Step out of your vehicle and into a place with natural beauty that truly inspires. Just a quarter mile from any of the parking areas to the beach, yet the rigors of everyday life are stripped away by the time your feet hit the sand. Although the walk is short, there are several different trails to the beach and lead you to the Cape Falcon overlook or to the Oregon Coast Trail. Be sure to pick up a map on the way into the park. All of the trails to the beach are through a mature forest; one trail follows the winding path of the Short Sands creek. This trail gives way to the spectacular view of the ocean and the creek meeting. This is your first glimpse of the ocean and Short Sands beach. The beach is nestled in a cove that provides you with a feeling of total privacy. Popular with surfboarders and boogie boarders, the beach is always alive with activity. Surrounded by the mountains, the beach at Oswald West gives you a sense of being transported away from the trials of everyday life. Lose yourself; find Oswald West State Park.

5 days ago

I went about 2wks ago and it was super muddy! So muddy that I just gave up trying to avoid it all, lol. It was a nice little hike and the views up top were gorgeous!

The trail head from the northwest side (highway) starts out easy enough but if you read the comments they are correct, fallen trees have obstructed the path and many hikers including us ended up going off the path. USE THIS APP to stay on course. I would use the south side trail which better maintained.

Oregon Hikers mentions a "pedestrian path" on 101 to get back to your car depending on which side you started on. There is NOT...only a shoulder, that's very thin in some places and very dangerous around the blind curves. We turned back and figured we'd just hike back in reverse to safely get back to our car but luckily we met a couple at the south entrance that graciously drove us back to the north entrance.

The trail started out quite nicely although it is difficult to locate the trail head as there is very little signage. The trail itself is in terrible condition and is poorly marked. There are numerous spurs that hikers have started and downed trees that need to be cleared. We lost the primary trail and ended up on what appeared to be a well traveled path. This eventually dwindled into the ferns. I would suggest going with someone who knows the trail, you might have better luck.

Agree with Melinda. Hiked north to south loop (took 101 back to car) on Monday. Had a great time but lots of mud and puddles. Boots would have been nice. And I got off trail at some point. Had to scramble up through jungle to find it again. Summit view is awesome.

Went on an adventure with friends. At first the trail starts out easy, but then it gets really muddy. We've been getting a lot of rain here so it's expected since there hasn't been time to dry out. Definitely wear the right footwear - you will get muddy. The mud will sometimes be up to your ankles and there is nowhere to go. If you have hiking sticks, bring them. The view at the top is worth it. There is one big tree down that you will have to climb over, however there are enough branches to get over it easily. On the trail we saw banana slugs, mushroom, plant life, chipmunks and ravens.

1 month ago

I decided to do this hike on a whim one day when the sun was finally shining. It started out as a short hike to Short Sands to watch the surfers. I noticed many hikers in the parking area covered in mud, but I figured how bad can it be. I was not disappointed as I figured the trail would be wet. I actually managed to stay mostly mud free for the entire trek out to the cape, but I did eventually slip and landed in a mud hole. After that I did continue to avoid really muddy spots, but this got harder as the condition of the trail deteriorated.
The trail and scenery where awesome and it was a prefect day. So I got a little dirty, no big deal.

Did this yesterday, rainy and muddy. At about mile 2 of the trail the path was hard to identify. We felt it was a moderate level hike, the most challenges were the condition of the trail, not necessarily the hike itself.

Great rainy day hike-the trees provide a fair amount of coverage. It was windy at the top! Overall, the trail is pretty well maintained and it's a thigh burner.

Very very muddy. But had pretty views.

1 month ago

Muddy! Great view. Beautiful forest. Just go mentally prepped to come out covered in mud up to your calves and you'll love it.