Most of the trail were closed during our visit last year. The places that were opened were very messy with goose droppings. Shorter trail sections near visitor center were nice.

Education center is pretty cool with stuffed versions of local animals. The coolest display is of a GIANT eagles nest. The southern trails themselves were the only ones open today and they were not very impressive. very little views. I hope the northern trails are better when they are restored.

2 months ago

Too many people. Everyone feeds the wildlife.

8 months ago

Nice area to see birds and go for a walk. Also a gazebo and little science center is available.

The visitor's center os awesome! You should definitely check it out.

Early November in a year of unseasonably warm weather, my daughter and I didn't see many water fowl. They were still up north. We did see lots of critters. We crossed paths with squirrels, frogs, a rabbit and a snake. We also found several areas with an obscene amount of crickets. Nature's crunchy bird food. Yum!

Decently maintained nice little walk. They have a map and lots of information on site. Jogging Stroller friendly would not recommend a regular stroller on this trail.

9 months ago

It was great. Had a great time with my kids.