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Great nature walk! Lots of people and dogs. Several off shoots and bird watching opportunities. Well maintained. Negatives: some trash and homeless people.

Fun easy hike with beautiful views even in the winter time. The Oaks Park train runs through part of the trail and can be VERY LOUD, my dog went nuts but I had a firm hold on him.

Great little loop. I felt a little uncomfortable with the amount of homeless on the trail. Would be great for trail running.

I like the variety on the trail, from grassy flatland to the woods to wetlands to the Springwater along the Willamette. The screams from people on rides at oaks bottom park are annoying.

The hike was nice for the most part. What I did not like. The rules are Dogs on leash, most weren’t and when the path turned to pavement o many bikers whizzing by.

Super cute little walk! Saw a deer and some baby ducks! The only downside is that it’s a pretty busy area so lots of activity!

Great little afternoon walk . You can park by the dog park and have it off leash and releash for the trail

A basic meandering trail mostly in within the wetlands. It does bring you onto the Springwater Corridor, which can get busy. The trail itself was easy to navigate.

Description says loop. however, the bike path portion that makes the loop is closed towards sellwood. so I turned back and got turned around, they have done some new upgrades that stabilized the decent from the parking lot. Trail is in good shape for the most part. I like that the hiking section is off limits to cyclists. our hike was almost 4 miles, with the extra re-route. (that matters to a 8 month corgi)

The western paved portion is not so hot, especially on a nice day that brings out many cyclists. One can avoid that by going out and back on the east side. Good for waterfowl in the winter, but muddy.

My second visit, walking the loop around Oaks Bottom Lake, this time with Mom. We saw tons of wildlife, and it was a perfect weather day.

We parked at Sellwood Park and started from there. The beginning was ok - saw lots of birds - got a good pic of geese with their goslings. However, it ends up on a paved road (Spring Water Corridor) and we walked that back with bikers blazing by us....very boring and even though it was maybe 3 miles, it felt like 10 because of the walk back. I think though this would be a good beginner, introductory hike for someone new to it...better than sitting indoors!

Ok trip that is conveniently near Portland. It never really gives a feel like you are away from the urban center, though.

Nice loop with 4 adults, 1 kid, and 2 babies. Lots of wildlife: wood ducks, a heron, a bald eagle, and more! I much preferred the trail half in the woods. The stretch on the paved trail was a bit dicey with bikes zooming by and no real shoulder to step off to the side. Lots of roots and some mud on the trail, but my friend’s Bob stroller handled it just fine! Parked at the amusement park.

Tue Feb 20 2018

Great trail in the middle of the metro area!

Dry and no mud today. Some cool birds in the swamp.

Not what I was use to. This is definitely an inner city “nature” hike. Over half of the view was of graffiti on old abandoned looking buildings.

Not a bad trail. Pretty easy, good for beginners.

Magical! I wish it were closer to the water, though. Also the amount of party trash and evidence of/presence of vagrants was unsettling. I wish the loop didn’t include the bike path, and I wish you could get back to the parking lot without totally retracing. (Plus, that hill is killer when you’re tired.)

Easy hike, did it with a 60 year old smoker. She had a rough time but completed it!

First time there. Really perfect for me as I live in Milwaukie so not to far. Love the well maintained trails and no campers along the way. Its my new favorite spot!!! Thanks to all the volunteers to keep it ideal!!

Great trail, a lot to see. Just be aware of the homeless encampments in the bushes to the right, opposite side of the water. Wear mosquito repellent!!!

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