4 months ago

5 months ago

A lot of different trails to explore here. Can be pretty muddy and slick when it's not really dry out. Spacious campsites in the area.

6 months ago

Amazing things to be seen here if you have a good eye.

Trail is well used by bicycles, so stay on alert. Two weeks ago we cleared four downed trees on the portion from Gales Creek Camp to Bell Camp Road; but just last weekend there are two freshly downed trees across the portion up to Summit Trailhead. Stay on alert during the wet season as I heard a tree come down as I was walking to summit last week, just on the opposite of the stream.

1 year ago

I have hiked on this trail several times. It has several side trails that offer new sights so you can return many times with different experiences every time. it countours a beautiful floodplain of Gales Creek.

2 years ago

Beautiful trail. A lot of hills if you start down at the campground. Our second hike this year. The day before we did 8 miles in Forest Park so we were a little sore from that.
All in all, great hike if you're looking for an up and down trail.

off road driving
3 years ago

It was great, I loved it! They got a little bit of everything! Just some scenic driving, or some rough crawling! I'd definitely recommend it! I'm new to off-roading, and it was a great first experience for me.

4 years ago

Did this with my 3 year old in the snow, It was pretty fun and peaceful. A great place to beavers at work in the creek below. The trail, although packed snow was great and was great for a winter exploration.

5 years ago

Went on 4/23/11 and there were a lot of signs saying the trail was closed due to weather damage but we went a few miles back with no issues. It was nice to have the creek along side of us and I really enjoyed the hike back as it seemed like a breeze. Hiked with our 7/10 yr olds. We all had a blast!

on Gales Creek Trail

6 years ago

Easy to medium trail following a small creek. Connects with several other trails. We started at Summit Trailhead and made a 6 mile loop, instead of the 4 mile round trip. August would be an excellent time to go, because there are lots of huckleberry bushes. Dogs and mountain bikes share the trail.