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1 day ago

This is a workout. Very peaceful and serene -never saw another human. The start is confusing as mentioned, have to cross a large stream (I slipped and dunked my leg which made for a soggy 10 miles), but if you’re looking to tune out and burn some calories, check it out. If you’re looking for Instagram worth photos, check in elsewhere.

The view at the loop is so rewarding!! The trail is really easy until just past the permit box at the edge of Salmon-huckleberry Wilderness, where it really heads uphill. PERFECT on a sunny day.

9 miles RT from trailhead to falls. nice elevation intervals, dogs did well except one got lost in the overgrown shrubs at one point. nice flowers, small parking lot.

Spent Tuesday night at the camp and hiked most of the trail — very serene, easy and quiet! Didn’t pass one other person. I’d definitely recommend this as a really decent spot to take a peaceful, easygoing stroll especially with your dog.

Loved the trail and beautiful hike. My German Shepard pup loved it and did great on the trail. My car got broken into so just take extra care. When I parked there was a lot of glass on the ground and more so after my windows were broke so just take extra care with your pups paws in the parking lot.

03/30/18 Had a great hike with my little dogs. Every party I ran into (6 total) also had a dog. Had to help my two 9 lb chihuahuas across Pup Creek because the stepping stones don't go all the way across the creek, and she was flowing good enough to sweep away my little guys.
Hike not too strenuous but moderately lengthy. I calculated 3.7 miles each way. Didn't have to take a break. Lots of things to check out along the way.
Trail goes above the Clackamas around a thousand feet, then down to river level. Does that a few times. You never want to fall off a trail, but a couple miles in you can get in a lot of trouble if you fall off the trail.
I really enjoyed this hike, and I really recommend it to anyone.

Lots of fun and very beautiful

Great hike. good views and interesting variety of views, falls, geography, flora. very few people on the trail. a little mud but not much. fairly easy creek crossings. great main waterfall but only a small viewing area that didn't make sitting and enjoying it easy.

1 month ago

Lots and lots of snow. End point is too steep to climb in snowshoes perfect for those who skin up to ski down. But still a great work out.

2 months ago

I did this in snowshoes Dec 6th 2018. It took me three hours to get up and one hour down. Excellent day with amazing views. I got a touch of snow blindness, haha. My wayfarer style UV glasses were ineffective. You should have wraparound glasses that totally protect your eyes. There was a pungent sulphur smell higher up.

There was still snow on the trail, I would definitely wear boots if you have them. There is a lot of foot traffic. So quiet and beautiful, we can’t wait to do it again!

This is a well maintained trail, but a hard uphill climb. My two cents:
1. to find the trailhead, go to the right after the Riley Horse Camp. The trailhead parking is wash out, so when you hit the end of the road, the trail is about 200 yards, off to your left. You will see a small trail leading over to the actual trail head from the end of the road.
2. Parking,- do not park at the end to the road (very tight space) If you go about 100 yds back, there is an open meadow area that works great for parking Last resort, go back to the Horse camp and hike-in the extra mile.
3. Horse Camp = lots of horse poop on trail. Just be careful where you step.
4. You will cross a creek about 1 mile into the trail. That is your last water until you get to Cast Lake.
5. At the top of this mountain, there is a awesome view of four mountains (Hood, Adams, St. Helens, and Rainier) I almost missed this view because I was exhausted from the climb up the trail. Just walk a few steps to the north, when you get to the top.
6. Cast Lake is awesome. Eight camp sites along the North and West side. Some are 50 yards up along the lake rig. Worth the hike.
7. You will find mosquitos, but when I sat right next to the lake, there were no mosquitos. I have no idea why, but it was nice to sit in the morning and have bug-free coffee.

Snowy, beautiful, amazingness! Had to navigate through some slick areas but well worth the effort. Glad I had trekking poles and good traction boots. No snow towards the viewpoint.

