11 days ago

Short. Sweet trail with good view and payoff. I sat down next to a snake. I wasn't paying enough attention clearly.

29 days ago

if you are into geology then go however my suggestion for others is the following : if you happen to be within 40 minutes of here, go otherwise it may not be worth it. I also agree with the "trail" comment; it is really just a path.

9 months ago

11 months ago

Awesome view from the top! I will be back :-)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Carroll Rim is one trail that could be called a hike in the Painted Hills. Granted, it's only 1.5mi or so, but it's the only trail where you won't be expecting to see a geriatric on a Hover-Round fly around the corner to greet with you a hardy smile on the way back to their Winnebago.

It's a quick ascent, but the 400ft or so of gain and puts you atop a fun little ridge. If you get bored, you can free-climb or just mess around on some little ledges, but the view is quite decent.

No, it's not a big hike or a climb, but it's the closest you'll get within 50 miles of the Painted Hills.

Mee-Maw, Pop-Pops, fat Aunt Margaret, and little cousin Timmy? They can do this one with ease. Margaret will feel like a champ as she sweats her way to the top, and Timmy won't even have a chance to begin whining about how thirsty he is. You can even bring your "friendly" pit bull Mr.Pickles and let him off-leash: undoubtedly, all the tourists will love him as much as you do.

If you're doing the Painted Hills, well, do this trail: because there isn't any other.