The end result is amazing! The trail itself is a little hellish. You definitely need a machete to get through some of the over growth. There are fallen trees all over the trail, so bad in spots that you have to find a new way through. Some places, the trail disappears and you have to search for where it starts up again. This slowed us down a lot!
There are pink flags, blue markings about half way, and sporadic cairns to help guide you. Thanks goodness for those because without them, we would have never made it through!
According to an old cowboy we met on the way out, moss creek is an abandoned trail that is no longer maintained by the forest service. He was shocked to see us there.
We had the lake completely to ourselves but there were signs of previous campers. The lake is small and it’s easy to hike almost completely around the lake in just a few minutes. The lake is shallow and crystal clear. The water is cool and refreshing. Moss creek is beautiful as well.
If your wanting to get to Lake Harriett but don’t want to get lost in the woods, I suggest taking the Varney creek Trail. It’s maintained and easy to hike.