Hiked 03/03/18 - Having hiked the lower section of the Clackamas River Trail several times, I was eager to see this part. I think I prefer this section to the lower. Snow was still present, though not an issue. There are some very nice large trees and smaller waterfalls along the trail. I think my favorite part of this trail is between 1.5 - 2 miles in. There are more than a handful of waterfalls and really cool basalt ledges here, although I think many of these falls are seasonal. The boulder crossing at Pup Creek was the only obstacle, though not a problem for me. The boulders are well placed on both sides of the bank, but the middle is missing a few "steps." The overall trail description is spot on. Have fun. If you pack it in, pack it out. Even food waste is considered trash... ahem... I'm talking to you, leaver of orange peels. :)

One my my favorites! A little bit of a steep hike up the first part, but beautiful!

One of my absolute favorite hikes of all time. Went to see the eclipse here and literally only saw one other group. This hike is totally under rated. Pup creek falls is amazing and beautiful and you can hike up to and on it. Easy to get to. Challenging enough that you’ll feel accomplished without kicking your ass.

Dear lord, talk about an ass kicker! Just constant uphill for 4.5 miles. The only reason to do this trail is for the challenge cuz there’s nothing else. No big waterfall, no epic views

This hike is great in all weather. Trail is stable even when wet. Lots of tree coverage. A nice, cleared plateau about half way in right by the river where you can sit and watch the rapids. The waterfall itself is very impressive. Lots of little ones along the way. Feels very mystical and peaceful.

Fun place to snowshoes!

Haven’t hiked to the end but if you want to walk close to a roaring river a lot then this is for you! Disclaimer, the first little bit you are walking around a ridge so at first you are far from the river but when you go down, you enter a magical grove a trees with a creek and the roaring river going around it. I feel like I didn’t want to go any further b/c it’s so charming and inviting!
PS at the trailhead pay attention to the signage since the parking lot is this trail on one side and the Old Salmon River trailhead is on the other side. Easy to confuse the trails.

This trail combined with Horseshoe ridge makes a great long day horseback ride. I take the Cast lake trail into the lake ( short detour), have lunch, & head back on Horseshoe which comes out near Riley horse camp. There is a small tough rock scramble on top of Horseshoe, but not as bad as some people make it seem. Shoes are required on this trail.

6 months ago

The start of this trail is hard to figure out because the footbridge is washed out near the creek. Before this, there isn't really any indications where to find the area where you should park to get on trail in first place. Also there is a place about .5 mile into hike where logs are strewn across so you won't go uphill, etc. Anyways, we crossed roaring creek on a fallen log to make it onto other side, and then was able to get onto trail. First mile or so is pretty easy and flat, but then it climbs up pretty fast. The bonanza mine is interesting to see but the trail is narrow in general and steep on both sides...not recommended for families or kids, etc.

I agree mileage seems incorrect on trail. We didn't make it to the top but someone had gps device that said we hiked 4 miles, which was around the mine location halfway up the trail. So somehow the mileage is off 2-4 miles or something just to get to top...but not sure how accurate those devices are.

Gorgeous and magical fall hike!

Gorgeous!!!! Majestic!!!

Little crater lake is beautiful

Beautiful, scenic hike. I'd say it's on the easier side of moderate. Love that you're walking right near the river almost the whole time. The sounds, smells, views - all worth every step! Lots of salmon in the river today. Had fun watching them swim and flop around. Definitely recommend. Will go back again!

trail running
8 months ago

in all was good workout running. Pretty steep on way up. however pretty average as far as view and excitement. we did the loop which went back down on a gravel road under huge PowerLines. was pretty average really.

8 months ago

Best part was all the rock fall at night. Great campsite at the top of the spur just below crater rock.

I spent the night. Great views obviously. Stars are great. You most likely get to be the highest person in OR for a night!

8 months ago

Spent Labor Day weekend hiking the trails around both twin lakes. The lakes were beautiful and relatively quiet given the holiday weekend. It's a great short hike for kids to the lower lake but the upper lake was a lot less traveled. A quick retreat from Portland and the Palmateer Point lookout had a nice view of hood. Will definitely be coming back for camping and swimming.

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