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This is by far my favorite beach hike. I've taken my 5 year old up to the peak. With the kiddo it's a bit more slow going, but worth the time it takes. The view is absolutely amazing! The people I've met on this trail have all been amazing, and wonderful.

This is probably one of the best beach hikes near Seaside. It was straight uphill the whole time but I feel if you push yourself and take some breaks the novice hiker can make it. It was muddy in some spots this day so wear boots that are waterproof just in case. The view at the top is breathtaking (Make sure to climb to the top of the pile of rocks for the ultimate view). If you want to check it out before you go, I did a YouTube video on it so Copy/paste the link below!


First time doing this one and would definitely go again! The trails were a bit muddy with lots of roots and rocks but nothing too terrible. Once I got to the top viewpoint (so gorgeous btw) I opted to head down the other side to the highway. While there is a sketchy section of very little shoulder to walk along, most of the highway walk/jog ended up being on a sidewalk path.

Still very muddy, dress appropriately and wear shoes that can take a beating. Hiked it both ways from one parking lot to the other and back, one way takes about 2 hours at regular speed. Make sure to take the 0.1 mile side-trip at the parking lot near the ocean - there's a beautiful lookout point! Top part can be covered with clouds, so carrying a rainjacket is a good idea.

Wonderful hike with early elevation gain giving you amazing views of the coast. Busy 5/12/18 making an already muddy trail a slogfest. A scramble at the top gives you an amazing view of the coast and surrounding city so worth the 2000 ft climb.

We backpacked this trail and finished in two days total. We went early May and the weather was perfect. Some of the trail is overgrown and there are multiple patches of mud. If you wear a breathable long sleeve tee, pants and reliable hiking shoes, you should be good to go.
There are very few spots to set up camp if you’re planning on staying overnight, however Short Sands beach is strict about no overnight camping, so don’t plan on staying there. Follow the small blue markers for the Oregon Coast Trail. At the end, we hiked hwy101 and skipped Neahkahnie Mountain.

Gorgeous, sweeping views. Go!

Be prepared for mud! Great hike though. Kicked our butts. Loved the breaks of scenery.

Lots of roots and mud, plus lots of mini slides throughout the trail making it a difficult trek. The incline was steady and the views were beautiful.

Just did this section hike of the Oregon Coast Trail on Spring Break - was super fun, but also pretty challenging! Tons of roots to watch out for, and was SUPER muddy this time of year (though others we talked to said that parts of this trail are always muddy). Was overgrown out around Cape Falcon, and we must have been some of the earlier hikers through this area, because there were multiple trees blown down across the path that caused us to do a little "ad libbing" over and around them. Muddiest section of the path was after Cape Falcon and into Short Sands, probably because that path is more used. Awesome views, super cool forests, and you can stop at Short Sands for a beach break if you want. Be warned, the hike up out of Short Sands on the Elk Flats trail is super steep right away, levels off in the middle, and then is steep again up to Hwy 101. You can choose to do the hike up and over Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain if you want once you reach the end of the Elk Flats trail at 101, but we were too beat to do it, so we skipped the Mountain and hiked on the road until we got to Neah-Kah-Nie Meadows, where we walked through (steep) neighborhood streets to get to Manzanita.

Incredible! But, busy.

Well maintained trail with continuous elevation gain. Very muddy even on a nice day after the rainy season. Lots of roots on this trail so watch your feet! Views from the top are nothing but breathtaking. Everyone I met on the trail was extremely friendly as well which is always a plus.

2 months ago

I did the south trail today!! It hailed, rained and snowed up there! I love it, easy hike if you're fit! Will totally do it in the spring again.

A nice alternative to the Short Sands trail down to the beach.

I would agree that it’s more moderate than hard, but I’m glad I had the AllTrails map to refer to when switchbacks became a bit confusing (the white trail markers did help). I parked at Oswald West - South and headed west, in the direction of the Suspension bridge (this took some guess work, as the map at the trailhead wasn’t too informative). All in all, it was a great trail run for my dog and I—definitely worth the drive from Portland!

On a Wednesday we only saw 3 other people, which was great. Turned around at Highway 101, but stopped to see Devil's Cauldron Overlook and to trek Elk Trail. It's nice that the beach is so close to the trailhead - there is a short path to it after you cross the suspension bridge.

perfect short, but long enough hike. Very muddy in winter. One switchback is a bit confusing. Downed tree hides the switchback and people just go straight and walk down the other trail away from the peak.
otherwise some light rock climbing (no trail, just rock type steps) to summit. Great view if no clouds. so so if rainy and foggy. Nice flowers in spring and summer.

Definitely slightly more challenging that we were expecting. The views are insane if there isn’t any cloud coverage.

The view from the top was beautiful, but extra windy considering we hiked in between rain storms. It’s easy to get lost on this trail, so make sure to follow the white spray painted tree markers. Our group plus a few others we ran into also got lost and it was a bit scary at times.

Great hike, more like moderate than hard.

A wonderfully unique view from the top and lovely tall trees along the way.

We started at the South Trail trailhead and intended to hike to the crest and return. Missed the turn to the crest and turned around when it was clear we had missed it. We decided to hike up the coast trail to the ocean and enjoyed it. Spectacular view from mountain crest.

Absolutely gorgeous coastal view from the top. Would definitely recommend starting early - we had the summit to ourselves, and by the time we got back to our van the car park was packed.

Nice trail. Lots of roots that tried to trip me all day. View from the top is incredible. More traffic than I was expecting, but folks were great and mindful of fellow hikers and Mother Earth. I saw one piece of a candy wrapper on the ground and of course picked it up. Nice to see such a clean trail. Make sure to go on a clear day.

It takes about 15-40 minutes to get to the top from the beginning trailhead. That's if you're running, briskly hiking. There is a slight scramble

Completed on 8/26 on a hot sunny day
A lot of overgrowth on the first mile starting from North Trailhead. Moderately steep climb for most of the trail up to the summit. A lot of roots and loose dirt on trail but still safe. You can scramble up the peak near the end or take a longer less steep trail around to the top. Great views and one of the best coast trails I've been on. The hike down to the South Trailhead was quick. less overgrown, and less exposed to sun. I took the highway from South Trailhead to North Trailhead. There is a pedestrian walkway for most of the walk but a section with no walkway that can be somewhat sketchy since your so close to the road.

So, I may be unhappy because the view was foggy up top. I was immediately confused about where the trail ( remained) after about 3 miles up, and couldn't find a decent view. I could've easily mistaken the trail since it was my first time.

Amazing trail! Runnable but challenging, with a short scramble to the micro summit at the end. Lush and Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Beautiful hike!

Wonderful! I wish I knew for sure that I wasn't running through poison oak, but that's my own fault for not looking it up earlier. I don't think there was any on the trail actually. But, I was worrying about it the first third since it was such heavy trailer coverage.

Tough hike for someone who is very out of shape, but it was soooo worth it. Absolutely beautiful all the way up. And the view at the top was breathtaking!

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