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When I have to hike on a gravel road for miles, I do not give 5 stars. I think this is a fun hike for kids as you see mine shafts and the remanence of equipment and old vehicles. The opal creek portion is gorgeous and a nice hike through the trees. There are many many hikes in Oregon I repeat and take people. This will not be one of them.

2 days ago

Well maintained trail. Steady uphill climb. Nice view of Detroit Lake. Be prepared for mosquitos. They are aggressive.

So much to look at.

The trail is mainly on gravel. There is a fork in the trail with a mile marker sign posting information about (left) Jawbone Flats/Education Center and (right) Opal Pool. I went both ways and I highly recommend the trail on the right since it's much more beautiful and the trail is on red dirt. The miles of the entire trail is inaccurate because it depends on where you're going (Opal Creek swimming holes, Jawbone Flats, Old Mining area, Opal Pool). My friend, my dog and I hiked all over and ended this hike packing ten miles in our legs. Wear durable, waterproof hiking shoes. Your feet will thank you.

Good climb first two miles, first half pretty over grown in areas once you hit the runoff. Trail is ridden with mosquitoes til the second half. Nice rock ledge for a quarter of a mile and a few logs to hurdle over along the way. No water past the 2.75 miles til you get to twin lakes. Didn't see alot of lake access but 4 to 5 camp spots. Good hike but the road in to Elk lake is slow going and 4 wheel drive would make it easier but we did pass a mercedes, proceed at your own risk. ;)

Easily one of the most beautiful areas in Oregon but (there’s always a but) the crowds have gotten astronomically larger over the years. If you can go on a weekday then you’ll find respite from the lake parties. Just know that you’ll likely still spend a significant portion of the day finding and picking up other people’s trash.

7 days ago

The road up is tough, and pretty rocky. You end up having to Park where the split to Elk Lake is, as the road farther on is washed out. The trail could use some love but wasn't too bad. Enjoyed our stay at the lake. Upper twin is really nice this time of year. Just warm enough for a nice dip in the lake. Campsites are very well maintained, but please pick up your trash as we had to pick up quite a bit on our way out. The the trail to the lower twin seems to not be there anymore or is it very overgrown.

Loved the hike only reason not a 5 is because it’s so crowded! Did I last weekend of June 2018.

Not so kid-friendly at the end! The washouts weren't too bad, but the climb over the concrete structure was tricky- I kept my toddler in the carrier, suspended Superman-style over the cliff! Super easy until that point.

on Henline Falls Trail

15 days ago

Amazing and easy trail!

Super steep but very fun!

19 days ago

I have done this hike probably close to 10 times. I use it as a conditioning hike to prepare for S Sisters or St Helens because of the length and elevation gain. I checked the distance today with Map my Hike app and the distance from the top of Dome Rock to parking lot on Hwy 22 was just over 5 miles making round trip just over 10. Great hike for getting in shape.

25 days ago

This trail makes an excellent overnight train up trip. Moderate distance and elevation gain. There are 10+/- blow downs on the trail but nothing too annoying. There were quite a few water sources along the way, so I never needed to carry more than one liter of water. Lots of small brook trout in Upper Twin and crawdads too. 5-6 good campsites on the northwest side of the lake. Very little mosquito activity on June 23-24, 2018.

Training to climb Kilimanjaro at the end of the year and looking for good training hikes. This one was a good one for that. not too long, but steady and constant elevation gain, rocky trail and beautiful view at the top. It's a great feeling when there is no more up until you remember the down is probably harder on tired legs. That was definitely the case on this trail.

Saturday morning and only one other couple on the trail. Definitely coming back to this one!

Fun hike great views from top.

Went midweek, only three other small groups on the trail. definitely earns hard rating, very steep and long. Great views from the old lookout site. Only earns 4 stars because trail after lookout to summit is unstable at times, narrow, sometimes overgrown, and has several fallen trees over it. I reached the Summit, but honestly the extra mile each way wasn't really worth it, as the views from the lookout are just as stunning and similar.

Beautiful hike. Only ran into one person on the actual Whetstone mountain trail, and it was decently well-maintained. Pretty difficult hike when it rains. There wasnt much snow in mid-June!

Such a beautiful and relaxing hike!

Such a great hike

Beautiful hike! We arrived early and ran into two people until we were on our way back, haha. Gentle inclines and stunning views. This trail just made me happy. Be forewarned that there has been cougar sightings recently, so ensure you are safely prepared.

1 month ago

Trail is in good shape, road to the trailhead is rough and rocky but doable. Gorgeous views, great camp spots to stay overnight at Twin Lakes.

Easy but beautiful fall at the end, great trail for young kids.

1 month ago

A great, easy “hike” which is mostly a walk along a gravel road until you get to Opal pool. From Opal pool to Cedar Flats though, the trail is legit terrifying in spots. Narrow single track, poorly maintained, with steep drop offs on the side. One area had just a large tree with small handholds notched in with a chainsaw... which would epically suck if you missed them. Another spot had s wobbly crank to cross a creek which would take you over the side.Still, it is stunningly beautiful, and the camp sites at the Flats are wonderful... flat and ride by Opal Creek. I’d attempt experience, nerves of steel and leave the kids and dogs at home.

1 month ago

Awesome trail

Stunning views. Crowded as a result! ;) worth it at least once! We logged 9.5 miles on my step counter app total.

The walk up the gravel road to get to jawbone flats had uneven sharp gravel thoughout glad I did not bring my small tender footed pup!

Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend... we arrived by 8am and had a great hike. Went via the road to Jawbone Flats then returned via the loop by Opal Pool (which is a more difficult and smaller trail, but lovely views). By the time we got back to the roadway on the return, it was a super-highway of people! We counted 132 cars when we left. It took us about 4 hours, leisurely pace, 6.5 miles.

So beautiful! The creek is stunning with several falls, pools, and the hike is varied with interesting things along the way, such as rusty train cars, Jawbone flats.
Don’t buy a Marion County Parks parking pass (I didn’t know so paid for one as soon as I turned onto N Fork Road)- you just need the NW Forest Pass or pay at the trailhead.
Footing is more technical and slower once you get on the Kopetski trail.
Allow about 4-5 hours round trip including breaks by the numerous pools.

1 month ago

It was a blast!!!! Ok

1 month ago

Large snow patches at 3.5 miles in.

1 month ago

I love this hike. This is my third time doing it and I swear the water gets bluer each time. Smile on my face the whole time. A must do for sure!

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