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I dont think this was my fav. My friend and I did the whole loop..I think about 3 miles or more.
probably because of the cold but I wasn't as thrilled. Also I may not like sand as much as I thought. half of it was surrounded by sand. and I just got tired of it. anyways if you're a fan..you'll love it. there is some walking through trees which was beautiful.

2 months ago

Backpacked in at night with a group of Scouts. Trail well defined and easy to negotiate with headlamps. Fairly busy at the lake but the weather was ideal for October. No problems finding camping spots for 6 adults and 12 scouts even by headlamps. Beautiful location with access to water for filtering. Highly recommended.

Beautiful trail.

This was fantastic for a shorter trail. The super dense woods were beautiful and peaceful.
There are fire rings at the camp sites for anyone who dares to backpack in firewood.
There's a group of five sites near each other in one of the camping areas, but only a couple have good access to the lake for water.
The one site that is by itself (3/4 mile from the others) has access to water and it's own biffy (there's one for the five sites to share).
Piknic tables at every site as well.
Went on a Thursday night and didn't run into anyone backpacking or camping.
Bugs minded their own business.
The bull frogs were VERY loud at night which made for a difficult night of sleep.
I would definitely hike this trail again with ear plugs for sleeping.

4 months ago

We hiked the dune trail to Three Mike Lake, taking the longer loop at the beginning. Because of the Sandy Plover we didn’t walk on the beach portion with the pup. Hike ended up being about 7.8 miles. There was thick sand throughout the portion from the main trail to the lake. Went off trail towards the end and through some dune valleys and peaks before scrambling up a dune to reach the rim overlooking the lake. Could hear the ocean, very peaceful, there was no one else out there.

Just beautiful! Loved this trail. Rating seems right, it’s easy! Highly recommend it

Great loop hike

5 months ago

Great path, easy to navigate. The campsites by the lake are pretty, we just stopped for lunch. The trail felt safe, we saw a few other hikers with their dogs but it’s not crowded. I have a big dog and he did fine, it’s nice and cool in the woods and he dipped his paws in the lake when we got down there. You do have to pay $5 at the self serve station across the street from the trailhead.

Really Beautiful Hike. Wasn't too hard at all!

Great trail clearly marked. So peaceful

It was a pretty walk but couldn't walk around the lake because of flooding which was a bummer.

Enjoyable trail for biking. We needed to get out of beach wind and this was the ticket. My wife navigated just fine and she's slightly better than a beginner. Unfortunately, our ride ended in disappointing fashion as our car had been broken into while we were on the trail. Hard lesson to jog the brain - don't have anything of value in your vehicle.

6 months ago

Nice deep woods trail.

Very pretty, looks like a scene from Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Turned out to be a lot longer then we thought. The trail through the dunes is not marked very well just just keep a eye out for the trail markings. I didn’t record this I forgot to turn it on but it took us about 2hrs. We did this with our 1yr and 5yr old 1yr old in a pack once reaching the beach it seems like forever before you see the trail to start back just be prepared for a work out hiking through the dunes is not a easy task.

Beautiful trail! Highly recommend!

depending on time of year, much of trail is flooded.

10 months ago

Loved this hike though it turned out a bit longer than we intended. We did not go far enough down the beach to cut back in so we doubled back and went through the dunes turning it into about 10 miles. Just make sure you keep going down the beach until you see a big sign on the left, it is in the area where vehicles are allowed.

It is an easy trail.

I’d actually rate this as “easy” considering we backpacked it as a family when our kids were 6, 8 and 10. (I added photos):) It’s a great trail and if you are wanting a short easy backpacking loop, there are great camp spots near the lake! :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The trail map is out of date. This trail now connects with the Takenitch creek trail to the north.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Beautiful trail. Rated as hard but I found it to be moderate at best.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The map on here needs to be updated a little. They have done an expansion that allows for a full circle hike. You start at the trailhead and walk for about .3 miles and come to a sign that shows you have a mile loop in front of you. If you go to the left, you’ll have to watch for the trail after the long bridge. My kids were outgoing this trip and stayed were they thought he trail was, but there is a wooden fence, like the one at the entrance, that marks the trail. They were headed towards the open dunes I think.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

nice walk, very fun, lots of sand from the dunes though so it makes it very difficult after a while. still totally worth it and a good time!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

we only made it as far as the dunes because we started too late in the day (we stumbled on it accidentally on a drive through the area after dinner) but it was so beautiful! took our three kids (8, 6, and 2) and our Saint Bernard and they all handled it easily. we plan to go back early in the day and walk the entire thing because it was so breathtaking!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Diverse and amazing scenery, forest meets dune slopes. Great for trail running. Nicely shaded in the forest, secluded beach

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Minor elevation gain over 3 miles to reach great views of both freshwater lake & ocean. Found a camp site at the edge of the trail, but didn't find a defined trail to the shore. I accessed lake via steep dune. Not sure if there is a better way to enjoy the beautiful lake.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Excellent trail, would not describe this as Hard, Moderate perhaps. Trail is very well maintained, many very large moss covered trees, totally beautiful.

Friday, September 01, 2017

I only went to the south camp on a solo 2 day trip but it was still lots of fun! Highly recommend to people who like a quick easy trip with a nice lake.

Friday, September 01, 2017

It's been a few years, but we had a blast with this trail. Did have to remove our shoes to cross water to our ankles. Wooded sections, sandy dune spots, and beach! Didn't see any other folks either way.

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