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Located twenty miles east of the city of Portland, Oregon and the northern Willamette River valley, the Mt. Hood National Forest extends south from the strikingly beautiful Columbia River Gorge across more than sixty miles of forested mountains, lakes and streams to Olallie Scenic Area, a high lake basin under the slopes of Mt. Jefferson.

Nice hike. Relative easy. Started raining and was a bit slick. Nothing unmanageable but if you weren’t paying attention you could slide down quite a ways.

Waterfall was beautiful. Hike out was beautiful. Camp sites along the way are all very clean and well kept.


1 day ago

Not going to agree at all with the last review. I completed the loop, walked to the right at the trail split (following the Ramona falls trail), which was probably a mile in to the trail. I finished the loop, meeting back at the sign (from the left side). The return trip was way better than the way up.

Crossing the river was pretty easy if you have good balance. Stick won’t help u much unless you intend to walk in the river to cross it. We crossed across a downed tree.

Hiked this trail with the family, ages 10-53. Perfect length and difficulty for the kiddos, wore out the pupper. Absolutely gorgeous!

I only went 3.5 miles in. The first mile is the hardest with alot of steep switchbacks. 1st waterfall of the 3 I saw was the best. Great workout and I saw only 2 hikers. There is a lot of burn damage from the most recent fires but trail is open and being maintained.

This was a fun snowshoeing hike. We got there early to avoid large groups of people and it worked. As we were leaving probably 50+ people were coming in. The trail was nice, not too strenuous.

1 day ago

This is a nice hike that isn't too strenuous.

First 2 miles of trail been turned into paved road, next 1 1/2 miles where small loose rocks. After that, they stopped maintenance on the trail.

on Cast Lake Loop

2 days ago

Did an overnight this past weekend. Took West Zig Zag in and South Burnt Lake out.

-West Zig Zag trail is steep from the very beginning with only 1 switchback-it’s a good challenge. We didn’t cross another person and while the views are limited, it’s a very pretty area.
-still some snow on the trail but will most likely be gone soon.
-Getting to the lake from Zig Zag trail is about 7-8 miles itself and about 3-4 out on South Burnt Lake.
-lots of mosquitos and we were on a ridge away from the lake.
- very peaceful space. There were about 6 other people up there but there is plenty of space to spread out.
-do not take the road up there unless you have a vehicle with good ground clearance and suspension. There was a mention of someone going up in a Prius and we cannot even imagine that car making it up there. Potholes the width of the road and very deep/rocky.

Great short hike. Umbrella Falls has a parking lot very close so it’s a bit crowded. However, walking down to the Sahalie falls made this hike 4 stars. It was hard to tell where to hike down and a bit discouraging due to steepness but definitely worth it in the end..

Hard climb but awesome to the top!

Spectacular waterfall! We hiked this trail to celebrate the arrival of 2008. We were excited to try out our traction spikes in the frozen wonderland, and boy did we need them. We cruised down the trail, surefooted, while others resorted to sliding on their butts at any decline and forming human chains at the inclines... Funny, but also dangerous- be sure to bring the right equipment for your season!

3 days ago

March 2nd, don't go if you don't have Chains and a high undercarriage. several cars left stranded. The trail is covered in snow, beautiful, peaceful and just a perfect hike. Trekking poles are useful in the snow. we were the first to the tubs today. water was scolding hot! luckily my hiking gal pal is a mountain woman and shuvled snow and ice into the open air, 8 person tub to cool it off. The birds have clearly been handfed, remember "don't feed the wildlife!" Bagby is old, it is showing it's age. Folks are clearly not 100% of the time packing out. That ruines it for others. Leave no trace! Anyone looking to make a difference and a buck, take bags with you to haul out bottles and cans. bring flip flops to protect your feet!

Loved this hike! Super easy for everyone with a pristine picture of mt good

3 days ago

Fantasy hike!

3 days ago

We did this loop as an overnight this past weekend.
Here's my comments:
-We did the loop clockwise. This means getting the hardest hiking out of the way on the way there. However, it also means less scenic views on the return trip.
-There's lots of mosquitoes currently. Especially on the Burnt Lake South Trail #772. They weren't terrible around Cast Lake
-Not the most scenic lake but lots of solitude
-The road is rough. I read someone said they saw a Prius driving it. I can't imagine them making it to the top and not high-centering
-Overall a great weekend. A fairly short drive from Portland, a good workout and a relaxing weekend away!

