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Hiked June 20th beautiful, found wedding band, if you lost it call 562-335-7319, and tell me the inscription, and I will get it to you.

20 hours ago

June 21 and the snow is all gone. Went on a Wednesday morning and saw people at the top but only crossed paths with a couple groups during the actual hike. It was very challenging, but so worth it. The views were especially gorgeous since it was so clear today, we really lucked out. I even saw a rainbow in a cloud, it was super cool. I had a hard time accepting how beautiful the vistas and the sage brush were. Love this hike! I'm used to doing 20 miles, but this 10 miles definitely tired me out.

4 days ago

This was a great hike! It was my first time, so I took it at a casual pace. The first 30-40 minutes is the most difficult, since it's mostly uphill. Once I got to the marker at the beginning of the loop, I chose to head right and go to the summit. Next time, I'll head left. Why? If you head right, you'll hike through acres of burned trees (so sad) and there's not a lot of shade. FUN FACT: The bugs are super-sized! No mosquitoes though, which I was worried about. If you're new to the area, drive all the way to the end of the road. There will be NO MORE road, just an area to park. If you don't see a semi-large area to park, you haven't gone far enough. You'll find the trailhead right next to a unisex restroom. Happy trails!

Beautiful hike! Took longer than I expected but the views were worth it!

5 days ago

Gorgeous wildflowers...fields of purple, then pink, then white, then yellow and orange.

always worth it

Short easy and well maintained trail with views of two falls and large boulders near the river. Definitely worth the stop!

beautiful trail..

A nice moderate hike with excellent views and an array of different flora and fauna. A great hike to take with your dog.