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Located twenty miles east of the city of Portland, Oregon and the northern Willamette River valley, the Mt. Hood National Forest extends south from the strikingly beautiful Columbia River Gorge across more than sixty miles of forested mountains, lakes and streams to Olallie Scenic Area, a high lake basin under the slopes of Mt. Jefferson.

14 hours ago

This is my favorite - a must do! There is a log jam river crossing which might seem intimidating, but one can easily do a slow sit-and-slide across. There is a large log you can use for stability if you're walking across and your arm is long enough to reach. I did see a few people crossing through the river itself. It can be confusing after the river crossing as the trail isn't well marked, though hikers have improvised arrows out of sticks. The trail can be found to the left ahead after crossing the river. Although this loop provides more exposure, I personally like to do an out and back using the trail to the left at the junction (can't remember the name) since it takes you through shady forest and out of the sand. The falls is literally one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The incline to get to the falls is gradual. I recommend this hike to everyone I talk to!

15 hours ago

An absolutely lovely hike with a river log crossing. The loop is lovely but the fork to the left is much prettier and less of an incline. Definitely worth it on a sunny day.

16 hours ago

Being that I'm not a very bright Miami resident, I didn't expect snow on September 24th. But here it was and knee deep in many places. I almost turned around but decided to walk few hundred feet and take pictures. Then one step after another I ended up walking entire 10 miles. Deep snow is on the first and last 3 miles of the trail. Then it gets easier snow is replaced by soft soil in pine woods. There are some nature made obstacles in the form of fallen trees . I took PCT on the first junction with Paradise Park trail and decided to catch it back in a loop on the next junction. That is about 5 miles in. But at the next trail crossing the Paradise park trail had virgin snow with no foot prints so I did t dare to explore on my own and turned back.
This trail is the best one I have been to so far and offers amazing mountain views and great work out.
I came across 12 hikers in total and it was on Sunday, very lightly trafficked.
Saw a dog and many other dog paw prints so might be good to bring your dog if it likes the deep snow and wouldn't chase and hurt chipmunks and other wildlife.

okay so im not really sure why this has you starting so far back in the middle of the road but if you drive up past 4613 and make the next right you can park at the widespot in the road before the two dead end roads break off. The trail goes both ways just a bit north of where you park So if you walk back the way you came up the road you will see the trail here easily. Also according to this you road hike most of the way back and i didnt like that so instead of doing it as a straight out and back i did a short road hike from old baldy till the turn of 4614 that meets up with fanton and then i got back on the fanton and hiked it back to the car. Much nicer hike this way i think. The trail itself was gorgeous. you will come upon a few open spots where you kind of have to find the trail but it really isnt very hard.

17 hours ago

This is hands down my favorite trail to date. Its challenging at the start and then the scenery is absolutely beautiful the farther you go down. I didnt quite make it to devils peak on my trip but everything up on the ridge until you hike back down it is amazing.
Loads of people hike up the start go to the lookout and then turn around i noticed. but honestly the farther along you hike the better it gets.

17 hours ago

okay so alot of people are getting this hike confused with the eagle creek that is off of I 84 with all the waterfalls, these are two separate trails and should not be confused.

If you try to follow the trail as laid out here the first section of it will be a broken up road that is kind of technical to walk through if you want to make good time. I wasnt even sure if any trails were going to be there when i got towards the end. I spent several hours carefully picking my way through the tore up road looking for a trail and eventually you come to a section where the road was left paved. If you look directly to your left you will see a east bound trail marker for the douglas trail. If you keep walking the paved section of road to its end and there is a sign for the douglas trail to continue to eagle creek. According to this map eagle creek started further down the road and i wanted to see if it was there. the road was broken up again and i walked it another half mile or so and never found the start of the eagle creek. So i hopped back on the douglas trail that headed towards eagle creek and hoped to run into it then. Douglas trail is very overgrown in places and i never found where eagle creek hits it. So essentially you have broken up road and the small section where it is paved is douglas trail and i do believe if you take the west bound douglas trail it leads you down to eagle creek. But as far as eagle creek trail. I never saw it. I believe where douglas trail hits the switchbacks was combined with eagle creek trail because i did get that far on the douglas trail before turning back due to time.

Was still a fun and different hike. Hope this helps the next person.

18 hours ago

This is an easy, family-friendly trail with little elevation change for most of the hike. The setting for .5 mile after crossing the creek is straight out of a fairy tale. Moss features heavily as accoutrement to the forest floor. Elevation change occurs at about the last 3/4 mile, but is not steep or too challenging.

18 hours ago

It's a short, steep hike to the summit and the view at the top is breathtaking. When it's clear you can see the top of Mt Hood - it was a little cloudy when we went but the expanse of evergreen was totally worth the huffing and puffing.

For this discussion, I will say there are two types of hikers at this location. The day hiker and the night hiker, the night hikers can be volatile. They go, and I am not saying this is everyone, but they are there to party. Some drink, smoke marijuana, and some do both.
However, this most important rule I live by. There are hippies in Oregon and the last person to use that tub may have been his/her first bath in months. There are cleaning brushes there. So, clean the tub before using them. I have been there many times, 1984 to 2009.

on Ramona Falls Trail

1 day ago

I'd rate this trail as moderate, mostly because once you cross the river the trail is uphill until the falls. I had trouble finding the trail after I crossed the river but eventually found it. I went up the right side of the Ramona falls loop and came back on the left side by the river, which was a much nicer hike. I would have gone that way but ended up too far up on the trail when I crossed the river. Must cross the river on logs, unless you have waterproof boots then it's pretty easily accessible right now. Hiked yesterday 9/23 and no smoke. Beautiful day! I would have been hesitant to cross if the water was high. Was lucky enough to have the falls to myself! Got there around 7:20 (Saturday) and plenty of parking. Lot was full when I was leaving around 11:30am.

1 day ago

Lush green well-marked trail. Beautiful old-growth trees, and most of the trail runs parallel to the river. Use caution if it’s raining as there are quite a few areas for potential slides. The trail has a few spots where it is quite narrow with very steep drop offs. A lot of “pit run” rock is used on the path, so definitely wear sturdy hiking boots/shoes. Pup Creek Falls is your reward- absolutely beautiful!

2 days ago

More like a moderate hike, in my opinion. More like 7 miles RT and about 1400-1600 ft elevation. It was a bit chilly at night, but conditions were otherwise great.

For a nice hike during the day, or a quick backpack trip (like we did), Burnt Lake is scenic, mystical and very very pretty. I was blown away by the teal colored moss that covers the trees on the way up, and by the serenity of the lake.

Definitely would do it again to sit on the ridge line with the view of the top of Mt. Hood. Steep and hard at first but what a sense of accomplishment when you finish! Nice short, tough hike for the morning where you still have time for lunch with friends when you are done !!!