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6 hours ago

The lake was beautiful, but getting there was rough. Cars with high clearance only. Even then it was a bit sketchy. A lot of fallen trees on the path to scramble over or under as the case may be. But all those obstacles made for a very peaceful evening

Beautiful trail. This is a must hike. Beware though the road going to the trail is riddled with potholes and just barely fits two cars, probably want to keep your headlights on for safety. The last mile or more is gravel and fits one car with all the potholes. The trailhead is easy to see. There is still a lot of snow where the loop begins, I did not finish the trail because of the steep drop offs in the snow and sounded like there was going to be a gushing stream crossing and snow, but still clocked in 11.6miles. Also beware that at no point on the trail are there any signs that say mcneil point. The signs are sparse. There are also a lot of downed trees at the beginning of the mcneil trail that you need to climb or shimmy over. Cairn basin/timberline is the trail you want to take for mcneil point loop trail. I took an unmarked trail in the beginning and it added 7+ miles to my trip. Lots of bugs on the trail right now so put on your big spray before you hit the trail, every part of the trail the bugs were on me like glue. When I got to the waterfall viewpoint I put my bugspray on and at least they weren't buzzing in my ear like they were before! Hiked for 5.5hrs today. Didn't see a soul until I was heading down the trail around 11am. 5 people on the trail, 4 in the parking area and 6 heading up in their vehicles. So glad I went around 4:30am on 6/18/18

We do this hike every year, always go early in the AM to avoid people. The hike is easy and a beautiful walk. We have taken our kids as young as 3 and they walked the whole way there and back.

it starts out with even increases in elevation and gets steeper and steeper the farthest you go. the last mile is a bit tiring, but had nice views from time to time of the sea of trees surrounding the mountain. nice creeks going down the mountain with cold water. the hike is one hundred percent worth it. the lake is still, quiet, and clear. it reflects the Mt hood, the trees, and clouds in it's clear water. the path going around the lake is very thin in places and you will find yourself ducking through branches sometimes. but there are a few good viewpoints, one crag of rocks, another a fallen over log that you can sit on and gaze at Mt hood.

17 hours ago

Beautiful trail, feels like you're travelling through multiple forests/landscapes on one hike. The falls are gorgeous!

19 hours ago

Went up June 23rd, trail was obscured in spots due to snow fields and trail not maintained. bring gps, or use Alltrails because trail can be lost easily in some places. all around great hike, was very impressed with the views. Enjoy!

Awesome trail! I saw all ages of people doing it, and dogs! The waterfall is beautiful. If you go slow you can navigate the rocks quite easily. I would of gave it 5 stars, but it was almost overcrowded on a Saturday afternoon! There is a lot of parking though!

Loved this hike! How fun to cross the river on the logs, then listening to the river most of the way up. I highly recommend doing the loop as it takes you across five built log bridges (easy ones) that are great for pictures and a change of scenery. We enjoyed our hike thoroughly! The waterfall is a great reward! Crossing the river is not hard at all. There is a section where you can walk on one tree and hold yourself with a higher tree. Easy peasy and fun. I am uploading a picture to show the two trees. A group of three were walking around trying to figure out which way to cross then they saw us crossing back and they gladly did the same crossing! We even saw a couple who was easily in their young 70s and if they can cross ... so can you.

Hiking poles are a plus but not necessarily needed. The waterfall creates a much cooler environment. I’m glad I had my light jacket and it was a perfect place for lunch.

Beautiful! Enjoy!

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1 day ago

Beautiful views in all directions as you get to the top of this trail. Tons of wild flowers in season. The forest is open with lots of light. It’s my favorite type of forest to run through. At the top of Five Mile Butte you can glimpse Mt. Adams from the fire lookout. You can also connect this with Knebel Springs trail for a longer, more challenging run/hike.

Great family hike! beautiful! Kids loved walking on the logs near the waterfall. Easy to find, porta potties were awful though. Easy peasy hike.

