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12 hours ago

Did an overnight this past weekend. Took West Zig Zag in and South Burnt Lake out.

-West Zig Zag trail is steep from the very beginning with only 1 switchback-it’s a good challenge. We didn’t cross another person and while the views are limited, it’s a very pretty area.
-still some snow on the trail but will most likely be gone soon.
-Getting to the lake from Zig Zag trail is about 7-8 miles itself and about 3-4 out on South Burnt Lake.
-lots of mosquitos and we were on a ridge away from the lake.
- very peaceful space. There were about 6 other people up there but there is plenty of space to spread out.
-do not take the road up there unless you have a vehicle with good ground clearance and suspension. There was a mention of someone going up in a Prius and we cannot even imagine that car making it up there. Potholes the width of the road and very deep/rocky.

22 hours ago

Spectacular waterfall! We hiked this trail to celebrate the arrival of 2008. We were excited to try out our traction spikes in the frozen wonderland, and boy did we need them. We cruised down the trail, surefooted, while others resorted to sliding on their butts at any decline and forming human chains at the inclines... Funny, but also dangerous- be sure to bring the right equipment for your season!

March 2nd, don't go if you don't have Chains and a high undercarriage. several cars left stranded. The trail is covered in snow, beautiful, peaceful and just a perfect hike. Trekking poles are useful in the snow. we were the first to the tubs today. water was scolding hot! luckily my hiking gal pal is a mountain woman and shuvled snow and ice into the open air, 8 person tub to cool it off. The birds have clearly been handfed, remember "don't feed the wildlife!" Bagby is old, it is showing it's age. Folks are clearly not 100% of the time packing out. That ruines it for others. Leave no trace! Anyone looking to make a difference and a buck, take bags with you to haul out bottles and cans. bring flip flops to protect your feet!

Loved this hike! Super easy for everyone with a pristine picture of mt good

1 day ago

Fantasy hike!

1 day ago

We did this loop as an overnight this past weekend.
Here's my comments:
-We did the loop clockwise. This means getting the hardest hiking out of the way on the way there. However, it also means less scenic views on the return trip.
-There's lots of mosquitoes currently. Especially on the Burnt Lake South Trail #772. They weren't terrible around Cast Lake
-Not the most scenic lake but lots of solitude
-The road is rough. I read someone said they saw a Prius driving it. I can't imagine them making it to the top and not high-centering
-Overall a great weekend. A fairly short drive from Portland, a good workout and a relaxing weekend away!

Beautiful view of Mt. Hood and easy hike with kids ages 3 - 6.

They are incredibly popular and do not always attract the most appealing people. That said it is a pleasant little walk with neat spring fed tubs at the destination. I always preferred hiking in when the area is closed due to snow. Otherwise even in the middle of the night, it could be pretty crowded.

Excellent and very pretty trail. Plenty of nice camping spots open even on a weekend. Sparsely traversed passed the 3.1 mile mark so much more solitary and foresty but very peaceful and pretty. Not too challenging. Good practice before attempting the mountain hikes.

This hike was beautiful!! 10/10 would do again. It was very moderate, didn’t feel the uphill at all (except in one short rocky spot). Lots of tree cover for sun shading/protection from the rain (it rained on our way down but felt very light with the trees). The waterfalls were beautiful, you can climb on the rocks to get behind it if you want to (a bit slippery but worth it).

Easy trail and mostly flat for approx 1/2 of the loop. We started at the boathouse area and headed towards the amphitheater and boat launch then started the loop. There were a few areas on the other side of the lake where we had to traverse water and muddy areas, but it was easily manageable and we mostly avoided the muck. At the start there were several campsites and people hanging out fishing, etc., but not once we got to the top of the lake. There were a fair amount of people out on the trail and a lot of dogs. People were friendly and courteous, as were the dogs.

Took my first trip here on 6/15/18. The trail is fairly easy to navigate, however there are some downed trees that require a little bit of ducking and climbing over.

Push through every step, the outcome is worth it! It can be a tough hike, but that's the gorge. Push through, and you see some of the most beautiful parts of Oregon.

