Fairly easy trail all around with some cool views and interesting scenery between the chopped down trees and the bridges through what I'm guessing is/was a swamp area. A neat and convenient hike right off I-205.

Fun, easy trail. Lots of trees and so close to town !

Great midday escape hike. Decent incline for a short hike. Beautiful trees,quiet not that many people

two different loops to choose from. very quiet! no dogs.

My 7 year old and I enjoyed this trail. Learning about the oak galls and looking for oak trees was lots of fun. Beginning part is a somewhat rocky trail.

I run/hike here all the time!

Great hike! I agree with the last review that said it was a little tough for a beginner. I am not a beginner but haven't hiked in some time. But we made it and it was awesome!

Great hike! Especially the summit trail. A bit steep for a first timer like me, but a great hike none the less!

Crowded. Go early in morning or later in day.

I really liked this trail however there is one major downside. There's so many rocks and branches encompassed into these trails here that one blink at the wrong time can send you into ankle breaking mode during your run.
If you don't have strong ankles... Or are clumsy, I would definitely be extra cautious.
The park loop trail is a 5k and went by super fast. Thumbs up. But can't do a whole lot of looking up or around when running.

This is a pretty trail right down the road from me! I enjoyed running It!

Nice hike close in to the city

Nice hike....and close...

You are always able to hear traffic on this trail, but it is convenient to get to and has some nice scenery.

It is a really beautiful place!

I've walked it probably a hundred times literally or more because imma local. It has quite a few trails of different lengths, steepnesses and terrains. It's super cool also due to the fact it's right in the middle of a pretty big city!

Easy (took 2 year old) , clean, great deer/flora views. Will go again

Nice tidy trails. Saw a deer. Every trail is clearly marked. Shrubs and ground cover seem to be mostly trampled and dying. I would hike again

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