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9 hours ago

This was a beautiful and easy hiking trip with the littles. The 3 year old started to tire out on the way back but the trail was easy enough to carry him the rest of the way.

Great diverse trail from Opal Creek trailhead to Cedar Flats. This trail is an out and back hike with a total closer to 13.5-not 9.3. Be prepared to climb over logs and hike both road and single track. Jaw Bone Flats is a quirky little must see, as well as, Opal Pool.
I wouldn’t recommend for first time hikers or children under 10, unless they are well versed in hiking.

Super easy hike. And beautiful.

The water was so beautiful. The hike was pretty easy, even with three kids. The crowds of people were definitely a turn off, though. I’d go again, but very early in the morning.

Great hike. Steep in some areas with serious falling hazards. Don’t go if you aren’t ready to work out hard. Don’t go if you have a fear of heights. Also note that forest service actually did maintenance on the road out to Henline. Still gravel and a bit bumpy but vast improvement.

Why no paste. I’m not typing it again. Accidentally put on different page. You let me copy/cut on old review but no paste on the new one. Bs fix your app, this is dumb!
Great hike....

A bit of snow on the trail, but easy to get to the top.

Short but pretty hike. A little dangerous at the end if you bring little ones. Keep a tight grip as you approach the falls.

its very doable until you get half a mile from the top. at that point its about knee deep in snow.

27 days ago

definitely a cool trail. not overly long, so if you have kids with you it is very doable . the road there is not good, lots of large potholes and it will hurt your shocks. I recommend 4x4 vehicle, though if you do not have one, it's not the end of the world.

28 days ago

Snow about 2 miles in or so. Past the meadow it got very deep and I was postholing my entire leg. Snow soft due to heat. I'd recommend getting there early for snow crossings. Snow shoes seemed useful. Microspikes helped until snow got deep. Might attempt again soon and just start in very early AM. Beautiful. Even if you don't make it, a great hike with beautiful views of Detroit Lake. I hiked 4/22/18.

Absolutely stunning hike. Although the 6.6 miles is not entirely accurate , from the start of the trailhead to the finish it's over 8. But the hike is stunning all the way to the falls which are indescribable. The drive that's unpaved though is TERRIBLE ( full of potholes) so be prepared with a good vehicle!

Hiked this one few weeks back but couldn’t reach the top because of snow. Tried it again today but turned back at about 1400’ because the snow got to be too much still. Great trail and if you like to get some elevation and exercise.

Super easy trail, hiked it after doing the majority of henline mountain trail but had to turn back because of snow. The fall is totally worth seeing. A few people there today but not a crowded mess.

Mostly very beautiful and pleasant experience. Awesome waterfall worth the hike. The road to the trail head is full of potholes, and parts of it just gravel. The trail is not toddler friendly close to the waterfall. Took 2 hours with two toddlers.

Snow starts around 2800 feet. By the time you reach the ridge line snow is about 3 feet deep in some places. Trail is covered and unless you have a map and know where the trail is, is very difficult to follow. Turned back just before the summit because gusts were around 40 mph.

Made it almost to the top but the snow was too deep and the trail was lost. Great hike only a couple of people on the trail. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because not many views but it could be different at the top. But a great work out

1 month ago

I took my dogs out here to get away for a little bit. I loved this hike. It was short and had a rewarding ending. The water fall and water in general were beautiful. There’s also a little cave there that you can explore.

The water and waterfalls are beautiful!

Love this hike. About 6 inches of snow throughout the trail. Great spot!

Easy hike with a nice waterfall at the end. Also a little cave nearby you can venture in a bit. Nice easy hike, would be great for kids and dogs.

Great short Hike!

Did this trail last summer. Great for beginners, since it's fairly flat. Definitely a popular trail though, lots of people, kids, dogs, groups playing music, ect.
The old mine town is very cool and the waterfalls and pools are so beautiful, that it was well worth the crowds.

Beautiful trail in west central Oregon. There are waterfalls along the hike, plus an old mine and mining town toward the end of the loop. Highly recommend.

This is one I enjoy several times a year. I cannot seem to get enough of the opal creek ancient forest. I consider myself a keeper of the forest and I am always amazed at the beauty of this hike and the surroundings. Respect the forest and leave no trace.

This hike was beautiful, however the last 2 miles in on national Forest roads was rough. We took my hubbys GTI up there, in the winter time, and the pot holes were kinda crazy. (the road does get resurfaced in the spring which is good.) It was icy over many of the bridges we went over so watch for that and one of the foot bridges to opal pool had loose boards and was covered in ice with no hand rail so we ended up having to turn back. Despite the snow and ice it's a beautiful hike with crystal clear water, nice fresh air and an abundance of peace and quiet, even though it does get pretty busy, even in January we saw more than a dozen groups up at the falls. Huge reminder were hiking boots or shoes that are water resistant because there is a good bit of running water, puddles, mud and snow on most of the trails.

Nice easy hike with some great scenery!! Clearest water and pools I’ve ever seen!! A little snow sticking on the sides of the trail but still in very good condition for now. Definitely one to do again!

lovely hike with not a soul in sight!

5 months ago

Easy to just past Jawbone Flats. The trail was icy in spots (early December) and had a couple slightly sketchy creek crossings (stone hopping and 1 plank crossing above a waterfall). The solitude and views were fantastic in December.

Great hike, took a gentleman that I support out there and he had a great time. The very end of the trail right as you get to the falls is steep with parts of out washed out. As long as you are sure footed though it shouldn't be a problem. Took some great pictures.

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