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on Grouse Gap Trail

18 days ago

Old growth forest alternating with open mountain meadows!

the dog and I hiked this today! Magnificent views! a lot of birds too! Like the other reviews noted-it is a steep ascent! it is a bit of a drive to the T.H. on rocky road, it would be nice if someone took a chainsaw to the downed tree blocking the rest of the road 3/4 of a mile from the T.H.!

It was a beautiful day & the hike to No Name Falls isn't bad. We lost the trail before reaching Rough Rider Falls & will try it from the Boundary Springs side. If you go be prepared to do some climbing as the trail is not maintained. I loved the adventure though!

we hiked this Trail on 10 20 2018. first of all the directions are a little misleading. turn on to Beaver Creek from upper Applegate Road from there drive until you see the sign to turn right towards the trailhead once on that road stay to your left until you get to a fallen log across the road. that is as far as you can Drive park there and it is three-quarters of a mile walk to the trail head. the trail starts at the end of the road to the right all the signage is gone. this Trail has had no maintenance and we would definitely rate it as hard it is very narrow and steep and places it was very slippery. once you get to the top the views are breathtaking.

Well maintained trail that passes 3 lakes in 3 miles. Trail to Horseshoe Lake is not marked. At the far end of Blue Lake, make a right. Tough climb back out to the parking area, but overall I agree with the moderate rating. Beautiful Fall colors today and only passed 1 other group.

29 days ago

Fantastic hike! Great workout, beautiful views and the view at the top is worth the effort. I was hesitant to climb up the rocks at the end and make my way around the ridge, but with some encouragement from other hikers I decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did.

Great hike with worthwile views from the top! Seriously amazing. Not super hard but it’ll def increase your heart rate. GPS measures it closer to 11 miles. Well-maintained and easy to follow. When the trail forks in 3 different directions, go left!

Great workout and we had great weather. No wildlife spotted and views are limited to the open spaces. At the top, fabulous! The first third is strenuous due to gradient but the surface is great. Well marked path with options towards the top.
Lunch at the top is great.
We traveled to the trail head by RV- not recommended! The last 7 miles is gravely and narrow in places with logging trucks and a few hunters. Still a great day out.

Amazing views at every mile!

simply fantastic!

Wonderful easy walk. Park at Woodruff bridge. Gorge starts about 1.5 mile from Woodruff bridge so you can walk as little as 3 miles and enjoy the river from calm to raging.

absolutely loved it!!

One of my favorites. The views are amazing. You have wonderful views from Ashland and Medford. You can see the stunning Mt. Shasta and Pilot Rock, so amazing! It is hard, but totally worth it!! Don’t go after 4:00, because you will encounter totally darkness in the way back :). It takes like 4.30 hours to complete it both ways. Don’t forget to sign the book!

It would be a mistake to believe that this trail flattens out after the first 3 miles...it definitely does not do that. It's a tough 5 miles up. We had a smokey view but it was a really satisfying hike that got the legs burning all the way up! So disappointed in people when you see the amount of trash along this trail, definitely not the Oregon spirit to be so disrespectful toward our natural resources.

1 month ago

Great hike on very well maintained trail. Excellent trail construction across several lava fields. The hike is easy and good to see the difficulty updated to easy since earlier reviews. Great views of Mt. McLoughlin at several points. The hike does not have a marked end point so you can continue on past the turn around point on a very well maintained trail.

Awesome hike, but was recently burned by a couple wildfires. It is fascinating to see the forest return to life. The end of the trail, is the birthplace of the Rogue River. So interesting to see the water pour out of the dry hillside.

Great easy hike. Amazing to see the Rogue River coming out of the ground.

1 month ago

absolutely beautiful

mountain biking
2 months ago

Squaw lake is a gem. Trails are wide so whole family could ride around together or enough room to share with others. There were a couple of rope swings to jump in the lake for a refreshing swim. We swam with fish and skipped rocks. Definitely going back again.

Nice little hike. Off the grid so could not record.

2 months ago

A surprisingly great hike with some wonderful views of Grayback Mountain. The hike around Miller Lake and past Little Miller Lake is well worth your effort and should be a part of your plan. Also plan for the stream crossing about three miles out from the trailhead, it requires four wheel drive and a high ground clearance vehicle.

2 months ago

Crazy little crowded spot worth seeing. A lot of water going through a fairly small slot. It was the last little trail of a 2 day journey done on the way out. Met some nice people along the way.

2 months ago

Could not find the TH for this one... It was going to be my last hike of a 2 day venture. Next time maybe.

2 months ago

Not much for a trail but awesome in it's uniqueness. Not many things in nature this awesome that you can view with a nice protected by fences short walk that most people can do.


2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous and serene. 30 minute incline to the lake then you can keep going to the PCT at the top. The dogs and I both jumped in the lake, not too cold! When your about 2 miles away google maps will tell you to go right, DON'T! Just keep going straight and you'll hit the river crossing. Happy Hiking!

2 months ago

Great trail! Follows the PCT. Well-groomed, easy hike for all ages.

Dog shit central.

I hike National Creek Falls several times a year, it's absolutely gorgeous. A few times early in the season you can't make it to the falls because of a lot of fallen trees along the road. The trail starts above the falls and you hike down to the base of the falls. When you arrive at the base of the falls step down around the point at the bottom and you can see the rest of the falls which are obscured by a Ledge. You can cross the creek at the base of the falls and play in the water. Four years ago a lady fell and broke her leg so be careful. It is a easy hike.

3 months ago

Drove up to do this trail today and the road was closed due to the Hendrix Fire

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