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Road and trail open. :)

Road still closed and has about 6 inches of snow most of the way. Not many people there. Lots of trash and dog poop, please pick up after yourself!

So disappointed road in was snowed in. No access to vehicles... and 2 mile hike in was too much for you group. Will have to visit again later in the season.... One thing that salvaged our drive up was a great shot of a snow-covered Mt. Hood

Awesome trail. Had to wait about 45 minutes for the hot spring but was worth it. Also note we went during the fall and there seemed to be less "party goers".

The Bagby hot springs are best described by the pile of strawberry mixed drink vomit that we had to avoid on the trail. 5 Star out and back trail with a -3 Stars for the hepatitis tubs.

Trail is gorgeous. Hot springs are not. Trash everywhere, graffiti, broken glass, etc. We were there mid week and saw three or four other parties in the afternoon heading up there but no line. April 23, 2018. We were very glad we had set low expectations going in because upon seeing the conditions of the springs you could not have paid me to get into them. Vomit on the trail to boot. Three star rating for the hike, but if you’re looking for a relaxing, hygienic soak, this may not be the dream spot you have in mind.

1 month ago

Took the Red Meadow trail from the bottom of the parking lot. Spectacular little less traveled, unpacked connector to the Trillium Lake road. Main trail was well packed and easily traveled without snowshoes. Gorgeous easy trail!

Total distance from parking lot to and back was about 5 miles. Distance listed is for the Lake Loop only so be prepared for double depending on route. What we walked was the Lake road. The trail loop indicated in this file is the low trail at the lake's edge.

2 months ago

Great hike! super beautiful with all the fallen trees!

There was still snow on the trail, I would definitely wear boots if you have them. There is a lot of foot traffic. So quiet and beautiful, we can’t wait to do it again!

Snowy, beautiful, amazingness! Had to navigate through some slick areas but well worth the effort. Glad I had trekking poles and good traction boots. No snow towards the viewpoint.

A nice easy loop. Beautiful scenic views of the lake and Mt. Hood.

Such an inspiring place to be, silence and serenity and freezing temperatures. Luckily the sun welcomed us at Lost Lake.
We had to park our car 3 miles down the mountain because of snow. But it was worth the hike.

Do NOT go here. The trailhead is completely littered with shotgun shells among other trash. People are shooting guns very close by with no regard for others enjoying the woods. Trail is clearly not well maintained if at all.

great trail. was there today, sunny and a little chilly. amazing and beautiful!

This place is so gorgeous it looks even prettier with the snow everywhere loved it!!

Much longer hike than the 1.6 miles listed. The larger loop and loop along the shore totaled about 7.5 miles!! Great hike though! Lots of people with snow shoes but it was a nice packed trail and they weren’t really needed. We used ice spikes but we would have been fine in just boots. Can’t wait to do this again in the summer months!

My favorite place of all time. Absolutely magical!! The lake is so pretty this time of the year and the hike around it is breathtaking. In love!! Already cannot wait to go back.

Packed ice but still beautiful and decided to use the new snow shoes but you could do it without.

4 months ago

Beautiful day on the mountain. View from south end of lake and Mt Hood is iconic!

Haven’t hiked to the end but if you want to walk close to a roaring river a lot then this is for you! Disclaimer, the first little bit you are walking around a ridge so at first you are far from the river but when you go down, you enter a magical grove a trees with a creek and the roaring river going around it. I feel like I didn’t want to go any further b/c it’s so charming and inviting!
PS at the trailhead pay attention to the signage since the parking lot is this trail on one side and the Old Salmon River trailhead is on the other side. Easy to confuse the trails.

4 months ago

Intended on snowshoeing but wound up leaving them in the car and just hiked in our boots. There was quite a bit of snow but it was pretty packed down. There were a lot of people but it is a long enough trail that people were pretty spread out. It was an easy hike but due to the difficulties of walking on the snow we broke a sweat!

Lots of traffic but a beautiful refreshing hike!

4 months ago

Went snowshoeing yesterday and it was amazing! Parking lot got full pretty fast, I got there at 8 and I had the trail to myself. You will definitely need snowshoes or crampons. The lake is frozen and the view is just amazing.

We only visited the lower part of this trail because we were on our way to Multnomah falls and made a quick pit stop. The waterfall is strong and powerful and if it's windy you'll definitely get some mist on you. It's a very nice area to stop and look at scenery and to hike if you're aiming for this hike. There's a huge pond at the bottom of the waterfall that you can walk down to but don't expect to not get wet!

Figured it was a Friday and most people would be at work - wrong. It hadn't snowed enough, so the roads were accessible and in good enough condition for anyone to get to. I was in a 4runner, though there were icy spots, it wasn't necessary to have 4wd. Hike was beautiful, as always, but waited over an hour for a tub... As I was leaving (around 2pm) a large group of about 10 people was hiking up the last part of the trail, with 3-4 more groups on the trail. Popular for a good reason, but I still have not found the perfect, quiet time to go.

Rated 3 due to crowd size.

4 months ago

loved it was very beautiful today!

Road is closed to the lake so it’s about a 1.7 mile extra walk. Totally worth it. It’s beautiful there this time of year

5 months ago

has it been snowed out yet? its at its most peaceful when the roads closed down and you have to walk 5 miles in! and thanks for the heads up on the plugs kasey!

Was there last Saturday, trail is good. Roads were icy near the rivers. Bring something to plug the tub drains.

6 months ago

Went with the dog pack and they loved it. It was snowy and in some places there was a little deeper snow but over all easy trail.

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