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Located twenty miles east of the city of Portland, Oregon and the northern Willamette River valley, the Mt. Hood National Forest extends south from the strikingly beautiful Columbia River Gorge across more than sixty miles of forested mountains, lakes and streams to Olallie Scenic Area, a high lake basin under the slopes of Mt. Jefferson.

Fantastic trail, the waterfall is well worth the hike! Be aware, during winter months the road is closed well before the trailhead. From our car, the entire loop was 14.5 miles, far longer than the advertised 6.9! Also, the river was fine to cross for us as we just scooted across some logs, would not recommend this trail to kids if you want to cross the river. Also, I would heavily recommend taking the loop and not just going out and back, both trails are very beautiful and have some different scenery.

Fun place to snowshoes!

Bridge to trail is closed off. Adds 2 Miles to trailhead. (4 Miles to total trip).

Easy hike with lots of great views!

Favorite waterfall in the Mt.Hood NF. Typically short easy trail


First 1/4 mi of trail was clear with spots of thick very slick mud. 1/4 way in trail turns to solid black ice...spikes are needed!

Found pair of shoes at trailhead mens size 9. So if they are yours I have them!

Packed ice but still beautiful and decided to use the new snow shoes but you could do it without.

Nice views of the river and gently varying elevation along the route. The falls themselves are gorgeous. We saw a bald eagle hunting along the river. All in all a good winter hike that's easy to get to.

Couldn’t complete because of the ice. Recommend spikes for your boots. Very dangerous with cliffs and ice. Will come back and try it with better traction.

Amazing hike I loved it. Some parts were treacherous because they were covered in ice and I did not have the right shoes on-- I had my converses. But I was determined to get to the falls and crawled my way through the hard parts. I suggest you bring some sort of traction for your feet you won't get far with out it!

7 days ago

Beautiful day on the mountain. View from south end of lake and Mt Hood is iconic!

Haven’t hiked to the end but if you want to walk close to a roaring river a lot then this is for you! Disclaimer, the first little bit you are walking around a ridge so at first you are far from the river but when you go down, you enter a magical grove a trees with a creek and the roaring river going around it. I feel like I didn’t want to go any further b/c it’s so charming and inviting!
PS at the trailhead pay attention to the signage since the parking lot is this trail on one side and the Old Salmon River trailhead is on the other side. Easy to confuse the trails.

8 days ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of cute little waterfalls and a few nice places to hang out by the river along the way. No snow, but muddy (which my dog loved!). The elevation is not bad at all. A little steep in some areas. Overall a pretty easy hike. Pup creek falls was lovely. Be cautious when leaving your car at the trail head. Came back to find that a car near mine that had been broken into :(

Intended on snowshoeing but wound up leaving them in the car and just hiked in our boots. There was quite a bit of snow but it was pretty packed down. There were a lot of people but it is a long enough trail that people were pretty spread out. It was an easy hike but due to the difficulties of walking on the snow we broke a sweat!

Only did a fast in and back a few miles but great trail, fantastic scenery. Close to a good introductory spot for rock climbers

a must do. I love this hike. It's a great weekend hike. 2 19 mile days aren't that bad if you go ultralight. so many waterfalls. paint brush and other wildflowers are plentiful. trail is in great shape.

Lots of traffic but a beautiful refreshing hike!

14 days ago

Went snowshoeing yesterday and it was amazing! Parking lot got full pretty fast, I got there at 8 and I had the trail to myself. You will definitely need snowshoes or crampons. The lake is frozen and the view is just amazing.

14 days ago

I was here last weekend with my family and we had a great time! It’s definitely a super easy trail and it doesn’t have the best views, but if you’re looking for a basic snowshoeing trail - this is the one!

14 days ago

Spent a long weekend camping here, fantastic views and great small trail for kids and dogs. Connects to PCT for longer distances

I hiked this trail today and it was great. No snow, it wasn’t crowded , and the waterfall is gorgeous. You need a NW Forest Pass or pay $5 to park

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