I see so many snowshoe reviews, I figured I'd put in a hiking review. My dad and I did this hike, and it was amazing! This review, is many years later, but the land, the view, and the experience has not changed. We extended the hike up the middle ridge (where the loop wraps around) up to White River Glacier. It felt like we could touch the peak of the mountain! Everything seemed enormous. The hike up until the ridge, family friendly. The ridge, I wouldn't take small children, as you go up, the drop on both sides gets pretty dang intense. The experience was amazing for me! The view looking at Mt. Hood, and all around was amazing! Hard work, but worth it.


This was my first Oregon hike - what a stunning way to start! Great trail with relaxing spots to admire the river. The waterfall is glorious. If we would have packed lunch we could have stayed all day. Decided to hike back and enjoy lunch by the river where the trail begins. Highly recommend!

8 days ago

You pay 5.00 a person at the parking area, so take cash. You have vault toilet options, the parking areas ones are cleaner:) you walk 1.5 miles with the last leg uphill, you can then join the public pools or wait for a spot to get in or you can wait up to 45min or longer to get in a private log, which holds two plump adults nicely:) take towels and swim gear and plenty of water! No booze no smoking! Kid friendly, lots of dogs! Please be responsible of trash!!!!!!!! Pack it in, pack it out! Have a great time!

I actually hiked this back in August before the fires from Multnomah falls through Wahkeena and onto Angels Rest. Over 11 miles total! Lots of incline! Bring lots of water and food. One of my favorite hikes, so glad I got to be able to do this one early on.

on Lost Lake Butte Trail

9 days ago

Beautiful. Started at 9am on a Sunday and there was no one on the trail!

Ultra short but gorgeous deep blue spring fed pond. Once in a lifetime view. Took the Timothy lake/PCT section trail further to some heavily wooded hiking arriving at the large Timothy lake. Short, easy, flat hike.

10 days ago

Easy short stroll from trailhead to boulder lake. Some car campers at little boulder lake because a forest service road reaches there, but only hike-in at the main boulder lake. Fishing at boulder lake was really good. Biting spinners for me. Mostly the invasive, but beautiful, brook trout. A fairly steep hike from the lake up to bonney meadows is worth it. Beautiful views of Mt Hood over a natural meadow full of wildflowers. A decent amount of snow patches on the ground as of late may, but still pretty easy to spot the trail.

I love this trail. The first time I did it, I planned to run from Fish Creek to Indian Henry. I quickly realized some parts are a bit dangerous for running (steep, narrow tread, and loose material). I just ran as much as I could, and I made it to the end before dark. This trail was clean and well maintained. Pretty accessible as it's close to town.

10 days ago

I visited this trail with my family on a rainy June day. It was absolutely beautiful. We saw many newts and even a frog. We stopped at a few points to get close to the Clackamas River. We skipped some rocks and stuck our feet in the cold water. I was grateful to see no trash, and I think we may have been the only people on the trail this day. We did the whole out and back.

10 days ago

Got chased down this one by a hornet once. A different time I dropped my phone 30 feet down a cliff. 5/5

Epic journey. Started at the lodge and went clockwise. We did it in two and a half days, with some little side hikes up and down other trails. Elliott Branch was very scary, but this was in 2012 and it might be better by now. Will never forget it, one of my favorite hikes ever.

10 days ago

Easy trail , we went there on the rainy day , didn’t see the Mountain View but hike was still great and air is super fresh.

Great flat loop for walking/snowshoeing in the late winter/early spring. I went in early April and there was still quite a lot of snow. It had been compacted from all the use, so it was good for hiking in boots as long as you stuck to the trail. I also saw lots of folks in snowshoes. Very scenic on a clear day to see the reflection of snowy Mt. Hood in the lake.

Nice hike with great views once you get to the lake. Wide trail, not hard. Moderately busy but nice.

Beautiful hike. Loved it.

Gorgeous trail, very easy and suitable for children or, in this case, sprained ankles. Keep your eyes peeled for rough skinned newts in the water!

Fantastic loop. I did this over 5 days/4 nights with side trips up Yocum Ridge, McNiel Point, and Elk Meadow. I started from the Timberline Lodge and went clockwise. There are a few streams you have to ford, though I only got me feet wet on the Sandy river crossing. The Elliot crossing seems more daunting that it is. I used the ropes crossing and it wasn't bad. This guide is pretty helpful http://www.oregonhikers.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=19999. If I did it again, I would take high route up by the glacier as that seems like the shortest, least painful way.

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