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Love this hike. About 6 inches of snow throughout the trail. Great spot!

Easy hike with a nice waterfall at the end. Also a little cave nearby you can venture in a bit. Nice easy hike, would be great for kids and dogs.

Great short Hike!

Did this trail last summer. Great for beginners, since it's fairly flat. Definitely a popular trail though, lots of people, kids, dogs, groups playing music, ect.
The old mine town is very cool and the waterfalls and pools are so beautiful, that it was well worth the crowds.

Beautiful trail in west central Oregon. There are waterfalls along the hike, plus an old mine and mining town toward the end of the loop. Highly recommend.

This is one I enjoy several times a year. I cannot seem to get enough of the opal creek ancient forest. I consider myself a keeper of the forest and I am always amazed at the beauty of this hike and the surroundings. Respect the forest and leave no trace.

This hike was beautiful, however the last 2 miles in on national Forest roads was rough. We took my hubbys GTI up there, in the winter time, and the pot holes were kinda crazy. (the road does get resurfaced in the spring which is good.) It was icy over many of the bridges we went over so watch for that and one of the foot bridges to opal pool had loose boards and was covered in ice with no hand rail so we ended up having to turn back. Despite the snow and ice it's a beautiful hike with crystal clear water, nice fresh air and an abundance of peace and quiet, even though it does get pretty busy, even in January we saw more than a dozen groups up at the falls. Huge reminder were hiking boots or shoes that are water resistant because there is a good bit of running water, puddles, mud and snow on most of the trails.

Nice easy hike with some great scenery!! Clearest water and pools I’ve ever seen!! A little snow sticking on the sides of the trail but still in very good condition for now. Definitely one to do again!

lovely hike with not a soul in sight!

2 months ago

Easy to just past Jawbone Flats. The trail was icy in spots (early December) and had a couple slightly sketchy creek crossings (stone hopping and 1 plank crossing above a waterfall). The solitude and views were fantastic in December.

Great hike, took a gentleman that I support out there and he had a great time. The very end of the trail right as you get to the falls is steep with parts of out washed out. As long as you are sure footed though it shouldn't be a problem. Took some great pictures.

2 months ago

This was such a beautiful little trail! Perfect after work hike :)


This hike is great! You take the opal creek trail head out and add on a little loop through the old, historic, quaint town of Jawbone Flats. I definitely recommend!

3 months ago

I began this week by 10am 11/11/17. The last 2.5 miles driving to the TH contains several potholes that has potential to mess up a low clearance car. The TH itself was easy to follow, switched-backed a couple times, and had views along the way to the top. The last .6 had snowpack up to ankle height. It was soft and easily manageable with boots and poles. There is a smaller goat trail at the top that can be followed for another 1.2~ miles to a higher peak that's around 4500ft. The snow gets gradually worse however, but it's a good way starting point for winter climbing. If anyone goes in the near future, I'm sure you can follow my footprints as it does feel like you're going into a more backcountry setting. In total the trip was 7.7miles in 3h 30min, but I also tracked ~2.7 to the top of Henline Mtn at around 1h 05min

Great short hike! Amazing waterfall!

3 months ago

Just visited today with my dog. I was surprised how quickly we got to the falls. It was spectacular with some late morning sun beaming through and a rainbow running the gamut of the falls’ drop zone. My dog, who is on the larger side, had a bit of trouble negotiating a section of the trail that looks to be concrete remnants from an old bridge or something. But she was rewarded by enjoying a drink from pristine pools and a treat for bravery.

there are several falls

Awesome. Great workout and incredible views

good workout to a great 360° view from the top

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