hike! Trail was very scenic. On the way up it was very cloudy but cleared up on the way down. Would absolutely recommend this hike to others! Need hiking shoes.

24 days ago

Very crowded trail and not really a difficult trail. Not sure why people say it is hard, guess it is relative. We chose a good time to go, just after the morning wave of people and at the middle of the second wave of afternoon hikers. This put us at the top with few people and a very nice uncrowded hike back down. Only 4 cars in parking lot when we got back. The wildflowers were spectacular!

This is one of my all time favorite hikes. It is beautiful in every season. But spring and summer are especially beautiful, with the wildflowers blooming mountainside. The trail gets progressively more steep towards the top, but the view is absolutely worth it. You can see from Mt Hood to the coast. Breath taking. If brining dogs, be aware that there is metal wiring holding the trails down and paw pads are prone to damage.

Unfortunately the top was completely socked in by clouds today so no view, but lots of beautiful wildflowers and we enjoyed the physical challenge. The downside was a lot of hikers running their mouths at top volume every step of the way. I would have liked to hear the birds and the drizzle drip through the trees.

This was a phenomenal & most exciting trail I have hiked since I moved here. I brought my dog & I think he did better than me! It was a bit steeper than I expected but I didn’t plummet till I summit! I will take this trail again to bask in the beauty of the ocean views, wild flower scent & the greenery the trail offers.

29 days ago

This trail was amazing. If you go on a clear day you won’t be disappointed. You can see the Columbia river flowing into the pacific in the distance and the whole coastline. It really is spectacular when you are that high up. Pictures don’t even do it justice. This is a must hike! Prepare your knees for a brutal descent though... going up is almost easier than coming back down!

Great trail ! Flowers are just gorgeous right now. See my photos here:

This is a tough hike! It had so many parts of steady decent incline. I was shocked. Tough to go down too because you’re using all your muscles to balance. Great hike though. It was clear when we went so you could see the Columbia and the Pacific.

1 month ago

Love this hike! It’s a fun challenge. There’s a lot of diversity and amazing views to distract you from the climb. I did this hike on 6/16/18 and there were a good variety of wildflowers throughout the entire hike.

One of the best hikes in all or Oregon!

Great hike, not good for big dogs. Hard on the paws.

The trail is somewhat family-friendly and only moderately difficult so be prepared for crowds.

Second time to this trail, and I can say that it is my favourite trail in Oregon. It gets easier with practise!

on Saddle Mountain Trail

1 month ago

It was a beautiful day for a hike near the coast and Saddle mountain had all the views! The last mile of this hike is the most difficult with lots a wire to help with trail erosion and slipping. This is not a good rainy day hike as it would be dangerously slippery and plus you’d miss the beautiful views!

1 month ago

A real leg (and butt) burner! Super glad I had poles. Chain link/wire mesh covering loose gravel on about half of the trail. I wouldn’t bring a dog unless it can fit in your pack like mine does. The wire had parts that were broken so you really need to pay attention! Nice forested trail opens up to sweeping views and then right when you think “well this was a good hike and not too hard” you cross the saddle. Wowza! That was a good one. Not the longest but definitely makes you happy you dressed and prepared for it like it was longer.

It is an awesome hike! The most difficult one I have done so far! But worth the pain. I think the elevation gain is about 3000 feet. Not some 1800ish.

Fun hike all around, and pretty tough (granted I'm not in great shape by any means). The metal mesh is kinda falling apart here and there, so watch your feet. I'd definitely wait for a clear day for this one if you can, as the views will be much better from the top, and getting hailed on during the final climb wasn't the most enjoyable experience.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail and view! When we went last week the wildflowers were still in season and the weather was perfect. Weather at the top can change quickly though - bring layers! In general I would not go at all when it is raining. As others have stated this trail is not dog safe with all the wiring. Overall definitely worth it!

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