North Santiam State Park plays host to some of the most beautiful riverfront in the area. It is one of the finest steelhead fishing spots on the North Santiam River. North Santiam State Park is a primitive campground and day-use area with drinking fountain and restroom facilities. Picnic tables dot the grass, making North Santiam State Park a great place to stop to stretch and eat a picnic lunch. Hiking trails show the beauty of the large old-growth trees and the river.

Awesome waterfalls, comparable to Silver Falls ( it's apart of the same drainage) especially in the spring! Lots of different trails to make different loops. Fun for the day and to keep your hiking legs in shape and close to town if you're in the Salem area. Only downside is the gravel road sections, but hell if that's all there is to complain about this trail I'd say you'll be ok... I come back here time and time again when a quick escape is needed.

Aside from the 1.5 miles to the falls I've been walking on service roads and paths around a camp ground. Let me not forget to mention the road through someone's cattle ranch that chokes of manure. After talking to a worker I learned that really all of the "trails" people have logged are service roads so I opted out of doing the full gravel road loop. There are a few trails cutting across the service roads but mostly seem like things to do if you're a kind d camping. This was disappointing.
It should really just be listed as a walk to the falls and completely leave out the service road trails. I mean unless you're from the area and it's just the only option over a treadmill. Don't get me wrong, the one falls is pretty, the other one coming out from under the road is kind me of killed because it comes out from under the road. Certainly wasn't worth the drive from Portland.

One of my favorite hikes. Loved it so much I went 3 times in a month. Gorgeous waterfalls & peaceful wooded trails.

This hike is easy and beautiful. I have done this hike multiple times; once in the snow. It's also a great hike if you have dogs.

The hike (or walk) up to the falls is pleasant. There are free range cattle and you go over several cattle guards on your way up the gravel road. Lots of beautiful wildflowers! The loop was ok, but not spectacular. There are one or two spots with incredible views but the rest was meh. The mud I read about had dried up. Be sure to wear good shoes, lots of gravel and rocks!

Too crowded! Parking lot is always full & road parking is dangerous. I'd recommend a different trail, just too many people.

This hike was a huge disappointment. First of all, the first 1 1/2 miles was just walking up a rock covered dirt road. Then you get to the 1st waterfall, which is very pretty. Just be careful walking the trail up to it, especially if you have children with you. There is quite a bit of poison oak growing on both sides of the path. Then the trail that leads to the second falls is a little over grown and has poison oak growing all over the trail. I couldn't even make it 10 mins down the trail, since I had on shorts and didnt want to end up with a nasty rash. I had to turn around and go back. I did not enjoy this hike, very boring just walking down a dirt road and a very good chance to get poison oak as well.

I love this hike it was my second ti me yesterday, took really long to get to the waterfall cause I took my 2 yr old & everything moves at her pace lol. but it was worth it.