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Great trail. So much cooler than the valley. Lots of shade. Love being at the top lookout.

Beautiful meadows of sage, corn lillies and lupin, forests of evergreens and aspens, andcamazing views of shasta, mt ashland, pilot rock and mcloughlin in the last two miles to the peak. I call the top Cafe Wagner because it’s a great place for lunch.

4 days ago

I loved this trail. The first two to three miles are the hardest but then it smooths out a little just in time for the views. Finished by 10 am on what is supposed to be quite a hot day but there was plenty of shade. I was the first one on the trail this morning, so I ate most of the spider webs (so don’t be first if that bothers you). Great views the whole way up but nothing compares to the views at the top.

Beautiful! I even collected a few stones from the base of the falls. Refreshing and rewarding.

12 days ago

Wow. It’s as good as everyone has been saying on here. Definitely not easy. So much of it’s uphill. But the views are amazing. I did this and Crater Lake while I was in the area, and it was a perfect two day combination.

It was a perfect day to be out on the trails, and everyone was out enjoying the beauty of Oregon .

Make sure you get the map at the ranger station to make this hike more interesting. The path was very thin in places, which can make it harder to walk with younger kids.

Great hike! So beautiful and not crowded! The views of the taller peaks and valleys from the top are excellent.

the directions for this are terrible through all trails. it's easier to reach trail 1034 to woodruff bridge from the natural bridge hike. start out at the natural bridge scenic area parking lot. start out on the trail head for scenic, and shortly on the left you will see a wooden sign/ trail marker for woodruff bridge trail 1034. taking this trail will take you to knob falls. then you can swing back and go on a very short hike to see the natural bridge lava the formation.
the directions listed by all trails takes you down a much more complex trail which I found out was blocked by downed trees.

23 days ago

Beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. My InReach Explorer said the total hike was 10.4 miles, and the first 3.1 miles up were pretty steady incline through not so interesting forest. Then there is a clearing along the ridge line for a bit, and back to forest a bit more. The final push up to the lookout is the hardest part. Because of the views only being a small portion of the total hike I only give it four stars, and would've given three if not for the lake view and proximity.

I would not recommend this trail for backpacking. I had planned on backpacking but ended up hiking back to the trailhead and camping at one of the nearby dispersed spots on the California side. It was a great workout carrying an extra heavy pack with the water in 95 degree heat (start early bc it didn't start heating up until around 11 and was chilly before that)! But not a hard enough trail where you couldn't hike to the top and back in one go and still have time in your day to enjoy the lake. It allows horses, so the trail isn't very difficult other than the moderate elevation gain. Also like someone else said, there are no good spots to camp out on the trail. Not worth it. Just hike it, and bring lots of water.

24 days ago

This was far from a difficult hike. It really should be labeled as easy. Very little elevation gain and a great maintained trail. We seen quite a few families out here and bicyclists.

Awesome little trail. Great for kids. beautiful waterfall with lots more to enjoy.

This was a great hike for any time of the day. Gorgeous falls and love the access for all views.

It was open last weekend. Nice easy walk

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this one! Hiked it early in the AM. Temps started in the low 50's near the TH. By noon it was almost 80! Only saw 2 others on the trail... most parked at the trailhead to access Applegate Lake.

on Stein Butte Trail

1 month ago

Great winter hike, moderate and gentle uphills.

on Wagner Butte Trail

1 month ago

Decent elevation gain but not hard by any means

Very easy trail with very gradual elevation changes, nothing hard. Hiked in mid-May 2018, about 4 miles in & back & no snow on the lower portion this year. Pretty views of Mt. McLouthlin & the lava flows. Lots of highway noise about 90% of the hike, but nothing too irritating. Not challenging for an avid hiker, more of a nature walk than hike. Trail very well maintained. Make note of which trail you come from at junctions, for your return. Would be great for kids. Pleasant day out & about.

1 month ago

Don’t use google maps to get you there because it won’t lead you to the correct spot. You will need to drive through a creek with a high clearance 4x4. Besides that it is a great hike worth any amount of hassle to get there. Do yourself a favor and hike the entire trail to the peak. The view will pay you back.

Beautiful. You can also start from Mt Ashland.

Beautiful views

Beautiful views & wildflowers!

great hike! well worth the distance

roads up to parking area are clear although the lot is full of water.

start the hike with switch backs, level out then ascend a seeming never ending incline. Rest assured once you hit sheeps creek slide it gets easier incline wise. Snow free until wagner glade, ranging from 1 inch to 18 inches of snow in some area. Most of the bootpack is solid but some steps send you post holing. great views at the top. not very rocky

enjoy and sign the log at the top

Sadly we attempted this one today but the road is packed with a few feet of snow so we didn’t have access. We will be back though in a month to see if the snow has melted enough.

first 2.5-3 miles are super boring. just trees. then you hit the ridgelone with amazing views and its good after that. some rocky sections of trail, lots of bugs
absolutely stunning views at top

had trail to myself today

2 months ago

this was a great hike once you get to the top. I would do a day hike again, but not an over night hike. camping is very limited and taking 48 pounds up that incline is brutal for the average hiker like myself. if your an advanced hiker then absolutely do it. The views are amazing.

3 months ago

Beautiful. Trail was well maintained and easy to follow. AMAZING views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

3 months ago

Total distance was almost 10 miles on the dot. Great views of snowy mountains and Applegate Lake. Uphill all the way up, so I would suggest doing this in cooler weather. Rewarding view at the top.

This hike is listed as "year round" I went there today, 4/2, and there's about 2 feet of snow...

3 months ago

Great hike. Trail was very easy to follow and was challenging but not too tough. It's a fairly gradual climb and not just a whole bunch of switchbacks. There are a few good views on the way up and the panoramic view from the top is definitely worth it. Took about 4.5 hours total from start to finish including some time at the top for lunch. Minimal snow on the trail (3/26/18), no problem with regular hiking shoes. The gps pin on the app is spot on with parking right by the trailhead. This was probably my favorite hike in Oregon so far. We didn't see any wildlife during our hike but did hear some deep growling fairly close to us that I assume was a bear near the top. Just something to keep in mind.

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