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We couldn’t go but about a half mile up from the trailhead because there was snow we didn’t expect. It’s May 25, and we were just day tripping, didn’t expect quite that amount of snow. So be prepared with the right shoes! Lots of skiers and snowboarders too so be cognizant of your surroundings.

2 days ago

This is a workout. Very peaceful and serene -never saw another human. The start is confusing as mentioned, have to cross a large stream (I slipped and dunked my leg which made for a soggy 10 miles), but if you’re looking to tune out and burn some calories, check it out. If you’re looking for Instagram worth photos, check in elsewhere.

Fun, quick, and pretty steep. Made for a great workout with beautiful views at the top of Mt. Hood. There was snow over a significant part of the trail, which made for slow going, but our pups loved it. We began our hike around 9 AM and only met one other couple on the way up. It was considerably busier on the way down.

During the 2017 Eclipse half the lake was eclipsed and the other half not. You could see Mt Hood lit up orange while the forest to the south went dark. Absolutely surreal. Lots of tourists on the east bank of the lake in designated camp spots and lots of transient locals on the west bank in the “Dispersed” (free) areas. Tons of cougars, there are prints all along the West Bank. At night you can hear them walk by your tent and growl. Really pretty walk, while the north bank of the lake is the prettier side, you can only see Mt Hood from parts of the south bank. Love that the lake looks like a bird on maps ;)

3 days ago

This hike is about 13-15 miles around the lake, no significant elevation worth noting and very easy terrain! We hiked around the lake from Little Crater Lake and set up camp at Meditation Point. It was really beautiful and a nice view of the lake! Next time we will definitely take a fishing pole. The next morning we hiked the rest of the way around the lake. Note: Park rangers do come by tent sites (even hike-in sites) to check everyone is following the rules. Trails are maintained well, tent sites were clean and hike-in camp sites are first come first serve but during this weekend we had plenty to choose from!

We passed Little Crater Lake on our way to hike around Timothy Lake. The rating is correct in that the trail is easy - anyone should be able to walk it! The lake is "little" yet deep & beautiful. If you are in the area take a minute to check it out but I wouldn't make a drive out to the Mt. Hood Forest Area just to visit it.

This hike was pretty nice! My friends and I went 2 weeks ago and it was overcast and a bit rainy, but it was a good hike!

NOTE: Watch your step! There was upwards of 10+ newts on the trail that blend very closely with the leaves and twigs on the ground!!

The hike had some nice points, but around mile 4, we hit a ton of brush and didn't go much further because the trail didn't seem to go anywhere else.

I would say it is more of a easy hike, but moderate in length of walking if anything. It was actually nice of a cooler day!

I recommend!

Excellent hike and views; could be more parking

The view at the loop is so rewarding!! The trail is really easy until just past the permit box at the edge of Salmon-huckleberry Wilderness, where it really heads uphill. PERFECT on a sunny day.

This hike was a super beautiful hike. The views are amazing and the waterfall is definitely a sight to see. Just a heads up, know the skill level of the hikers in your group because there is a part where you have to cross a glacial run off and the bridge is not up yet. There are down logs that you can cross the run off but like I said know your skill level in your group. Other than that this hike was simply amazing and I highly recommend it to others.

We visited Trillium Lake for sunrise (5/22/18) and then did the lake loop. It was incredibly beautiful.

We didn't make the whole hike, but what we did was beautiful. We had our 5 and 6 year old with us, which made us take a nice slow pace, as there were some decent elevation gains for them. The river right there was wonderful, and there were some great opportunities for pictures. It was fun, especially for the kids, to see rafts and kayaks heading down the river.

We spent a weekend at the Northern portion of Timothy lake, and hiked there to Little Crater Lake. The hike was wonderful. My grandma in her 70s (I believe) was able to manage the hike (though she's spunky) as well as my 5 year old. We had a good size group and everyone was able to enjoy the hike. Little Crater Lake is a pretty cool phenomenon to see.

This is a neat hike. I don't know if it was me, the day, or what but it just didn't leave me filling as accomplished. I did take my 4 year old on this, so I wasn't able to complete the entire loop. But we did get to see both the falls, and had some pretty cool adventures. It didn't help that it was extremely hot that day, and a lot of dust was up in the air. The heat, the dust, and a 4 year old, definitely impact the overall trip. In the end we had a lot of fun.!

I love hiking, and this was a hard one! A lot of elevation gain, but the view is most definitely worth it! We did not take kids, or pups on this hike, and I'm glad we didn't. Be sure to wear good shoes, and consider layers, as you may be cool in the beginning, but the work will warm you up quickly!

