A fine place for a romantic stroll with tidepools, islands, and the headland with its hidden cove. Sailboarders come from everywhere! When Lincoln City�s beaches are crowded or windy, this sheltered spot just north of town is surprisingly quiet. A short path descends to the beach at the pebbly mouth of a lazy little creek. The north beach is topped by a jumble of quaint old cottages until the beach narrows to the massive Cascade Head. Fragments of lava form ragged islands where comic, long-necked cormorants dry their black wings atop guano-stained roosts. At low tide it�s possible to clamber around the headland�s tip to a secret cove and beach. Don�t linger too long or you�ll have to wait hours until the next low tide to get out!


I went yesterday. It was a good afternoon hike. A little slippery due to mud but enjoyable. When I was in the bushes of the hike, I saw a few bumble bees. And when I got to the top it had a beautiful view. I would suggest going on a drier day. Also when you get to the trail head, there is a no trust passing sign on the right gate and on the left gate there was a no parking sign. Go up the side with the “no parking sign”. About a quarter of a mile up you can find the trail on the right. I am a Washington hiker and I had to follow a few people and their dogs to figure out where the trail was. I would do it again because of the view on top.

Great views! Trail to the right is very steep and definitely makes you feel the burn! Trail to the very top of Gods Thumb seemed a little sketchy but we made it! For parking in the lot I would walk up the gravel road (Sal Ah Sea) instead of the other directions. Less steep. Then it’s just a right in port dr and the gate is just a few houses down.

Good exercise and breathtaking view

Amazing variety of ecosystems. The hike to the point was scary and exhilarating. We did the loop starting at one end of the neighborhood and finishing at the other. Account for another mile and a half or so for walking through the neighborhood to the parking lot at Roads End.

Beautiful hike. Most of the beginning is uphill and tucked away. There are parts of the hike that are very dense where the trail is really narrow which is awesome. The “thumb” was intimidating if you’re a little scared of heights but was worth the jitters! Beautiful.

Great hike through the upper trail that goes through the forest. May have to crawl butt backwards along the ridge in one or two spots. Be careful going down. Great views that day as it was a clear day. You can do out and back along the upper trail or take the upper trail and return to the park via the lower trail that is along the road/beach.

It was a great hike...a bit muddy towards the meadows area but the views of the ocean from the top were great

Beautiful from start to finish. A little muddy at the end but not bad. Follow the all trails directions, they get you there perfectly! I would have gotten lost/given up without this app!

Beautiful forest trail with a good amount of incline. BUT it is not marked so finding where to turn or knowing where you were on the route was very difficult. Once we made it to the knoll, it was too foggy to see the ocean so I cannot comment on that. We will definitely try again but some signage would be helpful.

Finding the trailhead was difficult, especially since we wanted to be respectful and not trespass on private property. It was also confusing because there’s no trail sign announcing the location of the trailhead. To make it more confusing, there were signs for The Knoll Forest area where we thought the trailhead for God’s Thumb trailhead should have been.

Once we were on the trail, we enjoyed the hike. While there were a lot of people at the end (I️ prefer solitude on hikes) it was still a grand view and lovely reward.

We took a different way back, the “lower path” which seems to be “the one more traveled.” I️ didn’t find it as beautiful and would stick to the “upper path” if I️ return.

All in all, it was a good hike.

Moderate hike, but the view is well worth it. No parking at the entrance so you have to walk about a mile to get to the trail. One of the best trails I have ever been on. Great views of the ocean along the trail. Trail was muddy at some spots but not too bad.

Love this hike , took all the kids and the dogs on a pretty rain day , muddy and a lot of up hill but totally worth the view !!!!

It's a great workout trail. Lots of mud right now. The first mile-ish is an up hill grade. The view is amaze-balls!! Go for it.

Very very muddy after several days of rain. And lots of slippery steep parts not great for small children. Was the view from God thumb worth it? Yes! But please -keep your dogs on a leash since we are all standing on the edge of a cliff!!!!!

One person wrote "Strange entrance (climbing over a gate) and hiking on a private drive for the beginning of the hike". Strange because you are TRESPASSING. Accessing the Thumb from the dead end of Logan Road is ILLEGAL. The City is trying to get signs posted so you know where to go for LEGAL access. But if you read the DESCRIPTION above, you will see how to legally access this beautiful place without trespassing and getting a parking ticket. Enjoy your visit, but please don't break the law to do it.

Very muddy but gorgeous hike! Worth it. Hiked at 7am where the clouds started disappearing and the beautiful blue skies started to be exposed. Fun!

Bang for your buck! You get a beautiful 360 degree view for such a short hike. Lincoln City to the south, Cascade Head to the north. Be advised: it was terribly muddy this time of year. The well worn trail was covered in sloppy mud most of the way. The final ascent was steeper than it looks. It’s all worth it though!


These words alone cannot begin to describe, just how amazing this place is! It’s so peaceful, relaxing, and so much more!

You will not be disappointed!

Hiked this in February 2018 with 8 people in our party. Everyone was able to make it to the top. The trail was really muddy and it was heavy fog but it did not prevent us from going to the top. Would not recommend this for kids under 12. Only regret was that we didn’t get the spectacular view because of the fog.

This hike was absolutely amazing! We went on Sunday after the storm in lincoln city hit earlier in the week. We werent expecting it to be super great but not bad. We got there around 11am, no one else was on the trail or around, the sun came out, the views were spectacular!

Just be sure to wear water resistant/proof shoes in the winter, the mud was unavoidable.

Very muddy in winter! The last bit of the trail you have to scramble, it's very steep. The views are incredible and it's worth it!

The gate on he left side has chains on it and a no trespassing sign on it. Couldn't access the trail.

Before you begin make sure you start at the gate to the left. There is a house just to the left of the gate. Walk around the gate on the right side in between the wood posts.

You will take a short walk up the hill. For an easier adventure remember to KEEP LEFT on the trail head. You have a choice along the trail head at a fork. If you choose Right then you will trek a steeper trail and if it is wet then it will be difficult. I would encourage the Left trail because it was traveled more and was a flatter trail which made it more enjoyable.

Wear good hiking shoes, if it’s wet be prepared to slip and get muddy and Bring a camera because the views are Gorgeous.

Enjoy your hike.

Oh and if you are looking to propose to your girlfriend-this is a great location....She said “Yes!”

finding the trail head was hard but definitely worth it. There are tons of no parking and no trespassing signs that make it confusing. Also, no parking close, be prepared to walk a bit. easy hike, even getting to the top of god's thumb. make sure you have good traction on your shoes though.

Overgrown but worth it! Hardest part was finding where to park without worrying about getting a ticket!

Great trail but be ready for a steep climb at the end of the trail where gods thumb is at.

Muddy in the rainy winter, but still a great hike with amazing views. Just wear footwear with good tread. Fun short hike.

Great short hike. Wear good shoes as it is a bit muddy, especially coming back down. If you have a dog be sure to use a leash as u reach the top. It's a looong way down the other side. Great view!!

Strange entrance (climbing over a gate) and hiking on a private drive for the beginning of the hike, but overall once you get to the trailhead, the trail is maintained nice with great views. Get ready to gain elevation quickly.

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