Amazing hike. It was a great work out for my family of 5 and I. My 12 years old son did great even thought this hike was tuff for all of us.

Things you must know. We had a hard time finding this trail. The dirrections took us at the begening of TOP SPUR trail ( witch is an other trail) with no indications for Mc Neil point trail.
You just need to start on that trail Top Spur trail and wen you come up to a big white sign after a mile or so. You take the TIMBERLINE trail on the left going down for a bit then up the all way to Mc neil point. . We went in mid june and we still had the walk on top of many snow patches. The day was splendid and once you get past the forest and the clearing open up on a spectacular view of the Mt hood, it only gets better from there all the way up to Mc Neil point where you will find a shelter made of stone. The view is breath takeing. If it is a clear day, you will see Mt st Adam, Mt st Helene, Mt rainier and Mt Hood very clearly.
We did not find many signs to help us, mostly we followed trails and foot prints. The all hike took about 7 h maybe more? So worth it!!
Marjolaine (from France)

This trail was challenging for those who don't hike "moderate" trails that often; we did ourselves a big favor by bringing plenty of water and snacks. In checking in with other hikers, they were all in agreement that the mileage and time estimates were all underestimating the distance and time needed. It was beautiful for sure, but there were portions of the trail that were rocky mixed with a narrow passage and a steep cliff: one misstep or slip could be a major problem. It was a great challenge and I would definitely do it again, but would just steel myself that some portions are more difficult and not necessarily what my mind would define as "moderate".

Beautiful view of Mt. Hood and easy hike with kids ages 3 - 6.

4 days ago

Good views of Mt. Hood. The top also has views of Helens and you can see a little of Adams and Rainer. Just missed the wildflowers. Lots of mountain bikers.

They are incredibly popular and do not always attract the most appealing people. That said it is a pleasant little walk with neat spring fed tubs at the destination. I always preferred hiking in when the area is closed due to snow. Otherwise even in the middle of the night, it could be pretty crowded.

Excellent and very pretty trail. Plenty of nice camping spots open even on a weekend. Sparsely traversed passed the 3.1 mile mark so much more solitary and foresty but very peaceful and pretty. Not too challenging. Good practice before attempting the mountain hikes.

4 days ago

Nice and not as crowded as expected.

Wonderful besides the shooting range across the road close to the start of the hike.

Hikes back open

This hike was beautiful!! 10/10 would do again. It was very moderate, didn’t feel the uphill at all (except in one short rocky spot). Lots of tree cover for sun shading/protection from the rain (it rained on our way down but felt very light with the trees). The waterfalls were beautiful, you can climb on the rocks to get behind it if you want to (a bit slippery but worth it).

Beautiful rolling hill trail, breathtaking views of mount hood. Stunning lake! Worth the drive up!

Easy trail and mostly flat for approx 1/2 of the loop. We started at the boathouse area and headed towards the amphitheater and boat launch then started the loop. There were a few areas on the other side of the lake where we had to traverse water and muddy areas, but it was easily manageable and we mostly avoided the muck. At the start there were several campsites and people hanging out fishing, etc., but not once we got to the top of the lake. There were a fair amount of people out on the trail and a lot of dogs. People were friendly and courteous, as were the dogs.

Took my first trip here on 6/15/18. The trail is fairly easy to navigate, however there are some downed trees that require a little bit of ducking and climbing over.

trail running
5 days ago

I would highly recommend taking the Ramona Trail #797 as an out and back, skipping the PCT part of the loop. The Ramona Trail is much more scenic as compared to the part of the PCT that follows the Sandy River. So, out and back, don’t loop. (Carry walking sticks to help you cross the Sandy River or find a long stick. The logs that are acting as bridges are tad bit unstable. And as always, be careful when fording larger streams.)

Push through every step, the outcome is worth it! It can be a tough hike, but that's the gorge. Push through, and you see some of the most beautiful parts of Oregon.

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