This trail was really beautiful. I went yesterday 5/21/2018 and it was really warm! I could have worn shorts! First off, the trail head is across the street from the parking lot, to the left of the brown sign. The trail is pretty rocky with lots of steep slopes, so running this trail is a little challenging at times. I saw about 5 snakes. Three were red and black, two were black and yellow but they were definitely more afraid of me. None were even a foot long, just be sure to keep your eyes peel so you don’t step on them.

Throughout the trail you are walking besides a very gorgeous view of the Clackamas river and when I came back, nothing sounded better than jumping in because of the heat. Bring a swim suit in your car or jump in by the raft dock when you get back to the parking lot, as the river is mellower in that area if you’re a good swimmer :)

Did 5/21 - unfortunately wasn’t able to do the whole loop. I took the counter clockwise way up via elk. Trail was very snowy! Not sure what I expected. Either way I made it up to the top but once I started my way down on the loop there was way too much snow. I tried to follow the faint tracks left in the snow but eventually my feet sunk in about a foot deep one too many times along with the stress of trying to stay on the trail so I turned around. Maybe wait a month or two for some more snow to melt? The views were gorgeous at the top though! And I saw one other hiker the whole time. Would love to do the loop by even the out and back was great. Definitely broke a sweat but not too challenging physically.

4 days ago

Fun trail with several views on the way and at the end that were definitely worth it! The incline was not terribly noticeable most of the way. You do have to cross a river via logs. Also be aware you have to have the NW pass to park and the nearest place is miles from the start of the hike (you can buy online https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/r6/passes-permits/recreation or at certain locations). Found this site helpful with trail tips: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mthood/recarea/?recid=53460

4 days ago

I hiked this in June of last year. Very easy hike for the family. We went to Umbrella Falls which was AMAZING, then went 1/2 mike back towards our car but took the Sahalie Falls Trail to the right. sahalie falls is absolutely amazing when you are up close and personal with it. To get back to your car you just follow the loop for another 1/2 mile. If you want to check it out before you go there, I did a YouTube video on it :) copy the link below:


9 miles RT from trailhead to falls. nice elevation intervals, dogs did well except one got lost in the overgrown shrubs at one point. nice flowers, small parking lot.

Although it is still completely covered in snow me and my husband still had a fun time hiking to top. Probably was not on the designated trail.

My wife and I enjoyed the hike to Ramona falls. It was a peaceful hike and took lot of pictures . The hike took us about 4 hours.

We hiked this in late October, there was some snow closer to the top of the hike. You'll be hiking under Mt. Hood Meadows ski lifts at one point.

6 days ago

This was my first backpacking trip, able to do it solo and test out all my gear. Not too strenuous, very mild elevation gain. Still a decent amount of snow around the lake in mid May, some of the campsites were unusable.

6 days ago

great hike. trail is a little iffy in places. Not a good trail for small children that's for sure. Not crowded at all. we saw maybe 10 people.

7 days ago

As Rachelle Lee mentions below, the road is still covered with a decent amount of snow – but it's much more passable now. We had to park ~0.7 miles from the trailhead, but it's not exactly a difficult walk in. We weren't, however, prepared for the amount of snow on the trails themselves. We'd intended to do the Top Spur -> McNeil Shelter -> McNeil Point hike, but Timberline Trail #600 still has deep snow that makes for rough going, and significantly obscures the trail. We're newbies, but we managed to use the topo maps to get a few miles in before things went somewhat awry with my hiking partner's shoes. We managed to find our way off of Timberline Trail #600 over to the Pacific Crest Trail, which is supposedly closed at some point that we didn't run into. Views from the PCT were absolutely breathtaking, and it felt very rewarding after the slog through the snow.

Most disheartening wasn't the snow or the fact that I'd chosen today to train with a 40 lb pack, though: while on the PCT section heading back toward the trailhead, I found two deer ticks crawling up the outside of my pants, and one on my bag. Make sure you're wearing long pants and boot socks at a minimum, and check for ticks when you get back to your vehicle. Lyme disease can literally take years to recover from!

Wonderful hike, nice and shady, and going on a weekday makes for a not too crowded adventure. One of my favorites with an amazing waterfall!

9 days ago

Great trail. Everything is marked off very well and easy to stay on course. Even the directions to the TH from the city were great. Crossing the river was a little precarious along the log but manageable (8:00am in May). I always like to hike with a destination/reward and Ramona Falls does not disappoint. Took me about 3.5hrs from start to finish this solo hike.

Spent Tuesday night at the camp and hiked most of the trail — very serene, easy and quiet! Didn’t pass one other person. I’d definitely recommend this as a really decent spot to take a peaceful, easygoing stroll especially with your dog.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike following the Sandy river on the way up and a small meandering Ramona Creek on the way back. The falls are some of the most beautiful! Well maintained trails with lovely bridges and a fun diy river crossing over or through the Sandy.

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