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3 days ago

Great trail. So much cooler than the valley. Lots of shade. Love being at the top lookout.

Beautiful meadows of sage, corn lillies and lupin, forests of evergreens and aspens, andcamazing views of shasta, mt ashland, pilot rock and mcloughlin in the last two miles to the peak. I call the top Cafe Wagner because it’s a great place for lunch.

5 days ago

I loved this trail. The first two to three miles are the hardest but then it smooths out a little just in time for the views. Finished by 10 am on what is supposed to be quite a hot day but there was plenty of shade. I was the first one on the trail this morning, so I ate most of the spider webs (so don’t be first if that bothers you). Great views the whole way up but nothing compares to the views at the top.

About a mile in the trail is closed due to the most recent fire. Not too much shade from tree cover, but the river/creek is very beautiful. Crystal clear water & nice flowing sound.

Beautiful! I even collected a few stones from the base of the falls. Refreshing and rewarding.

14 days ago

Wow. It’s as good as everyone has been saying on here. Definitely not easy. So much of it’s uphill. But the views are amazing. I did this and Crater Lake while I was in the area, and it was a perfect two day combination.

It was a perfect day to be out on the trails, and everyone was out enjoying the beauty of Oregon .

20 days ago

Nice stroll on our way to Crater Lake from Medford, the paved trail along the Rogue Gorge was formed by collapsing lava tubes from Mt. Mazama. Nice trees, interpretive signs, and a raging river that creates a nice cool breeze is worth a quick stop.

Make sure you get the map at the ranger station to make this hike more interesting. The path was very thin in places, which can make it harder to walk with younger kids.

Great hike! So beautiful and not crowded! The views of the taller peaks and valleys from the top are excellent.

Beautiful paved trail, great for kids and novice hikers. Dog friendly. Parking lot at the trail head with restrooms, but no sinks. The paved part of the trail ends after the natural bridge overlook, but remains easy and beautiful.

the directions for this are terrible through all trails. it's easier to reach trail 1034 to woodruff bridge from the natural bridge hike. start out at the natural bridge scenic area parking lot. start out on the trail head for scenic, and shortly on the left you will see a wooden sign/ trail marker for woodruff bridge trail 1034. taking this trail will take you to knob falls. then you can swing back and go on a very short hike to see the natural bridge lava the formation.
the directions listed by all trails takes you down a much more complex trail which I found out was blocked by downed trees.

24 days ago

Beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. My InReach Explorer said the total hike was 10.4 miles, and the first 3.1 miles up were pretty steady incline through not so interesting forest. Then there is a clearing along the ridge line for a bit, and back to forest a bit more. The final push up to the lookout is the hardest part. Because of the views only being a small portion of the total hike I only give it four stars, and would've given three if not for the lake view and proximity.

I would not recommend this trail for backpacking. I had planned on backpacking but ended up hiking back to the trailhead and camping at one of the nearby dispersed spots on the California side. It was a great workout carrying an extra heavy pack with the water in 95 degree heat (start early bc it didn't start heating up until around 11 and was chilly before that)! But not a hard enough trail where you couldn't hike to the top and back in one go and still have time in your day to enjoy the lake. It allows horses, so the trail isn't very difficult other than the moderate elevation gain. Also like someone else said, there are no good spots to camp out on the trail. Not worth it. Just hike it, and bring lots of water.

26 days ago

This was far from a difficult hike. It really should be labeled as easy. Very little elevation gain and a great maintained trail. We seen quite a few families out here and bicyclists.

28 days ago

Great paved trail, even accessible for someone in a wheelchair. Falls are beautiful and the lava tunnel (natural bridge) that sucks the water one place and rushes it out another is awesome to see. Never seen anything like that before!

Awesome little trail. Great for kids. beautiful waterfall with lots more to enjoy.

The hike was beautiful. But there was a lot of fallen trees. I would go there again. It was very pretty and a nice challenge. It is a very green and gorgeous hike.

This was a great hike for any time of the day. Gorgeous falls and love the access for all views.

1 month ago

start at river bridge entrance, the abbot rd entrance is completely overgrown after .25mile mark. Unless youre bringing a machete or battleaxe forget it, you'll be fighting Ents on your way to Isengard.

the natural bridge trail is cool, around 2 miles you can hike out on a horn right above a waterfall for sweet pics and spot for a beer.

It was open last weekend. Nice easy walk

scenic driving
1 month ago

Very interesting drive. The 1st 10 miles no trespassing signs everywhere you look. Once you got higher snowparks everywhere. Quite a few lakes around as well. First time I had seen Lake of the Woods. Came back out 140 with even more lakes.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this one! Hiked it early in the AM. Temps started in the low 50's near the TH. By noon it was almost 80! Only saw 2 others on the trail... most parked at the trailhead to access Applegate Lake.

on Stein Butte Trail

1 month ago

Great winter hike, moderate and gentle uphills.

on Wagner Butte Trail

1 month ago

Decent elevation gain but not hard by any means

Very easy trail with very gradual elevation changes, nothing hard. Hiked in mid-May 2018, about 4 miles in & back & no snow on the lower portion this year. Pretty views of Mt. McLouthlin & the lava flows. Lots of highway noise about 90% of the hike, but nothing too irritating. Not challenging for an avid hiker, more of a nature walk than hike. Trail very well maintained. Make note of which trail you come from at junctions, for your return. Would be great for kids. Pleasant day out & about.

1 month ago

Don’t use google maps to get you there because it won’t lead you to the correct spot. You will need to drive through a creek with a high clearance 4x4. Besides that it is a great hike worth any amount of hassle to get there. Do yourself a favor and hike the entire trail to the peak. The view will pay you back.

Beautiful. You can also start from Mt Ashland.

2 months ago

We explored here in May and the weather could not have been more perfect. At first we drove past the designated parking area, wondering what was further down the road. If you do that, it will take you to the other smaller lake that has a trail, but not around the whole lake like the other one. We didn't stay long at this spot, just long enough to check out the first picnic spot by the lake which was filled with bugs. So we got back in the car and went back to the designated parking area and walked down towards the big lake (pretty short walk).

The first opening at the lake had great views, but again, tons of bugs. There was also a LOT of dog poop, so I took some time to pick it all up so my kids didn't have to worry about stepping in it. The dog and kids played in the water a bit here and then we decided to start the walk around the lake. I wish we would have walked to the right earlier, because there are much better spots to relax and swim at. And there were hardly any bugs flying in our face at the other spots.

We walked around the whole lake and noticed 4 different spots with rope swings. They are in spots best suited for ages 10 and up in my opinion. But still fun to at least check out, even with little kids. I thought spot #9 was the prettiest swing spot. The water was pretty clear here and we could see lots of fish swimming around.

We had the place all to ourselves and had so much fun. If you are going in the spring or summer, don't forget your bug spray!

Beautiful views

2 months ago

Super close to the road, so easy to access. Incredibly powerful river as it runs through its own canyon. Rogue Gorge Falls upstream is an awesome sight: so powerful. Fence separates the canyon from trail, safe for dogs and kids.

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