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Located twenty miles east of the city of Portland, Oregon and the northern Willamette River valley, the Mt. Hood National Forest extends south from the strikingly beautiful Columbia River Gorge across more than sixty miles of forested mountains, lakes and streams to Olallie Scenic Area, a high lake basin under the slopes of Mt. Jefferson.

kick butt trail with lots of uphill grinds. many parts are eroded so be careful. Be prepared to enjoy the water when at the top. .8mi in you can cut off to ponytail and horsetail falls too.

This trail... well what I did was a workout for me. This is my second trail I've done so far and it was peaceful. After a half mile on the trail though you come across a steeeep hill. That was the fun part. I'd definitely do this hike again though (:

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Went up the Hidden Lake Trail to Pacific Crest Trail to Timberline Lodge and back (Parked at the HLT TH). Round trip is around ~14 miles., with about 3000' elevation gain The trail has not been in much use definitely and the undergrowth has covered the tracks in many places. At one spot, trees have fallen down, and navigating around it was a bit of a problem. There are a couple of stream crossings, where the water was around 6" deep. I was disappointed (not because I have to whack around the undergrowth to see where I am going!) as there was not much to see. The wildflowers and views of Mt Hood and Jefferson are from the Pacific Crest Trail! A better option is to go up to Timberline and do a 14-mile round trip (7 miles each way) on PCT. Both PCT and HCT have a ton of insects buzzing around -- wear a full sleeve tee and full pants to avoid insect bites! BTW if you park at Timberline, you don't have to the pay $5 USFS fee!

Road is closed at Hwy 224 on Estacada side. Closed at bridge due to the fire we had in September 2014. You can park at the bridge and hike up the paved Road, but it would be a long way to the trail head.

Great hike. The loop around the mountain is pretty easy. The trail to the top is a bit more heart pumping, but totally worth it. It's kind of hard to find, but there's usually some walking sticks near the entrance. Beautiful views at the top.

2 days ago

Short hike but absolutely stunning. Kids were able to explore and were actually paying attention to the scenery. Follows along the creek with falls and easy access to dip your feet in. Ends at a fall - perfect for a family picture. Definitely worth the trip and mirror lake trail is just up the road and easily accessed for an additional hike.

Nice walk, pretty falls, a lot of down trees and fun to walk across them.... just to many people for my liking.

One of my favorites. Going counterclockwise crossing the river is simple, even with my dog but once at the top I haven't found a good way to cross with my dog in order to finish the loop. Going counterclockwise, follow the trail left whenever it veers off to other marked trails. Amazing views and being so close to Hood for a moderately challenging hike is awesome.

Not a bad little hike! Pretty cool views at the 'top'. Lots of mountain bikers so beware if you're on foot!

Take the loop counterclockwise for a more challenging switchback hike, clockwise is a little easier. crossing Newton Creek is not bad, there are downed logs to walk on, though it was a hot day so we waded through the knee-high water while holding onto the log...refreshing and actually easier. The lupines along the entire hike were gorgeous!

3 days ago

Really awesome hike. The river crossing ~1.3 miles in has a few logs across it and was fairly easy to get over. Most of the trail is in the trees without much of a view, but once you get to the clearing at the top it is well worth it. The first clearing is a great view of the glacier, and Mt. Jefferson. There are also some nice areas to camp around here, and a full meadow of wildflowers. If you push on a bit further, you'll round the ridge to an amazing view of St. Helens, Rainier, and Adams all in a row. We set up our campsite here and hiked a bit further up the trail without our packs, which was a fun scramble and another amazing panoramic view. Overall a very fun hike. Moving time was about 3.5 up and 2.5 down, and the milage was pretty accurate to what this map says - maybe about a mile off round trip. If you're planning to camp, there is a nice stream between Ramona falls and the end of the trail that you should fill up at, because its the last water stop. During our hike there were a lot of flies - bug spray helped a bit, but some of the snack breaks we had to put on light jackets to keep them off. At the top it wasn't nearly as bad.

I would highly recommend staying at the top and watching the sunset. Its incredible.

Good hike! I would rate it more on the difficult side because it was a pretty steep incline, involved a lot of switchbacks and also a lot of trees blocked the path but maybe I'm just being a wimp haha. Honestly not a super pretty hike until you make it to the top but definitely a great calf workout.