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1 month ago

Nice walk through oak Savannah on a BLM maintenance road. Steep at the end...which didn’t really end...no marking and I’m sure the trail road just kept going. Poison oak on either side of the road, but easy to stay out of. All in all, ok 5 mile walk, but would not likely repeat .

Not sure why this is labeled as Dunning Ranch. When you arrive at the staging area, all the signs say North Bank Habitat Management Area. Also, there are several different trails at this location. Not just one like the app shows. A friend and I hiked one of the trails recently and really enjoyed it. The initial path that leads to the trails is somewhat of a steep grade. It will get you breathing good right away, but after a quarter mile or so it starts leveling off a bit. This area is not heavily forested, so bring a hat and sunscreen. There are many sections of trail that offer no shade. All in all it is a great place to hike and like I mentioned previously, there are multiple trails at this location, so you can hike all day if you’re up to it.

The trailhead was not easily found. Started the loop heading to the right, once there is splits and you’ll want to head left. This take you up a steep incline. If you start going left from the parking lot, that will be the “start” and the trailhead is seen about 50+ yards. Throughout the hike, several wildlife was seen including deer, wild birds and cows. Come prepared with sunscreen and plenty of water (Hiked in August). Wide path is easy to traverse. The views at the top is very nice and worth it after getting to the top!

It was difficult to figure out what the soggy bottom trail was, where it began. No trailhead visible. The incline (seen on the right from the parking lot) was intense but the views are worth it. There is a wildlife survey taking place, and there were protective cows everywhere. The amount of wildlife seen was amazing: deer, lizards, cows, quail, amazing birds, and beautiful plant life! We went on a Friday afternoon and literally saw no humans, nice and peaceful hike once you figure out that you're on the right trail!

We hiked the trail following my app. The first part was well traveled, however when we got to the middle of the loop the trail was thin and hardly used! beautiful views, some great rock formations, tighten your shoes on the way down! definitely toe torture!

Great big trail through wide open spaces at first leading to more rugged forested trails that lead up into the hills. Lots of Marrone and Oak as well as Poison Oak. Mixed use area as well to include seasonal hunting.

It was an amazing trail and a great way to get some practice under your belt for a bigger hike or even a backpacking trip

57 and mostly sunny yesterday; great 31/2-4 mile hike. The 3 of us enjoyed

This is a beautiful hike. The back (north) end provides absolutely incredible views. But if you’re like me and haven’t hiked on BLM land (and let’s say you’re not a super experienced hiker), be aware that the east third of this loop is pretty vague as far as where the trail is. Markings are almost nonexistent and the trail will occasionally disappear. Bring a dog and/or GPS. Recommend!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

This is part of North bank , BLM habitat, and should be listed as such. It’s only soggy in the 8-9 months of the year it’s raining in the roseburg area. In the summer it’s pretty hard packed and dry. Stay on trail to avoid poison oak!

There is a lot more trail than 7.1 miles at North Bank, but most of it is seriously uphill or downhill. You can find a couple of “flat” miles at the west entrance, if you take the single track trail leading west from the parking lot, which soon joins a gravel road. The views from the top are definitely worth the work, and there are many ways to get there. The east entrance has a more gradual climb to the top, (unless you take the trail under the power lines). But, it is closed mid-week, so you will have to park outside the gate and walk in. There are cattle running about, and occasional horseback riders, so be aware. Also, prepare to wipe yourself down in case you contact poison oak. All trails have poison oak just off of them. In winter, the single track can be quite muddy, but in summer, even the “cat roads” are nice.. some gravel and packed dirt.

We enjoyed exploring the North Bank Ranch area. Lots of great trails and very few people. However, the title of this trial (Dunning Ranch Trail) was not seen on sign posts or on the BLM map located at the trailhead. We were pretty confused but still enjoyed the variety of hikes — the most visible one is steep and a good hike up. There is also a trailhead to the north of the parking lot (look for opening in the parking lot fence) that is more flat and leads to a variety of other trails.

Great hike, very pretty and beautiful views! We did stumble upon a RATTLESNAKE in the middle of the path on our way back to our cars though!!! I was grateful in this moment that I hadn’t brought my dog, who would’ve surely been curious and possibly bitten. It was nearly 9pm and just up from the parking lot. I’ve lived in Oregon and this valley for most of my life and this was my very first run in. So just be aware that they’re out there lol! Aside from the adrenaline rush to cap off our hike, it was a great evening, beautiful sunset and just what we were looking for.

Stopped here with my pup for a quick hike on my way from Seattle down to Medford. We loved it! Great trail and beautiful views. I’d say this is more of a moderate hike because of the steady incline — so a bit more rigorous than a walk in the woods but not too difficult. Perfect pit stop!

Somewhat difficult at times, very hilly and prepare to walk on soft ground at times. There are a variety of trails to take and the signs are not clear through out the trails.

Not your typical trail in Douglas County. I liked the steep grade right away. I always see a lot of deer. Would be a good hike to take your dog on. However, I think this is popular with horse trail riding. I’ve never seen any though.

Absolutely love this trail! The pups and I have explored almost every inch of this trail with its many loops and is easily one of our go-to adventure spots. The first two miles are pretty steep and the further you go, you will find a few more steep climbs. If you stick it out, the views are breathtaking, especially on a clear day!

Great hike with beautiful scenery. Pretty steep section to the summit but trail was well maintained and worth the effort. Overall the trail could use some more signage, I missed a turn and went to the wrong trail head.

horseback riding
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

This is a trail in the north bank habitat wildlife area in roseburg by glide -great place -beautiful . Not too muddy right. Now . Not sure why it is listed separately.....

I did not get to hike to far on this trail, my grand daughter was with me and after the first bend she did not want to go. It was a beautiful day. I would not call this easy. The trail is steep, but it is free of brush. I to got a tick on me also.

Beautiful country . We were there for a youth hunt. Very steep if you want to get to the top . But lots of cat roads once you get up there .

More of a moderate hike with the first 2 miles 95% uphill. Not bad, not great.

tough hike up to the ridge, but spectacular views. I had the entire trail system to myself.

We hiked the loop counter clockwise - taking the trail on the NW corner of the parking lot. We were happy we did as the terrain was very steep the other way. Stay straight on path if a easier climb. Wonderful views and a couple of picnic tables. There is poison oak at the very top ridge line. The trail was a little hard to follow at the very top. Only saw a couple of people riding horses and cows with calves. We were the only ones hiking!

(AllWill) great work out steep terrain. friendly invierment. ideal for pets got to see wild life couple houres and dogs. i will be going back.

Beautiful! Trails were well maintained and the hike was very peaceful! I had the whole place to myself. I did have to hike an extra .7 miles as the gate was closed off to my vehicle, but it was well worth it. I took the trail up to North Bank Trail (or maybe it was North Plain Trail??) and it was definitely a work out for me, but BEAUTIFUL views at the top! I can see how it would be a muddy hike if in the wetter season. It was perfect for me however.

Very muddy ! To early in the year. We turned around

from the west entrance I hiked up the 1.5 trail on black tail ridge. great hike, excellent views at the top.

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