1 day ago

Beautiful, easy/moderate

my wife and I did this hike today. it was perfect weather and not terribly hard. definitelyget there early as it gets busy later in the day.

Beautiful hike. I agree the 797 has the better view. We did the loop this morning as well and next time will go in and out on 797. We chose not to bring our border collie based off the previous review and I think that was the right choice. The logs to cross the river aren’t wide enough and could easily be a hassle for dogs. We arrived at 7:30 am, barely any cars there. The parking lot was packed/full when we left so I’d highly recommend going early. Early bird gets the worm.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike! Falls were magnificent. Definitely go early because there's heavy foot traffic from midday on. When the Pacific Crest Trail forks, I recommend bearing left rather than continuing straight as the signs suggest is the way to the falls. You'll still very to the falls easily, but it'll add another couple of beautiful miles to your hike. Also, know that no matter which trail you take to the falls, you will still have to walk over logs to cross the river which is moving quite rapidly. It's not difficult except for dogs and anyone with physical limitations. Otherwise, it's not a problem. Rhododendrons are in bloom too!

2 days ago

a long steady climb. I like the trail, it's a nice gentle grade. it's a pretty forest hike that leads to a fantastic view at the top. the trail is clear and easy to follow. to get to TH go across the bridge, to the end of the road. I started down salmon river trail at first.

Beautiful lake. It was quite foggy so we saw the mountain on and off in the distance and we didn’t get to see much of the mirror but it was breathtaking either way! I would definitely recommend. It can get pretty steep on the way up and rocky so make sure to watch your footing.

Very easy, beautiful hike. What w wonderful view and reflection if Mount Hood!

This was a moderate hike with a beautiful lake and a reflection of Mount Hood. You might want to put on bug spray. The mosquitoes were pretty thick by the lake.
I was also amazed at the number of wild rhododendron flowers along the trail.

Such a beautiful lake! Deserted on the Summer Solstice, clear water, bright white fluffy clouds. We were happy to discover the road that goes to within half a mile, thought we’d never get there because previously we had accessed the lake from Bonney Meadows above. The road to Bonney Meadows is now only 4-wheel drive accessible. Anyway, we hiked up to the Meadows. We saw an osprey at the lake diving for fish. All in all a perfect day and lovely lake.

Awesome for almost all ages. A great pot of gold at the end of the trail!

I was not expecting to do the NF-715 trail. My intent was to do Pup Creek Falls but couldn't find the trail head. My Texas Heeler, Geena and I trekked this one. We made it to mile marker 3. The ups are no joke. With a narrow trail in some spots and rolling rocks, I thought for her first official hike, while carrying her backpack she did really well.

Nice shaded hike with a great view of Mt. Hood.

it was a good Hike but the kids get tired really easily... When you get to the spot it not as good when it like cloudy and rainy and you do not get to see mount hood... But on the way down its easy better than going up.

Nice hike. Relative easy. Started raining and was a bit slick. Nothing unmanageable but if you weren’t paying attention you could slide down quite a ways.

Waterfall was beautiful. Hike out was beautiful. Camp sites along the way are all very clean and well kept.


4 days ago

Not going to agree at all with the last review. I completed the loop, walked to the right at the trail split (following the Ramona falls trail), which was probably a mile in to the trail. I finished the loop, meeting back at the sign (from the left side). The return trip was way better than the way up.

Crossing the river was pretty easy if you have good balance. Stick won’t help u much unless you intend to walk in the river to cross it. We crossed across a downed tree.

Hiked this trail with the family, ages 10-53. Perfect length and difficulty for the kiddos, wore out the pupper. Absolutely gorgeous!

This was a fun snowshoeing hike. We got there early to avoid large groups of people and it worked. As we were leaving probably 50+ people were coming in. The trail was nice, not too strenuous.

5 days ago

This is a nice hike that isn't too strenuous.

First 2 miles of trail been turned into paved road, next 1 1/2 miles where small loose rocks. After that, they stopped maintenance on the trail.

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